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Microsoft Bing Allegedly The Latest Victim In The ‘Great Firewall’ Of China

Bing is the latest serviced based in America to get banned in China. Microsoft has so far been playing nice with the country’s internet policies, but something apparently had to give.

Microsoft January 24, 2019

Google’s Plans For Censored Search In China Is Stupid, Said Former Head Of Free Expression

Google is allegedly planning to release a Search app in China that will block certain sites in compliance with the country’s aggressive censorship policies. A former executive thinks it's stupid.

Google August 12, 2018

Skype Hits The Great Firewall Of China, Disappears From App Stores

Skype has been hit by a new digital security law of China. Now, Apple has removed Skype from its app store, other prominent players are following suit.

Apps/Software November 22, 2017

‘Great Firewall’ Of China Blocks WhatsApp Amid Growing Online Censorship Problem

China has decided to block WhatsApp ahead of the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, leaving Facebook without significant presence in the country. It marks yet another exercise in censorship by the Great Firewall of China.

Internet September 26, 2017

Chinese Government Pressures Apple Into Taking Down VPN Apps From App Store: The Great Firewall Of China Stands Taller Than Ever

Apple, succumbing to pressure from the Chinese government, has taken down VPN apps from the App Store in China. The move strengthens the country's internet censorship within the Great Firewall of China.

Apple July 29, 2017

China's 'Great Firewall' Starts Blocking WhatsApp Messages, Censors Facebook's Only Working Product In The Country

China appears to have tightened its internet crackdown, and the latest victim is WhatsApp. Several users have experienced disruptions with the app recently, with speculation suggesting that it will be blocked in the country eventually.

Internet July 19, 2017

Facebook Reportedly Aims To Re-Enter China With New Censorship Tool, But Would It Work?

Facebook has reportedly been working on a censorship tool to seep through the Great Firewall of China. The purported tool would hide any Facebook posts that could violate China's censorship rules, but would that be a viable solution?

Internet November 23, 2016

China Bans Access To Online Publishing Site Medium

Multiple reports suggest that the Great Firewall of China is at it again. It has allegedly blocked Medium in relation to Panama Papers scandal.

Internet April 18, 2016

Google Seeps Through The Great Firewall Of China, But The Miracle Didn't Last Long

Google successfully bypassed the stringent Great Firewall of China but the momentous event didn't last long. Internet users from the mainland quickly turned in to local social media to share the news of the short-lived return of ‘free speech.’

Internet March 29, 2016

China Calls For Internet Sovereignty, Greater Cooperation Against Terrorism And Cyber Attacks

In his speech at the World Internet Conference, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged nations to cooperate in regulating the Internet in order to prevent the abusive use of information technology. He called for the opposition against the practice of hacking and network surveillance as well.

Society December 17, 2015

China Cuts Off Phone Service For People Who Use Foreign Messaging Apps Like WhatsApp

China started cutting off the phone service of people in the Xinjiang region who used foreign messaging services such as WhatsApp and other software. The affected people were invited to their local police station to sort the matter and have their service restored.

Apps/Software November 25, 2015

China's 'Great Cannon' Hints At Country's Growing Influence Over Web Censorship

The Great Firewall of China now has a massive cannon. About two weeks ago, the world got its first look at China's Great Cannon.

Internet Culture April 11, 2015

Great Firewall of China Has Just Become Greater

The Great Firewall of China, the restrictive web filters of the country, grew taller as upgrades made it more difficult to use virtual private networks, or VPNs.

Internet January 31, 2015

China on Microsoft Outlook Hacking: 'Groundless Slander'

The Chinese government denied its involvement in the cyber-attack that occurred recently against Microsoft Outlook. It has also accused an anti-censorship group for alleging that the country was behind the attack.

Internet January 23, 2015

Gmail Service Slowly Recovering in China: What Really Happened?

According to a state-run media company, Google's unwillingness to follow Chinese laws is the reason why Gmail was completely blocked in the country recently.

Internet January 2, 2015

Gmail is Back Online in China After Four-day Outage, a group that monitors the online censorship occurring in China, is first to report the complete shutdown of Gmail in China.

Internet December 30, 2014

Gmail Hits China's Great Firewall. No Email In, No Email Out

Gmail is now being blocked in China following a number of other Google services that were disrupted this year. The move is the nation's latest attempt at curbing foreign Internet services.

Internet December 30, 2014

Google search goes dark to escape Great Firewall of China, NSA surveillance

Now you understand it, now you don't. Governments that will try to siphon data out of Google will most likely end up having headaches as the company has started implementing tougher encryption technology to protect its users and their data.

Business March 14, 2014

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