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Human Face Evolved Because Of Diet, Social Structure

Scientists found that changes to diet and social structure over time influenced how the human face evolved. The past contributed a lot to how humans look like in modern times.

Ancient April 16, 2019

Self-Learning Robot Hand Can Manipulate Objects Like A Human

Present-day robots can impressively mimic human motions and perform pre-programmed actions. A new amazing robot, however, can perform can hold and manipulate an object like a human hand.

Robotics March 3, 2019

Study Of 250,000 Year Old Teeth Shows Neanderthal Children Exposed To Very Harsh Winters

A new study found that Neanderthal children experienced sickness and starvation during frigid cold periods in early Europe. The discovery was made after scientists studied chemical traces from 250,000-year-old teeth.

Ancient November 1, 2018

Scientists Figure Out How Human Brains Became 6 Times Larger Than Expected

Humans have larger brains than other animals but scientists have always struggled to learn why that is. Scientists now say that they have figured out how and why human brains became so large.

Ancient May 24, 2018

Scientists Unearth Oldest Human Fossil In Ethiopia: Jawbone Pushes Back Human History By 400,000 Years

A newly discovered fossil in Ledi-Geraru in Ethiopia is 2.8 million years old. Its dating reveals that the human family may have emerged 400,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Animals March 5, 2015

Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Media Are Unreliable Sources for Studying Human Behavior

Data science based on social media is often flawed, as researchers often overlook basic variables, according to a new study. Data scientists are missing factors such as demographics, bias and spammed content.

Internet December 2, 2014

Scientists delay fruit fly aging with newly discovered gene

Researchers say activating in "housekeeping" gene in fruit flies extended their life spans by a third. Finding has implications for research into aging in humans, they say.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 12, 2014

Humans are more closely related to flies and worms than previously thought, genome studies suggest

Genomes of human, fruit flies and worms were compared in a trio of studies, showing the species are not as different as once believed.

August 28, 2014

Kennewick Man mystery solved? Book suggests he was seal hunter

An ancient human from 9,000 years ago may have been a powerful hunter with a surprising heritage, according to a new book.

August 27, 2014

Graphic descriptions influence brain's desire to punish

Punishments depend, at least in part, on how graphic the details are and if the act was planned, according to new research.

August 5, 2014

Google study aims to find out everything about the human body

The search company claims it doesn't want to be in the health care industry, but it's embarking on one of the most ambitious health research efforts ever seen. Google promises to provide the data to scientists.

Wearable Tech July 28, 2014

Earth on verge of sixth mass extinction? New study believes so

Are we witnessing the start of the sixth great extinction in the history of the Earth? A new meta-study suggests that may be the case.

Earth/Environment July 27, 2014

African elephant nose best: Study reveals superior olfactory receptor genes

Elephants have the best sense of smell known among mammals. What would the world be like if we could smell as well as they do?

July 24, 2014

Human male face evolved to take a beating

Researchers suggest shape of male face the result of evolutionary changes that allowed better odds of winning fights over resources. Study ignites debate over evolutionary pressures.

June 10, 2014

Human noses smell one trillion scents

People can smell up to one trillion different odors, giving us a better sense of smell than we thought possible.

March 21, 2014

Not a bitter pill: Experts to test 'chocolate' pill, might be sweet for health of human hearts

Experts will conduct a study to see if pills that contain the nutrients found in chocolates can prevent cardiovascular diseases. The study, which will involve 18,000 participants, will be the first large scale study on cocoa flavanols.

Life March 17, 2014

Me, myself and Neanderthal: The DNA says it all

Modern humans did not just rub elbows with the Neanderthals, they have likely mated with them.

Animals January 30, 2014

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