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Indonesia Haze Led To 100,000 Premature Deaths In 2015, Estimates Study

The haze from burning peat lands and forest fires in Indonesia could have caused more than 100,000 premature deaths in Southeast Asia, reports a recent study. The warning should elicit intensified efforts to address the crisis.

Public Health September 20, 2016

Man Arrested In California For Flying Drone Over Wildfire: Why This Is A Serious Offense

A hobbyist drone operator was arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanor after flying his drone over a wildfire in California. This is a serious offense, and here's the reason why.

Robotics July 18, 2016

Arduino And Generali Develop High-Tech Birdhouse Alarms To Alert Authorities When Forest Fires Occur [Video]

A new alarm system is now being developed to provide early detection of possible fire occurrences in the forest. Built with a smoke sensor and a 3G network connection, prototype units of the Birdhouse Alarm are currently being tested.

Gadgets May 6, 2016

Drought And Fire Killing Rocky Mountain Forests, Study Concludes

Global climate change could hinder the ability of forests to recover from fires. How serious is the problem and why are climatic changes a danger to woodlands?

Earth/Environment March 23, 2016

Diseases Brought By European Colonists Crippled Population Of Native Americans In The 17th Century

Populations of Native Americans in the Southwest dropped nearly after a century of European missionaries' arrival, contrary to claims that the dip occurred earlier. The wipeout had consequences not only on people, but on the environment as well.

Animals January 26, 2016

Fires Take Days Off On Sunday: Study Finds Fires Strongly Influenced By Work Week

Fires seem to occur less likely on days associated with religion, and are strongly influenced by work week, a new Australian study revealed. Researchers looked into how culture, religion and human activity affects global climate.

Earth/Environment November 22, 2015

Gov. Jerry Brown Declares State Of Emergency As Wildfires Destroy Hundreds Of Homes In California

Two counties in California have been placed under a state of emergency by Gov. Jerry Brown due to the massive flames. The wildfires caused the residents to flee their homes and properties to save their lives.

Earth/Environment September 14, 2015

NASA Instruments Scan Forests Ravaged By Wildfire, Help In Planning Recovery Efforts

Highly detailed maps of recent California megafires, created with data from airborne NASA instruments, can improve restoration efforts, researchers say. The understanding of how such fires start and spread may be improved using such maps, they believe.

Geek April 13, 2015

Study Exonerates Beetle From Claims Of Added Wildfire Risk

The mountain pine beetle is not to blame for the increasing occurrence of wildfires in the U.S. Researchers instead point to climate change.

Earth/Environment March 26, 2015

Climate change isn't to blame for changes in forest composition

Forests in the eastern United States were not affected by climate change over the last five centuries as much as local events, a new study found.

Earth/Environment October 16, 2014

Fighter jet snaps shot of hell on earth above California wildfires

A NASA satellite picked up a rare photo of a pyrocumulonimbus cloud, or fire cloud, in early August over a severe forest fire along the California-Oregon border. It also snapped one of an even larger cloud in Canada's Northern Territories.

Earth/Environment August 8, 2014

Dinosaur-era forest fire evidence sheds light on ancient biodiversity

A team of researchers discovered that ancient forests recovered from wildfires the same way our forests today recover from it, thanks to fossil evidence. Here’s what they have to say.

Earth/Environment June 7, 2014

Amazon rain forest's biggest enemies are fire and climate change

Fires caused by deforestation and climate change could lead to additional loss of rain forests, according to a new study. Too much stress could push the Amazon past a tipping point for easy recovery.

Earth/Environment April 16, 2014

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