Google Starts Testing Separate Play Store Sections For Apps And Games


Google has apparently started tweaking its Play Store to have separate sections for apps and games, against the previous Play Store layout that disappointingly bundled games and apps together in one category - an unsightly view for those either looking only for games or apps at a given time.

Apps And Games Are Splitting Up

Apart from looking like a misplaced array of software, top grossing and trending charts also rendered apps and games together under one section, making it more difficult for users to scour the interface for the right kind of app they want. Luckily, Google seems to have picked up on this and is currently fine-tuning the Play Store to look less dense by grouping the two separately.

In comparison, Apple's App Store layout has always been divided into two sections for apps and games, making for a slick and highly organized interface.

AndroidPolice has published screenshots of the aforementioned changes to the Play Store, as provided by one of its readers. The changes, however, are seemingly still in its early period, given that the sidebar still shows apps and games as a combined category. The new layout still hasn't pushed out to everyone, but it's good to know that the changes are at least in the pipeline.

Revamped Play Store

Google first tested a host of Play Store revamps in November, polishing the user interface with a number of changes such as a darker color scheme for the main screen, and card-style presentation for featured apps. The "Install" button also took more screen estate, spanning horizontally across the app's page instead of having a measly button in previous iterations of the Play Store.

Hopefully, the recently surfaced changes don't turn out to be just an experiment from Google, as users are in dire need of navigating the Play Store more efficiently, and tacking games alongside apps proves for a visual experience not conducive to getting to an app one intended in the first place.

Have you also mourned the Play Store's illogical approach to bundling apps and games together in the past? What do you think of the recent changes likely slated to arrive soon? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

Other Play Store News

Google has recently opened up 4K content for sale or rent in its movies and TV platform.

There are currently only 125 4K videos to choose from, and all 4K content can be purchased or rented to stream on the Chromecast Ultra, Sony Bravia Android TV, or Xiaomi Mi Box 3. The feature, however, is only limited to U.S. and Canadian residents as of the moment.

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