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Charlize Theron To Play Megyn Kelly In New Roger Ailes Sexual Harrassment Movie

Charlize Theron will portray former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly in an upcoming film about sexual misconduct allegations against Roger Ailes. The film will be directed by Jay Roach.

Movies/TV Shows May 23, 2018

Trump’s Son-In-Law Reportedly In Talks To Create A ‘Trump TV’ Network: Could The Post-Election Startup Compete Against Fox News?

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was reportedly in talks with LionTree’s Aryeh Bourkoff regarding the launch of a ‘Trump TV’ startup company.

Business Tech October 17, 2016

Will Fox News Enter A New Era After Leadership Changes? Rupert Murdoch Names Abernethy And Shine As Co-Presidents

Rupert Murdoch, who currently helms Fox News as interim CEO after Roger Ailes stepped down last month, has named Jack Abernethy and Bill Shine as co-presidents. Does this signal a new era for the company?

Business Tech August 13, 2016

Fox News Blasts Ubisoft For Changes To 'The Division's' Crafting System

Even Fox News isn't a fan of Ubisoft's latest changes to 'The Division.'

Video Games April 25, 2016

Can Ditching Cable For Streaming TV Really Save You Money? We Examine If Cord Cutting Is Worth It

It's the question on everyone's minds: When can I ditch my cable subscription and go with Internet streaming full-time? We have the answers.

Feature March 20, 2015

Americans Trust Fox News More Than Any Other TV News Outlet

A new poll from Quinnipiac University found that Americans trust Fox News more than any other TV news outlet. That is either a complete surprise or exactly what you thought would happen.

Movies/TV Shows March 9, 2015

Bill O'Reilly Faces Brian William Issues: Fox News Host's Coverage of Falklands War In Question

Fox News host rebukes report that he lied about his location during his Falklands war coverage. He calls the Mother Jones report garbage and the author a liar.

Society February 20, 2015

Dish Network Drops Fox News, Fox Business as New Distribution Talks Break Down

For the third time in months, Dish Network finds itself in a bind as another two channels go on a blackout due to contractual conflicts.

Business December 23, 2014

Jon Stewart takes on Fox News' coverage of Ferguson

In a segment from last night's 'The Daily Show,' host Jon Stewart grills Fox News over the network's attempts to blame media and "race baiters" in Ferguson as the cause of the unrest.

Internet Culture August 27, 2014

Is cable news failing Ferguson?

A new study reveals that cable news networks are falling behind in the coverage of the Ferguson events and Twitter is filling in the gap.

Internet Culture August 22, 2014

Why is Al Gore waging war with Al Jazeera?

Former Vice President Al Gore is suing 24-hour news network, Al Jazeera America for breaching a contract regarding the cable channel Current TV. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of shareholders that are owed millions of dollars.

Movies/TV Shows August 16, 2014

Jon Stewart wants to buy CNN via mock Kickstarter campaign

Though you can't actually donate to the cause, the rewards for backing Jon Stewart's "Let's Buy CNN" Kickstarter campaign are more than worth paying for.

Movies/TV Shows July 24, 2014

Jon Stewart is NOT launching a real Kickstarter effort to buy CNN

As Rupert Murdoch's appetite for Time Warner gets attention, Daily Show pundit Jon Stewart decides to offer help. He jokingly starts a fake Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign to buy CNN.

Arts & Culture July 23, 2014

It doesn't get more ironic than Fox News using the 'Bioshock: Infinite' logo

In a recent interview about immigration, Fox News used an eerily similar logo to that of 'Bioshock: Infinite,' apparently not aware of what the game is even about.

Geek July 3, 2014

Climate change reports of CNN, Fox News may mislead public: Report

A new study reveals surprising facts about how the top American news agencies report on climate change. CNN and Fox news are both guilty of inaccurate reporting about climate issues.

Earth/Environment April 8, 2014

Oklahoma Fox station thinks news promo is more interesting than watching evolution on Cosmos: Do you? [VIDEO]

KOKH Fox-25 in Oklahoma cut off Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about evolution on Cosmos reboot. Was it operator error or a planned edit?

March 13, 2014

Fox News warns world of Zombie apocalypse (or is it?)

The website of Fox News featured whimsical headlines on Tuesday suggesting the day of the dead is coming but apparently, it was just an "internal production error."

Internet November 6, 2013

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