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YouTube Is Fighting Its Extremist, Child Exploitation Problem With Over 10,000 Content Police Officers

YouTube plans to increase its content moderator workforce to over 10,000 next year as a way to combat extremist, child exploitation, and other inappropriate and offensive content on the site. It also plans to reevaluate its approach to advertising.

Internet December 5, 2017

How YouTube Plans To Counter Extremist Videos: Bury Them

Google has announced new measures to counter extremist videos on YouTube. Under the new policy, offensive videos that don't really violate specific guidelines will just get buried, and no ads will appear alongside them.

Internet June 19, 2017

Free Facebook Ads Serve As Incentive For Counter Speech In Fight Against Extremism

Facebook has joined the tech industry’s efforts to curb the extremist speech on social media. To do that, Facebook promotes 'counter speech,' a program where its users could earn money for opposing hatred-filled discourses.

Internet February 15, 2016

FBI Has A New 'Don't Be A Puppet' Game-Like Website To Teach Kids About Violent Extremism

The FBI released an interactive website called “Don’t Be A Puppet,” aiming to make teens aware of extremist danger. Even if the initiative was positive, the no-strings-attached-to-reality-implementation makes it hard to take it seriously.

Internet February 10, 2016

Twitter Closed 125,000 Accounts Suspected Of Terrorism Since Mid-2015: Here's How It Fights Extremism

Some criticized Twitter for not doing enough to fight extremism online, but the company does play its part. Detailing its anti-terrorism efforts, Twitter notes that it has suspended more than 125,000 accounts since mid-2015, and it's taking several other steps to combat violent extremism.

Internet February 6, 2016

U.S. to Host Summit to Counter Violent Extremism

In light of the recent jihadist shootings in Paris, the White House says it is set to bring world leaders together in a summit tackling best responses to violent extremism.

Society January 12, 2015

UK spy honcho: Social media sites are terrorists' command hubs

The Internet is a 'command-and-control' network for extremists, making it nearly impossible for social networking companies to take a neutral stance on the spread of information, according to the directors of Britain's Government Communications Headquarters. Remember how we got here, says privacy advocate.

Business Tech November 4, 2014

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