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Here’s Why Noah’s Ark Isn’t Possible, According To A New Study

A pair of each species isn’t enough to ensure its survival, new research revealed. By conducting experiments on purple sea urchins, scientists found that large populations are important for this species to adapt to changing acidity and climate.

Animals June 12, 2019

Human Activity Causing Wildlife To Shrink, Larger Animals To Face Extinction

Researchers of a new study find that human activity is causing animals to shrink. Habitat loss, deforestation, and climate change are just some of the impacts of human activity.

Animals May 25, 2019

Humans Place 1 Million Species At Risk Of Extinction

A new report revealed that 1 million of the planet's 8 million plant and animal species are threatened with extinction in the next few decades. Here's the thing: humans are to blame.

Earth/Environment May 8, 2019

Bramble Cay Melomys Become First Mammal Wiped Out By Human-Caused Climate Change

The bramble cay melomys have become the first mammals to be lost due to human-caused climate change. They were last seen alive in 2009, and are said to be wiped out by sea-level rise.

Animals March 23, 2019

Study Shows Wikipedia Could Serve As Early Warning Device For Species Extinction

Internet traffic could reflect the presence of certain species in the wild. Researchers found that trends in Wikipedia views could be used to determine which species could be on the verge of extinction.

Animals March 6, 2019

Giant Sloth Fossil Reveals How Creature Lived 27,000 Years Ago

The tooth of a giant sloth that grew to about 4 meters tall was discovered in Central America. In a study, scientists discovered that the creature lived through a long dry season in its final year.

Animals February 28, 2019

Massive Drop In Insect Populations Could Spell Disaster For Humans As Well

During a review of scientific literature, researchers discovered that insect populations around the world are declining fast. They warned that every insect would go extinct in just a few decades.

Earth/Environment February 11, 2019

Blue Bird Hero In 'Rio' Among 8 New Extinct Bird Species

The Spix's Macaw, which inspired the lead character of the animated movie 'Rio', is now classified as extinct in the wild. It is just one of eight bird species that have been added to the extinct or possibly extinct categories.

Animals September 6, 2018

Bananas Could Become Extinct Due To 'Devastating' Disease

According to scientists, bananas may go extinct due to a disease. The disease has spread to other parts of the country and scientists worry that if it reaches South America, the bananas will not be edible.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 6, 2018

Orangutans Have Spent The Past 70,000 Years Adapting To Humans Trying To Kill Them

A new study discovered that humans have greatly influenced orangutans over 70,000 years. This study could teach humans how to save orangutans from extinction.

Animals June 29, 2018

In The Name Of Conservation, Animals Now Have Their Own Facebook

Wildlife conservation found an ally in Wildbook, an open-source software that tracks and collects wildlife data from sites such as YouTube and Flickr. The AI-powered tool enhances research collaboration and efforts to prevent species extinction.

Animals June 26, 2018

Scientists Recreate Cow With Bulldog Face That Fascinated Charles Darwin 180 Years Ago

Scientists used advanced computer modeling techniques to reconstruct a cow with bulldog face that Charles Darwin studied during his time. The team found that unlike with some bulldogs, the cow did not have breathing issues.

Animals June 16, 2018

Chinese Giant Salamander Now Close To Extinction Because People Keep Eating Them

Populations of Chinese Giant Salamanders, once thought to occur widely across China, are dwindling, according to a new study. Humans must try to conserve this species, but that might be difficult.

Animals May 23, 2018

Marine Protected Areas Face Risks Of Extinction Over Of Climate Change

Marine protected areas are under siege by no other than global warming. A startling new study predicts that most marine life won’t be able to adapt when drastic environmental changes occur over the next few decades.

Animals May 8, 2018

Ancient Humans Are The Reason Big Mammals Are Extinct And Mammals Have Shrunk

A new study shows that the reason there are so few large mammals left today is that ancient humans hunted them to extinction. This also explains why mammals today are much smaller than their predecessors.

Ancient April 20, 2018

Attractive Species More Likely To Go Extinct: Study

Species that have evolved to be more attractive to the opposite sex were likely to become extinct than those with typical physical traits. Species with an exaggerated physique like peacocks or triceratops attract enemies than partners.

Animals April 12, 2018

World's Last Male Northern White Rhinoceros Is Dead: Is This The End Of The Species?

The last male northern white rhinoceros has died but there is still hope that his death will not mark the end of his species. Here's how conservationists plan to save the species from extinction.

Animals March 20, 2018

Supervolcano Eruptions May Not Be As Devastating As Previously Thought

Humans did something surprising during one of Earth's latest supervolcanic eruption, which may cast doubts into some effects of this type of event. It may even show that supervolcanic eruptions aren't the end as previously thought.

Earth/Environment March 12, 2018

The World’s Last Living Male Northern White Rhino Is In Really Bad Shape

The world is about to lose another animal to extinction. Sudan, the last living male northern white rhinoceros, is reportedly not in good health, signaling the possible end of his subspecies.

Animals March 2, 2018

Mammals And Birds More Likely To Survive Climate Change

A new study indicated that warm-blooded animals have a better chance of surviving climate change than cold-blooded creatures. The findings have an important bearing on how climate change can impact Earth's biodiversity.

Earth/Environment January 30, 2018

Green Turtles In Great Barrier Reef Turning Female Because Of Climate Change

Almost all green sea turtles in the Great Barrier Reef have been found to be female. Scientists discovered that in a significant population, the sex ratio is at 116 females to one male. What could be causing this feminization?

Animals January 9, 2018

Chocolate To Go Extinct By 2050, But Scientists Are Here To Save The Day

Climate change may cause the extinction of cacao plants, which in turn means the extinction of chocolate. But scientists are trying to prevent the catastrophe through gene editing.

Biotech January 2, 2018

Scientists Discover Truth Behind Near Extinction Of Sumatran Rhinoceros

Scientists have sequenced the entire genome of the Sumatran rhinoceros for the first time. An analysis of the findings, published in the Current Biology journal, revealed a new truth regarding the near extinction of the species.

Animals December 18, 2017

North Atlantic Right Whales Facing Extinction, Researchers Say

If no significant efforts are made, North Atlantic right whales could go extinct. A combination of vessel strikes and fishing gear entrapment, both of which involve humans, are killing this whale species.

Animals December 11, 2017

Human Migration Into Europe May Have Led To Neanderthal Extinction

The slow migration of humans from Africa to Europe brought about the eventual doom of Neanderthals, according to a new study. Moreover, the research suggests that Neanderthals would have become extinct irrespective of humans' evolutionary advantage or climate change.

Ancient November 2, 2017

Size Does Matter When It Comes To Animal Extinction Risk

The smallest and largest of animals are the most vulnerable to extinction risk, a study of 27,000 vertebrate species revealed. The research also showed there are species being overlooked in terms of conservation efforts.

Animals September 19, 2017

Sixth Mass Extinction Underway: Scientists Warn Earth Is Facing Biological Annihilation Of Species

A sixth mass extinction event is already happening and it is worse than researchers previously believed. What are its impacts on humans and what makes it different from the previous mass extinctions?

Earth/Environment July 11, 2017

New Zealand’s Penguins Are Fast Disappearing: How Are Penguins Elsewhere In The World Doing - Or Dying?

Just like the yellow-eyed penguin of New Zealand, the already endangered African penguin is also under threat of becoming extinct. More than half of the world’s penguin species are dwindling due to global warming and man’s intrusion in their habitat.

Animals May 17, 2017

Extinction By Chance? Dinosaurs Would Have Survived If Chicxulub Asteroid Struck Earth 30 Seconds Earlier

The asteroid that created the Chicxulub crater and was blamed for the extinction of dinosaurs may have hit the waters of the Pacific or Atlantic if it arrived late. What could have happened if it was delayed for 30 seconds?

Animals May 15, 2017

Last Male Northern White Rhino Tries Luck On Tinder

Sudan, the last remaining male white rhino on Earth, now has a Tinder account. Viewers can check out Sudan’s Tinder profile and help support the cause of the northern white rhinos, who are now facing extinction.

Animals April 25, 2017

Reviving Extinct Species Might Harm Modern Conservation Efforts: Scientists

Scientists are capable of reviving extinct species, but should they? A new study suggests restoring dead animals back to life may harm conservation efforts that focus on currently living species.

Animals February 28, 2017

New Frog Species Found In India Can Sit Comfortably On A Coin Or Thumbnail

Seven new miniature species of frogs belonging to the genus Nyctibatrachus have been discovered in India. Some of them are so tiny they can sit atop a coin or thumbnail, the team that discovered them at Western Ghats has revealed.

Animals February 22, 2017

Humans Drove Australia's Car-Sized Kangaroos And Tortoises To Extinction

More than 85 percent of Australia's megafauna went extinct after humans arrived on the continent. The large animals, however, did not necessarily die out because of intensive hunting.

Animals January 23, 2017

Only 7,100 Cheetahs Left In The Wild: Extinction Looming For World's Fastest Mammal

Cheetah experts call for the IUCN to re-categorize the world's fastest mammal from vulnerable to endangered. Only 7,100 of these species are left in the wild.

Animals December 28, 2016

Asteroid Or Comet Strike May Lead To Extinction: Here's How Scientists Plan To Save The Earth

What are the measures proposed by scientists to deflect potentially hazardous asteroids and comets? One scientist warned humanity is currently ill equipped at dealing with space objects that can cause mass extinction.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

Giraffes Placed On Extinction Watch List As Population Plunges

The long-necked giraffe is often seen in safaris, zoos and the media that the animal's plummeting number has gone largely unnoticed. The giraffe is now rated as vulnerable to extinction.

Animals December 7, 2016

Rare Tree Frog Species Likely Extinct After Last Known Living Member Dies At Atlanta Botanical Garden

The last known living member of the Rabbs' fringe-limbed tree frog died at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Scientists warned that up to half of all the world's amphibians are also at risk of extinction.

Animals October 3, 2016

World’s Most Trafficked Mammal Gets Trade Protection: Pangolin Trade Officially Banned In 183 Countries

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora has stepped in with protective laws for pangolins. As a result, the trade of the scaly mammal is now banned in 183 countries.

Animals September 30, 2016

Larger Sea Creatures Will Die First When The 'Sixth Extinction' Comes

A recent study has found that larger sea creatures will die off first in the next mass extinction, and human interference is to blame. Scientists are hopeful it's not too late to reverse its effects.

Animals September 15, 2016

Existing Climate Change Data Not Enough To Predict Lizard Extinction Accurately: Study

A new study suggests that current climate models might not be enough to accurately predict the likelihood of lizard populations of becoming extinct. Researchers say these models fail to consider the impact of shade distribution on the animals’ environment.

Animals September 6, 2016

The Mountain Lions Of Los Angeles Are In Danger Of Extinction And Don't Ask Why

Mountain lions at the Santa Monica Mountains of Greater Los Angeles are facing the threat of extinction. According to a new study, they have become victims of manmade development and are cut off from their species elsewhere.

Animals September 1, 2016

Are Channel Island Foxes No Longer At Risk Of Extinction?

Four groups of California island foxes once on the brink of extinction have now bounced back and recovered, wildlife officials said. The population recovery is considered the fastest among endangered mammals.

Animals August 12, 2016

Lonely Woolly Mammoths On Alaskan Island Died Of Thirst

An isolated population of Alaskan woolly mammoths survived 5,000 years after their cousins and relatives went extinct. However, a new study revealed that it was the lack of access to freshwater that finally took them down.

Ancient August 1, 2016

Bramble Cay Melomys Is Extinct Due To Climate Change: Report

The effects of man-made climate change may have driven the extinction of a rodent species in Australia, a new report revealed. What happened?

Animals June 14, 2016

Impact Calculator Relives Asteroid Strike That Wiped Out Dinosaurs

Findings from the Chicxulub Crater drilling project helped researchers reimagine the asteroid impact that led to dinosaur extinction millions of years ago. The 'impact calculator' gave them a peek into the event and what immediately followed the fateful strike.

Earth/Environment June 13, 2016

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