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Experimental Treatment Could Slow Down Type 1 Diabetes In High-Risk Individuals

An experimental drug was able to slow down the progression of type 1 diabetes, an inherited disease, among high-risk patients in a small clinical trial. This is the first to show that type 1 diabetes can be delayed.

Medicine June 11, 2019

Experimental Drug Could Yield Good Results For People Allergic To Peanuts

An experimental drug for people with peanut allergies has come out of the Phase 3 trial with positive results. Kids who received the treatment were able to ingest peanut protein without experiencing symptoms associated with food allergies.

Medicine November 19, 2018

Researchers Say New 4-Drug Chemo 'Cocktail' Could Be A Pancreatic Cancer Breakthrough Treatment

A new four-drug combo called Folfirinox could add two additional years of survival to pancreatic cancer patients. The treatment will have to undergo more testing before becoming widely available.

Medicine June 4, 2018

Drug That Can Prevent Migraine Without Significant Side Effects Shows Promise In Clinical Trial

In a clinical trial involving more than 800 patients who frequently suffer from a migraine, galcanezumab reduced monthly migraine days by 4.7 days. The side effects are also very minimal that fewer than 5 percent of the participants quit the trial.

Medicine May 31, 2018

Huntington's Disease: Experimental Drug Marks Huge Breakthrough In First Human Trial

The first human Huntington's trial was successful, sparking hopes that the disease could one day have a cure. An experimental drug lowers the levels of harmful proteins in the nervous system and could slow down the progression of the disease.

Medicine December 12, 2017

Experimental Drug Shows Promise Against Deadly Antibiotic-Resistant Fungus Candida Auris

Candida auris is a deadly fungus which causes drug-resistant infections and is typically found on hospital catheters. A new investigational compound has shown efficacy in stopping the fungus’s development and could lead to more potent antifungal drugs.

Public Health March 14, 2017

Experimental Drug Shows Promise Restoring Cardiac Function After Heart Failure

Heart failure affects millions of adult Americans. It may still be in its experimental stages, but new drug cimaglermin is showing incredible promise in restoring cardiac function for heart failure patients based on a first-in-man study.

Medicine December 28, 2016

New Drug Shows Promise In Stopping Alzheimer's From Developing

An experimental drug developed by pharma company Biogen has the ability to breakdown plaque deposits and remove them from the brain of Alzheimer’s patients. Researchers believe this could lead to the development of an effective treatment for the brain disorder.

Neuroscience August 31, 2016

French Drug Trial Leaves 1 Brain-Dead, Hospitalizes 5 Others

A Phase 1 drug trial in France left one person brain-dead and five others hospitalized. The experimental medication, developed by Portuguese company Bial, was taken by healthy male individuals and was intended for mood and motor coordination issues.

Life January 16, 2016

FDA Approval Could Make Free Autoimmune Disorder Drug Pricey

Autoimmune disorder drug Firdapse could get an FDA approval soon, which will make the experimental LEMS medication available via a doctor's prescription. However, health officials said this could make the drug's price surge and make it even more difficult for patients to access.

Life December 24, 2015

Tekmira Stops Testing Ebola Drug In Sierra Leone

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation said that it will discontinue the clinical trial of its experimental Ebola drug known as TKM-Ebola-Guinea after reaching a statistical futility boundary. The company concluded that it is unsure whether the treatment helped anyone during the testing.

Life June 20, 2015

Million Ebola vaccine doses by end of next year: WHO

With the Ebola epidemic spreading, researchers have fast-tracked the testing of experimental vaccines. The WHO expects to have millions of Ebola vaccines produced in 2015.

Life October 25, 2014

Google Calico taps AbbVie for health care research venture

Calico, a health care company launched by Google, partners with AbbVie to build and operate a research facility focused on combating age-related illnesses. The pair will fund the venture with initial investments of $250 million.

Life September 3, 2014

Experimental drug for Ebola cousin holds promise

Marburg, the simian version of Ebola, has been successfully tested in primates, and may show how a human drug could be developed.

Life August 24, 2014

Experimental drug used on two infected Americans to wipe out Ebola?

An experimental drug - ZMapp - was used effectively on two Americans infected with the Ebola virus. Whether the antibody will be able to successfully eradicate Ebola in the long term is questionable.

Life August 6, 2014

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