There Is No End To 'Final Fantasy XV': Standalone Multiplayer Mode, Level Editor, 4 Episodes, And More


There is apparently no end to Final Fantasy XV as Square Enix unveiled plans for the RPG through the middle of 2019 in a panel at PAX East 2018.

Final Fantasy XV had been 10 years in the making before it was finally released in November 2016, so it is understandable that Square Enix will milk the game as much as possible. Fans of Prince Noctis and his crew, meanwhile, have no complaints about it, as even more content will be added to an already expansive RPG.

'Final Fantasy XV: Comrades' Updates And Standalone Version

The first part of the current roadmap for Final Fantasy XV involves Comrades, the RPG's online multiplayer mode. According to Square Enix, there are two planned content updates for it, one this summer and another in the winter.

This summer, Square Enix is also planning to launch a standalone version of Comrades, which will allow players to access the multiplayer mode even if they do not purchase Final Fantasy XV.

'Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition' Character Customization And Level Editor

For Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, the character customization tool of Comrades will soon be made available in the single-player campaign. It will allow players to design their own protagonist if they would like someone else other than Prince Noctis to lead the group.

Later this year, the PC version of the RPG will also be getting a level editor that will enable players to customize areas, add enemies, create events, and assign actions when interacting with objects. As an example of what gamers can do with the feature Square Enix unveiled a golf game and custom Chobo races that were built with it.

Four More Episodes Coming To 'Final Fantasy XV'

Square Enix also announced that it will release four more DLC packs over the course of 2019. These episodes will once again be character-focused and will add another chapter to the already deep Final Fantasy XV story.

The titles of the DLCs are Episode I: Ardyn, Episode Side Story: Aranea, Episode II: Lunafreya, and Episode III: Noctis. The last episode will be extra special as it will contain a "grand alternate finale" for the main story of Final Fantasy XV.

'Final Fantasy XV' And 'Shadow Of The Tomb Raider' Collaboration

At the end of the Square Enix panel at PAX East 2018, a simple teaser was shown with an image of the Final Fantasy XV cast alongside Lara Croft.

Final Fantasy XV has previously collaborated with games such as Assassin's Creed: Origins, and it appears that its next partner will be Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It is currently unclear, however, what the partnership will entail, though it is likely that Prince Noctis and his squad will take on missions similar to Lara Croft's tomb raiding adventures.

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