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Google Play Books Product Manager Greg Hartrell Talks Launch Of Audiobooks

Google is now selling audiobooks on the Google Play Store. We spoke with Google Play Books' Product Manager Greg Hartrell about the development and launch of Audiobooks.

Apps/Software January 25, 2018

Google Is Rolling Out A Fix For The Cast Bug That Kills Your Wi-Fi

Google is rolling out an update that will solve the Wi-Fi network crashes caused by the Chromecast and Google Home devices. The bug fix will deploy as an update to the Google Play Services software found on all Android devices.

Google January 18, 2018

New Google Play Services Feature Will Allow You To Pause Updates: How Will This Benefit Android O Users?

A new feature for Google Play Services that is currently being tested will allow Android device users to pause over-the-air updates. The feature is expected to widely roll out alongside the public release of Android O.

Google May 21, 2017

Google Pixel, Pixel XL Get Exclusive Instant Tethering Feature For Automatic Internet Connection

The newly released Instant Tethering keeps your Google devices automatically connected to the internet. There is no word yet if the feature will also head to other Android phones.

Google February 11, 2017

Google Starts Testing Separate Play Store Sections For Apps And Games

Google is apparently experimenting with a new Play Store layout that will separate apps and games in different sections. There’s no word, however, on when this update will push out.

Apps/Software December 8, 2016

Android Users Can Soon Pay For Netflix Directly In-App With Their Google Play Account

Netflix will soon roll out the ability for Android users to pay for their subscriptions in the app through their Google Play account.

Life & Style April 28, 2016

Google Play Services 8.4 SDK Goes Live With More Developer Features: What Does It Bring?

Google updated its Google Play Services SDK with the latest 8.4 version. This build will allow developers to better understand their users, enhance the functionality and features of the software and generate more sales.

Apps/Software December 24, 2015

Google Chrome App For Android Now Features Safe Browsing Client

Google announced that its Safe Browsing client is now available in the Chrome app for Android.

Apps/Software December 7, 2015

Google Play Services v8.3 Upcoming Features: Nearby, Smart Lock, Profile Merge And More

A slew of cool goodies was spotted on the Google Play Services v8.3. The new version of Google Play Services, which is already on its way, will bring interesting features, including Nearby, Smart Lock, Profile Merge and more.

Apps/Software October 27, 2015

Google Launches Play Services 7.8 With 'Mobile Vision' That Tracks Faces And The 'Nearby Messages' API

Google has launched the latest version of Google Play Services that includes two new APIs that track and detect faces and barcodes, as well a cross-platform API called 'Nearby Messages.'

Apps/Software August 14, 2015

Google Play Services gets an upgrade and a quest

Google has rolled out the latest update to Google Play. The update adds development features for connecting with Android Wear devices.

Apps/Software July 3, 2014

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