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Deadly Fungus Forces Ant Zombie 'Death Grip' By Taking Over The Muscles

How does the infamous zombifying fungus make ants do the so-called death grip? Apparently, the fungus does not even affect the victim's brains to do so.

Animals July 18, 2019

Cicadas Carry A Zombie Fungus That Transforms Them Into ‘Flying Salt Shakers Of Death’

A new study sheds more light on cicadas, revealing a zombie-like fungus that takes over the bodily functions of these insects. Infected cicadas engage in bizarre behavior, such as constant mating attempts despite the fungus eating at their genitals.

Animals June 26, 2019

Genetically Modified Fungus Kills 99 Percent oF Malaria Mosquitoes In Just 45 Days

Researchers tested the fungus in a fake village called the MosquitoSphere. By the end of the 45-day trial, the spider toxin fungus wiped out 99 percent of the mosquito population.

Public Health May 31, 2019

This Newly Discovered Fungus Collects Gold From Its Surroundings

Gold digger alert! Scientists have discovered a type of fungi in Australia that draws gold from its surroundings, possibly signaling new deposits that have yet to be unearthed.

Earth/Environment May 27, 2019

1-Billion-Year-Old Fungus Found In Canadian Arctic Is Earth's Oldest

Fungi can be extremely old, but scientists didn't imagine they're 1 billion years old. The discovery, which puts fungi about twice as old as previously believed, has massive implications about the evolution of life on Earth.

Ancient May 23, 2019

Climate Change Favors Growth Of Fungus That Causes Banana Disease Black Sigatoka

Climate change favors the growth of a fungus that causes disease among bananas, a new study revealed. The findings of the report could have major implications on the food supply.

Earth/Environment May 8, 2019

Japanese Fungus Resistant To Drugs Linked To Death Of 8 Patients In UK Hospitals

Candida auris has been found in 25 hospitals in Britain, and eight of those infected by the superfungus have died. Here's why hospital patients are particularly at risk of the deadly infection.

Public Health April 28, 2019

Deadly, Drug Resistant Fungus Could Be Next Global Threat

This superbug fungus can kill people in just 90 days. Find out all about this new drug-resistant fungus that is spreading in hospitals all over the world.

Public Health April 8, 2019

Fungus Shows Promise As A Cost-Effective Treatment For African Sleeping Sickness

Scientists genetically engineer a fungus that can produce a cost-effective treatment for the deadly African sleeping sickness. The resulting antibiotic is also a candidate treatment for cancer.

Medicine April 7, 2019

'White Nose Syndrome' Causing Population Decline In Minnesota Bats

White nose syndrome continues to decimate bat populations in Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reporting a significant decline due to the disease.

Animals March 31, 2019

Fungus Killing Frogs Traced Back To Korea, Raising Concerns On Pet Trade

Scientists traced the origins of the deadly chytrid fungus, which has attacked frog, toad, and salamander populations over recent decades, to the Korean peninsula. The discovery provides an additional argument against pet trade, particularly on amphibians coming from East Asia.

Animals May 10, 2018

Sexually Transmitted Fungus Takes Over Cicadas, Causes Their Butts To Blow Up

Cicadas are affected by a fungus that takes over their bodies and behavior and ends their lives. The fungus also leads to the cicadas having their butts explode.

Animals February 27, 2018

Fungal Parasite Turns Ants To Zombies But Leaves Their Brains Intact

The 'zombie ant fungus' can infect ants and control their behavior, but it does all of this without infecting their brains, a new study finds. Here's how researchers came to this conclusion.

Animals November 11, 2017

Fungus In Space Can Make Astronauts Sick, NASA-Led Team Warns

NASA has warned that fungus in space could serve as an enemy of astronauts in the Mars mission or other forms of space exploration. Certain fungi types could colonize the human body and lead to infection.

Space July 12, 2017

Is This 2.4-Billion-Year-Old Fossil The World’s Oldest Fungus?

Scientists discovered what they believe are the oldest fungi fossils in the world. The archaeological discovery, carried out in South Africa, pushes back the timeline of the fungus fossil record one to two billion years.

Ancient April 26, 2017

Deadly And Drug-Resistant Fungal Infection Affects More Than 30 In The US

The deadly fungal infection Candida auris already infected more than 30 people in the United States. Who are the people most vulnerable, and where does this drug-resistant pathogen commonly spread?

Public Health March 12, 2017

Killer Fungus Found In US Hospitals: What You Should Know About The Deadly Yeast Called Candida Auris

U.S. Federal authorities have reported the attack of a drug-resistant fungus that is killing patients. The yeast Candida auris has already infected 13 people and taken the lives of four.

Public Health November 5, 2016

Lichen Biological Pairing Actually Has A Hidden Third Partner

The lichen biological pairing has been considered a model for symbiosis for 150 years. However, a new study suggests there might be a third party in this biological process.

Animals July 25, 2016

Heated Boxes May Help Bats Survive White-Nose Syndrome

A biologist in Canada is hoping her heated bat boxes will help the flying mammals survive as they fight the white-nose syndrome, a fungal infection that has killed 6 million in North America's bat populations since 2006.

Animals April 11, 2016

Asian Bats Resistant To Deadly White-Nose Syndrome Fungus

Asian bats are resistant to the White-Nose Syndrome fungus that has killed massive bat populations in North America since 2006. Researchers said genetics could be at play.

Life March 10, 2016

Iconic Native Hawaiian Trees Being Decimated By 'Rapid Death' Fungus

Fungal disease is attacking important ohia trees on the Big Island, officials report. Half the trees within 6,000 acres of forest have been affected, they say.

Animals December 29, 2015

Bsal Fungus Can Wipe Out U.S. Salamander Population: What To Know

The Bsal fungus is believed to come from China and is spread through pet trade. Scientists warn that it could wipe up entire species of Salamander in North America.

Animals August 2, 2015

Mystery Of Hair Ice Finally Solved: Fungal Activity! (Video)

The role of fungi is creating a dazzling frozen phenomenon in yet another example of what the strange and wonderful organisms can do, researchers say. There's much more in the world of fungi than just mushrooms, they say.

Animals July 24, 2015

Love Guacamole? Thank Dogs And Drones For Trying To Save American Avocados [Video]

In tag team fashion, drones and dogs are being used to track down a fungus that could wipe out Florida's avocado trees and potentially move west and cripple California's farms as well, which would be devastating to the state's economic base and for avocado lovers nationwide.

Business April 29, 2015

Killer Chytrid Amphibian Fungus In Madagascar Threatens To Wipe Out 500 Species Of Frogs

The chytrid fungus, which has now been traced in Madagascar, is fatal for amphibians. The fungus threatens to wipe out about 500 species of frog in the island nation located in the Indian Ocean.

Earth/Environment March 1, 2015

Meet Octopus Stinkhorn. Nope, Not a Real Octopus but an Exotic Red Fungus

It looks like an octopus with red tentacles but the octopus stinkhorn is actually a fungus. It is also edible despite the fact that it smells like rotting flesh.

Animals December 30, 2014

Deadly salamander-killing fungus may hit stateside, new study warns

Experts say changes in laws about importing live animals needed to protect North American salamander species from deadly disease. Researchers warn of fungus currently decimating species in Europe.

Animals November 2, 2014

Killer fungi, habitat loss, disease: Amphibians today face deadly challenges

Amphibians around the world are witnessing declining populations, through disease, pollution and loss of habitat.

October 31, 2014

Killer fungus could wipe out salamander population

Fungus disease similar to one devastating frogs and toad species around the world found in European salamanders. Scientists fear it could spread to the U.S., a salamander hot spot.

Animals October 30, 2014

Deadly honeybee virus and parasite buzzing on to wild bumblebees, warn apiologists

Diseases easily managed in controlled honeybee populations are now wreaking havoc among wild bumblebees. A new study suggests how these diseases may spread. How serious could this be for human crops?

Animals February 20, 2014

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