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Rare ‘Collapsar’ Stars Gave Birth To Gold In The Universe

Most of the gold in the universe, as well as other heavy metals, are generated from collapsing stars. A new study takes a peek at the process.

Space May 10, 2019

Elements Can Be Solid And Liquid At The Same Time In Sponge-Like State: Study

Matter is no longer limited to solid, liquid, and gas. Scientists discover a new state in which certain elements can exist as both solid and liquid simultaneously.

Material Science April 9, 2019

European Chemical Society Releases Periodic Table Showing Diminishing Availability Of Elements On Earth

The new periodic table was presented on Tuesday to highlight the natural elements that are in danger of disappearing forever. The organization hopes to raise awareness and encourage the public to support sustainable development and proper recycling.

Earth/Environment January 25, 2019

World's Oldest Periodic Table Chart Dating Back To 1885 Found In Storage Room Of British University

Thomas Purdie, a chemistry professor who worked at St Andrews, purchased the periodic table of elements chart in 1888. It likely hung in his classroom for years until he retired in 1909.

Feature | Science January 18, 2019

This Interactive Periodic Table Reveals How Each Element Can Be Used

Online educators have developed an interactive periodic table that presents the various practical applications of each element. Their goal is to make understanding these elements easier for everyone.

Material Science November 8, 2016

Four New Elements Named On The Periodic Table

The periodic table is now a little longer after the announcement of a series of new element names. How were they named?

Material Science June 9, 2016

Galaxies Die By Strangulation: What Exactly Happens

Galaxies die when they can no longer form new stars. Now, scientists revealed that a process known as strangulation stumps star formation in galaxies.

Space May 15, 2015

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