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1 Million New STD Infections Are Diagnosed Every Day, According To WHO

The four sexually transmitted infections continue to spread globally at alarming rates with a million new cases daily on adults and children. While treatable, STDs could have grave effects, including stillbirths and a higher risk of HIV.

Public Health June 7, 2019

FDA Gives Thumbs Up To 2 New Extragenital Tests For Gonorrhea And Chlamydia

Two new devices that detect chlamydia and gonorrhea in the throat and rectum have received the approval of the FDA. These are the first devices to test for sexually transmitted infections using extragenital specimens.

Public Health May 25, 2019

Sexually Transmitted Infection MG Could Become The Next Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug

Doctors warned that the sexually transmitted disease Mycoplasma genitalium, or MG, could become resistant to standard antibiotics. What are the symptoms of this STI and potential effects of untreated infection?

Public Health July 11, 2018

STI Rates On The Rise: Symptoms And Treatment For Syphilis And Gonorrhea

Syphilis and gonorrhea cases in England continue to rise. The government is encouraging its citizens, especially the younger generation, to practice safe sex to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Public Health June 6, 2018

Syphilis And Gonorrhea Rates Have Risen Within The Past Year In England

New reports have stated that in England, syphilis and gonorrhea diagnoses have risen drastically within the past year. Those who are most impacted by this are teenagers and young adults, among others, between the ages of 15-21 years old.

Public Health June 5, 2018

Antibiotic Resistant Super Gonorrhea Spreading Fast As 2 Cases Detected In Australia

The highly antibiotic-resistant 'super gonorrhea' strain, first diagnosed in a patient from the UK, has been recently detected in two Australians. One of them contracted the infection in Southeast Asia, similarly to the patient from the UK.

Public Health April 21, 2018

Man With ‘World's Worst’ Super Gonorrhea Is Cured

A British man just got cured from the 'world’s worst' super gonorrhea. The unidentified man picked up the sexually transmitted disease while he was on a trip in Southeast Asia.

Public Health April 20, 2018

British Man Has First Ever Case Of Antibiotic-Resistant Super Gonorrhea After One-Night Stand

One man's one night of pleasure turned into suffering when he realized that he had caught a strain of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea. He caught super gonorrhea while he was on vacation in Southeast Asia.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 28, 2018

Gonorrhea Cases In Australia Rise By 63 Percent In 5 Years

Latest data on STIs show an alarming 63 percent rise in the number of gonorrhea cases in Australia in the past five years. What's behind the huge increase in this sexually transmitted disease?

Public Health November 6, 2017

Number Of STD Cases In The US Now At The Highest It’s Ever Been: Report

The number of new STD cases continues to grow. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released its annual STD surveillance report, showing that in 2016, the country recorded its highest rate of new STD cases thus far.

Public Health September 27, 2017

Vaccine Fuels Hope In The Tough Fight Against Gonorrhea

In a new study, a mass vaccination campaign for a meningitis outbreak in New Zealand has offered the unintended benefit of helping reduce gonorrhea incidence. Should we expect a gonorrhea vaccine soon amid the threat of antibiotic resistance?

Public Health July 11, 2017

Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea On The Rise: Are You At Risk Of Drug-Resistant STD?

WHO has warned of rising cases of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea amid declining use of condom and inadequate treatments. Who are the people most likely to get infected with this drug-resistant sexually transmitted infection?

Public Health July 10, 2017

Oral Sex Helps Spread Super-Gonorrhea Resistant To Antibiotic

WHO warned that oral sex spreads dangerous antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea that can be potentially untreatable. What are the symptoms of oral gonorrhea and how can it be avoided?

Public Health July 8, 2017

Spread Of ‘Superbug’ Gonorrhea Is Now Imminent, WHO Warns

Health officials warn about the spread of super gonorrhea, one that is antibiotic resistant. Gonorrhea spreads due to a number of factors, including a decline in condom use and oral sex.

Public Health July 7, 2017

Listerine Mouthwash May Help Kill Gonorrhea Bacteria In Mouth And Throat

Listerine mouthwash may not just help with bad breath. Researchers found that Listerine Cool Mint and Total Care can also kill sexually transmitted gonorrhea bacteria in the mouth and throat.

Public Health December 20, 2016

WHO Updates Treatment Guidelines For Gonorrhea, Syphilis And Chlamydia: Here's Why

New guidelines for treatment of sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis were introduced by the WHO. The emergence of multi-drug resistant organisms due to drug misuse or overuse happens to be the reason behind the WHO's urgent move.

Medicine August 31, 2016

CDC Reports Increase In Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea In The US

The number of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea in the U.S. increased four-fold form 2013 to 2014. Researchers do not know until when current standard treatments for this STD will work.

Public Health July 16, 2016

Syphilis, Gonorrhea Cases Show Sharp Increase In England Following STI Budget Cuts

Rates of syphilis and gonorrhea diagnoses in England increased sharply following the budget cuts on sexually transmitted infection testing. Experts believe that the diseases are affecting more men who have sex with men.

Public Health July 6, 2016

Doctors Issue Warning Over Alarming Rise Of Super-Gonorrhea

UK doctors expressed concern over super-gonorrhea, which is spreading across the country and has been detected in gay men. Azithromycin-resistant gonorrhea has 34 confirmed cases so far.

Life April 19, 2016

Minnesota Reports Increasing Rates Of STDs: Chlamydia Makes Almost 80 Percent Of Cases

Minnesota is facing an STD crisis with cases making up nearly 70 percent of all reported infectious diseases, and chlamydia takes the first lead. The reported cases are a cause for worry as they reflect the condition's harmful effects on women's reproductive health.

Life April 13, 2016

Gonorrhea May Possibly Become Untreatable As Drug-Resistant Strain Emerges

A drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea surfaced in England in March. By September, a total of 16 cases were reported by Public Health England and the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV.

Life December 29, 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Gonorrhea: Quick Facts, Signs, Symptoms And Treatment

The continued spread of gonorrhea especially among young individuals remains one of the primary concerns of health officials in the United States. Here's a quick rundown of what gonorrhea infection is and how it can be addressed.

Life December 29, 2015

Sexually Transmitted Diseases On The Rise: CDC Reports Spike In Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia Rates Since 2006

Cases of sexually transmitted diseases have increased record high since 2006. In last year's report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis are rampant among younger people aged 15 to 24 years old.

Life November 18, 2015

Cefixime Antibiotic Losing Effectiveness As Treatment For Gonorrhea: CDC

Latest data from the U.S. CDC suggested that resistance to antibiotic cefixime, used for gonorrhea treatment, started to increase in 2014 even when it managed to go down from 2011 to 2013. The sexually transmitted infection is spread through unprotected sex and is especially common among young individuals between 15 and 24 years old.

Life November 5, 2015

New Medical Tests Essential To Curb Antibiotic Misuse, Says Economist Jim O'Neill

In a report on superbugs, Jim O’Neill warned about the 'huge cost to society' antibiotic resistance poses. The review called for rapid diagnostics to give patients the right treatment while avoiding unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions.

Life October 24, 2015

Gonorrhea Strain Resistant To Azithromycin Drug Spreading

A gonorrhea outbreak in northern England sparked nationwide health concern when new reported cases proved resistant to the azithromycin drug treatment.

Life September 18, 2015

Report Indicates Alarming Increase Of STDs In The US

The Rhode Island Department of Health has released a report pointing to a significant increase in sexually transmitted disease cases in the United States between the years 2013 and 2014.

Life May 25, 2015

CDC Annual Report Shows Chlamydia Cases on Decline but Syphilis on Rise

Three quarters of diagnosed syphilis cases in the U.S. were men who have sexual relationship with other men. Experts cited reasons why gay and bisexual men have increased risks for this STD.

Life December 17, 2014

Russia dismantles Steve Jobs memorial after Apple CEO Tim Cook admits he's gay

A monument in Russia dedicated to Steve Jobs has been destroyed after his successor, current Apple CEO Tim Cook, announced that he is gay. The company behind the statue said that they dismantled the monument to comply with a law prohibiting "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations."

Society November 6, 2014

STD cases on the rise in U.S. especially among homosexuals, warns CDC

The latest CDC report on sexually transmitted disease (STD) tracks an increase in cases of gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia, mainly in men, for 2012.

Life January 18, 2014

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