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Google Buys Twitter's Developer Platform Fabric: The Deal Includes Crashlytics Too

Google has now officially acquired Fabric, a mobile software toolkit Twitter owns. The purchase comes as another indication that Twitter is shopping around its non-core parts to potential buyers.

Business Tech January 18, 2017

Ancient Blue Jeans? Indigo Dye Used By South Americans In Peru Long Before Egyptians

Cloths found in Peru provide earliest evidence of indigo dye use. The fabrics were 6,200 years old, which makes them older than the previously known oldest sample of indigo dye from Egypt.

Ancient September 17, 2016

Torn Clothes No More? Self-Healing Fabric May Be The Future Of Clothing

Scientists from Pennsylvania State University have developed a revolutionary new coating technology that may help parents mend torn clothes and protect farmers against chemical exposure. The technology allows the self-healing of fabric.

Material Science August 14, 2016

Twitter Fabric is an app development platform for the future

Twitter continues to expand beyond its site and mobile app, as the social networking company reveals a new software framework. The company seeks to weave its Fabric framework throughout the mobile apps industry.

Apps/Software October 22, 2014

2000-year old Peruvian funeral shroud reveals mastery of Paracas artisans

A funeral shroud created 21 centuries ago shows the master works of the craftspersons in the mysterious Paracas culture of Peru.

June 18, 2014

Chromosonic is a new fabric that can turn you into chameleon. Here's how

Fashion is going to the next level. A newly-invented fabric called Chromosonic can "dance" to the tune of the user's playlist and can even change colors when touched.

Life May 17, 2014

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