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Google Fiber To Focus On High-Speed Internet In Louisville And San Antonio: Sorry, No TV Package

Google Fiber will not offer TV packages once it launches in Louisville and San Antonio. The Alphabet division will instead focus on providing high-speed internet, as it struggles with the high costs of building out its network.

Google October 8, 2017

Alphabet Pauses Google Fiber Rollout: Here's A List Of Affected Cities

Alphabet unit Access has decided to pause the rollout of the high-speed internet service Google Fiber. Layoffs are also coming to the business, as a shift in focus is said to be on the way.

Google October 26, 2016

Nokia Equips First Set Of Apartments With 52.5 Gbps Fiber Connection

Nokia has wired an entire apartment building in South Korea with a 52.5 Gbps fiber connection. SK Broadband helped out, fusing its existing fiber network with Nokia’s passive optical network technology to deliver the huge speed boost.

Internet October 19, 2016

Researchers Beam Light Particle Across Fiber Network, Sets Quantum Teleportation Record

A quantum teleportation record has just been set! Researchers, in cooperation with The City of Calgary, were able to teleport a light particle over a straight-line distance that has never been achieved before.

Energy September 21, 2016

Nokia Reaches Internet Speeds 1,000 Times Faster Than Google's Fiber

Nokia claims to have achieved internet speeds of 1 Terabit per second. The speed is 1,000 times faster than the speed offered by Google Fiber in the U.S.

Internet September 20, 2016

Comcast Gigabit Internet Service Trial Kicks Off In Chicago, But It Costs Double The Usual Price

Comcast gigabit internet service rolls out in Chicago on a trial basis, but compared with the ones that launched in Atlanta and Nashville, it's two times more expensive.

Internet August 19, 2016

Google Fiber To Go Wireless? Underground Fiber Optic Cables Proving Too Expensive And Time-Consuming

The cost and time associated with installing underground fiber optic cables for Google Fiber have been slowing down the business. The service is now investigating wireless solutions to the problem.

Google August 15, 2016

Google Fiber Unveils New Data Plans Geared Toward Small Businesses

Google revealed three new data plans for Google Fiber that are geared toward small businesses. The data plans are the result of the company's decision to end the high-speed internet service's Early Access program.

Internet July 13, 2016

Google-Supported Undersea Cable Going Online, Expected To Deliver 60 Tbps Of Bandwidth

Google’s latest undersea cable network has finally completed, delivering 60 Tbps of bandwidth between the U.S. and Japan. The project, dubbed FASTER, is a joint effort of the company alongside five major telecommunications companies in Asia.

Google June 30, 2016

Facebook And Microsoft Team Up To Build Huge Undersea Fiber Optic Cable

Facebook and Microsoft have partnered to create a massive undersea fiber optic cable dubbed MAREA. This submarine cable system will be constructed across the Atlantic Ocean.

Internet May 27, 2016

Engineers Smash Fiber Optic Data Transmission Record With 57 Gbps Transfer Using New Laser

A team of researchers from the University of Illinois have set a new record for data transmission speed at 57 Gbps. The record was achieved through fiber optic cables and a special laser.

Internet March 29, 2016

Forget Slow Internet: British Researchers Create Fiber Optic Cables That Can Send Data 50,000 Faster Than Average Broadband

Researchers at the University College London are testing fiber optic cables that can send data at 1 Tbps. Currently, 24 Mbps is what considered as superfast Internet in the UK.

Internet February 12, 2016

Man Builds Dream Home But Needs $117,000 To Get Cable Internet

All Cole Marshall wanted in life was his own house and fast and reliable Internet service. It turns out that it had to be one or the other, and unfortunately, he had to find out the hard way.

Internet Culture October 3, 2015

A Map Of U.S. Internet Cables Is Available To The Public For The First Time Ever

Researchers and computer scientists from the University of Wisconsin have created a map of the Internet cables in the U.S., the first map of its kind. The data has been collected over a period of four years.

Internet September 15, 2015

Google Fiber Makes Its Largest Expansion Yet With San Antonio

Google Fiber just finalized plans to expand its ultrafast internet services to San Antonio's 1.4 million-resident market.

Internet August 6, 2015

FBI Searches For Suspects In New Fiber Optics Cable Attack In California

The incident in the Bay Area is the latest in a series of attacks that damage fiber optic cables, causing disruptions in Internet services.

Business July 1, 2015

Engineers Boost Optical Signals 20 Fold Through 7,400 Miles Of Fiber Optics: Hello, Faster Internet

Researchers have been able to increase the power of optic fiber signals by 20 times, allowing them to send the signals over a distance of 7,456 miles without any distortions affecting them. What possibilities does this result hold for the future of the Internet?

Internet June 29, 2015

Microsoft Invests In Undersea Cables To Improve Connectivity Of Datacenters

Microsoft wants to build a vast undersea cable system in order to achieve faster connections for its customers and gain a competitive edge in cloud computing. The project involves partnering with a number of telecom companies to help in building the new undersea cables.

Internet May 12, 2015

Google Fiber Rollout Schedule: Raleigh and Durham in North Carolina Might be Next

Mysterious invites for Google events in Raleigh and Durham in North Carolina have sparked speculation that Google's high-speed fiber optic Internet service is set for its debut in the state.

Internet January 24, 2015

Shark attacks? Google now knows how to protect its underwater cables

Google is reinforcing its fiber-optic cables that span across the Pacific Ocean. The move is to protect the cables from sharks that from time to time gnaw on the cables

Business Tech August 18, 2014

Verizon FiOS will soon have uploads matching download speeds

Verizon FiOS will be boosting its upload speeds to match its download speeds, starting with customers that are on the company's My Rewards + program.

Business Tech July 24, 2014

Calix taps new board member, helps drives high-speed service forward

Calix upgrades a Texas-based telecom network with high-speed data rates of 1 Gbps. On the same day, it welcomes a 25-year veteran of the telecommunications field to its board of directors.

Internet July 8, 2014

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