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The Force Is Strong With This One: This R2D2 Robot Makes Life Easier For Eye Surgeons

A robot called R2D2 was able to perform a successful eye surgery as part of an experimental trial involving robot-aided medical procedures. Here’s what doctors think R2D2 can pave the way for.

Robotics May 11, 2017

Many LASIK Patients Experience New Eye Problems After Surgery

Patients who undergo LASIK eye surgery developed new vision problems after the procedure. What are the eye problems that patients developed after the surgery?

Medicine November 24, 2016

Music Beneficial To Anxious Eye Surgery Patients

A new study suggests that allowing patients to listen to music before they undergo eye surgery can help them feel relaxed and less anxious. These patients also require minimal sedation throughout the procedure.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 29, 2016

Eyesi Simulator In Canada Allows Ophthalmology Students To Practice Different Eye Surgery Scenarios

Eyesi, a state-of-the-art eye surgery simulator in Canada, allows ophthalmology students to fine tune their skill in eye surgery before they face real-life scenarios. The simulator mimics real eye surgery by using training modules.

Life April 15, 2016

New Compound Can Be Used In Eye Drops To Reverse Cataract

Lab tests showed a chemical compound was able to clear cataracts in both rats and human eye lens tissue. The soluble chemical can be administered like common eye drops.

Life November 7, 2015

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