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Quality Of High School Friendships Linked To Mental Health In Adulthood

Researchers found that close high school friendships directly predict mental health improvements in young adulthood. Having high-quality friendships at 15 years old predict less social anxiety and fewer signs of depression.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 25, 2017

All You Need Is One Trusted Friend To Recover From Depression, Research Shows

Keeping at least one trusted friend can help people with depression make a full recovery. Patients who have close relationships were four times more likely to obtain complete mental health.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 9, 2016

Swipe Right To Be Best Friends Forever: Tinder-Style Apps Are The Future Of Friendship

Applications for finding new friends based on similar interests have been appearing. These apps may not guarantee instant connections but they may just be a good way to lay down the foundations for a new and lasting friendship for some.

Apps/Software February 10, 2016

Study Makes A Case For 'Aquaintance Category' On Facebook

People who have more than 200 friends on Facebook actually just have a lot of acquaintances, says a new study. According to the Dunbar's Number theory, people can only have up to 150 real friends.

Internet Culture January 21, 2016

Facebook Accidentally Congratulates Users On 46 Years Of Friendship

It's only a couple decades early.

Internet December 31, 2015

Orphaned Kangaroo Finds Comfort In Hugging Teddy Bear

Wildlife caretakers gave the kangaroo in Australia, Doodlebug, a stuffed bear. Now, their photo has garnered huge international attention.

Earth/Environment August 9, 2015

Snapchat Drops A Huge Emoji Update: Will It Ruin Some Friendships?

Snapchat has replaced the Best Friends list with the new Friend Emojis feature that shows users their relationships with the people in their contacts list.

Apps/Software April 8, 2015

Wired to Misunderstand? Here's Why Men Think of Sex When Women Just Think of Friendship

Women and men both misunderstand each other when it comes to friendly or sexual interest signals. However, men often misunderstand sexual interest signals given by a woman.

Life January 31, 2015

You pick friends that share similar genes, study shows

You may not have found your best friend by chance. A new genetic analysis shows that people are more likely to forge friendship with those they share similar genes with.

Life July 16, 2014

When friends feel like family, it may be in the genes

Close friends share as many genes as fourth cousins, more than strangers, new research reveals.

Life July 14, 2014

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