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Facebook To Discontinue Moments Next Month Due To Low Usage

Facebook’s Moments app will stop working on Feb. 25. The social media company has created a site where anyone who used the app can save and export photos until May.

Apps/Software January 25, 2019

Facebook Might Have Found A Way To Sneak An App Into China: Meet Colorful Balloons

Facebook has long struggled to enter the Chinese market, with attempts to learn Mandarin and negotiate with Chinese authorities rendering no success. But it has reportedly found a workaround in the form of Colorful Balloons.

Apps/Software August 12, 2017

Facebook To Delete Synced Photos: Here's How To Save Them Before It's Too Late

Facebook revealed that it will soon delete synced photos from its app. Here is how you can save your pictures before the company deletes them.

Apps/Software June 11, 2016

Facebook Moments Without Facial Recognition Rolls Out In EU And Canada

Facebook has launched a modified version of private photo-sharing app Facebook Moments for the European and Canadian markets. What has been changed in the software, and why are the modifications needed?

Apps/Software May 11, 2016

Photo And Video Apps To Use As An Alternative To Instagram And Snapchat

Download these apps for iOS and Android that provide another platform for sharing photos and videos.

Apps/Software March 12, 2016

Facebook Moments Photo-Sharing App Now Gets Video And More

Facebook Moments gained quite some lift, with more than 400 million pictures shared since its launch. Now, the app gets a new update for allowing users to enrich their friends-filled Moments slideshows with videos.

Apps/Software March 1, 2016

Facebook Kills Off Photo Syncing In Favor Of Moments App Starting Jan. 10

Facebook announces it will discontinue support of its photo syncing feature and instead require users to download the app Moments.

Internet December 14, 2015

Facebook Moments Can Now Create Music Videos Using Your Photos

The new version of Facebook's Moments app will now automatically create a music video presentation using photos from an album then share the video with friends on Facebook.

Apps/Software August 26, 2015

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