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First Luxury Space Hotel To Offer 'Astronaut In Training' Experience For $9.5 Million

Aurora Station guests can enjoy out-of-this-world comfort with a spacious facility while completing their 12-day basic spaceflight training. By the end of the orbital vacation, they are coming home with an astronaut certification from Orion Span.

Space April 7, 2018

Human Waste May Be Transformed Into Plastic And Nutrients In Long Space Journeys

Researchers have found a way to recycle biological waste for extended space travel. Astronauts can use their urine and breath to make 3D printer polymers.

Space August 25, 2017

First Space Nation 'Asgardia' Announced

There’s a new nation in town and it’s the first one to be located in space. Full-fledged and fully independent, Asgardia aims to promote peace in space and bring commerce and science to the next level.

Space October 12, 2016

Did Asteroids Bring Water To Interior Of Moon Long Ago?

Could water found on the moon have arrived there from asteroids? A new study suggests that could be the case.

Space June 1, 2016

Blue Origin's Next Flight Will Crash-Land On Purpose: Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin will attempt to crash-land its New Shepard spacecraft on purpose during its next test flight. CEO Jeff Bezos explains why.

Space May 28, 2016

Chinese Firm Plans For Space Expedition In A Balloon

A China firm plans to have a space expedition using a balloon. The participants will fly up in space and go back down to Earth via a parachute.

Space May 22, 2016

NASA Invests In Futuristic Plans Such As Cryogenic Sleep Chambers, 'Magnetoshells' And More

Space nerds, rejoice: NASA has given the green light to eight unbelievably futuristic proposals as part of its NIAC project. We've listed down four of these revolutionary ideas.

Space May 16, 2016

Atlantis Spacecraft Mice Detected With Liver Damage: What This Means For Space Travel

Mice aboard Atlantis spacecraft returned home with liver damage after a two-week space travel. The finding would significantly affect future space travel, as scientists believe human live damage could also occur.

Space April 23, 2016

What Happened After Yuri Gagarin Went Into Space 55 Years Ago?

Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space 55 years ago. What happened to the world's first space traveler after he returned to Earth?

Space April 13, 2016

Flying To Mars In Just 30 Minutes May Be Possible Using Laser Propulsion System

Mars is the most likely planet to be visited by humans in the near future. A newly proposed propulsion system could deliver cargo to the red planet in just 30 minutes.

Space February 27, 2016

Astronaut Scott Kelly To End Record-Breaking Stay In Space

Next week, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is returning to Earth after a year aboard the International Space Station. His inflight and post-flight data will prove crucial to studying the human body and preparing it for a future Mars mission.

Space February 26, 2016

This Is How Virgin Galactic Makes Its Spaceship Unity Safer

Virgin Galactic assures that its new Spaceship Unity is much safer than its predecessor. The spaceflight company has tweaked a few safety features inside the new spaceship.

Space February 22, 2016

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Returns After 2014 Tragic Crash

Virgin Galactic returns to the scene with the unveiling of its SpaceShipTwo. The launch came more than a year after the tragic 2014 crash during one of the company's test flights.

Space February 20, 2016

NASA's Super Guppy Aircraft Brings Mars Orion Capsule To Cape Canaveral

NASA recruited the Super Guppy aircraft to transport Orion from Louisiana to the Kennedy Space Center for Florida, where the capsule will be readied for its scheduled flights. Learn more about the amazing history and features of the Super Guppy in its special-aircraft glory.

Space February 2, 2016

ISS Astronauts Harvest And Eat Space-Grown Red Romaine Lettuce: Here's Why Veggie Is Big Deal

Food grown in space has been eaten for the first time. Why is this such a historic salad?

Space August 11, 2015

DARPA's Grand Plan To Make Mars Hospitable: Terraform Planet With Genetically Engineered Organisms

Mars will likely be the next planet settled by human beings. How do we get past the numerous challenges to living on the Red Planet?

Space June 27, 2015

Senate Appropriations Committee Rejects NASA Budget Request, Instead Favors Paying Russia To Ferry Astronauts

The Commercial Crew program is meant to bring together NASA and private developers. Now, the rejection of a spending request could threaten the program.

Space June 11, 2015

NASA Celebrates 50 Years Of Spacewalks With Documentary Available On YouTube

Ed White became the first American to take a spacewalk, on June 3, 1965. Now, NASA is celebrating the 50th anniversary with a new film, 'Suit Up.'

Space June 3, 2015

NASA Funds Research On Astronauts' Risk Of Cancer On Long Space Missions

Colorado facility will study the effects long-term exposure to cosmic radiation may have on crews of extended space missions. NASA is funding the research in preparation for its intended mission to Mars.

Space May 6, 2015

ISS 3D Printer Finishes First Round of Objects

The Made in Space Zero-G 3D printer aboard the International Space Station has completed its first round of projects. What is the future of 3D printing in space?

Space January 27, 2015

Warcraft Fan Elon Musk Reveals Plan to Colonize Mars in Reddit AMA

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk enjoys World of Warcraft and drinking whiskey. Now, he intends to take humans to Mars.

Society January 9, 2015

SpaceX Scrubs Falcon 9 Rocket Tuesday Launch Over Technical Glitch: Next Attempt on Jan. 9

The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket has been reset to Jan. 9 due to a glitch. Why could this vehicle be so important to the future of space travel?

Space January 7, 2015

NASA Working on Inflatable Heat Shield to Help Spacecraft Land on Mars

An inflatable heat shield is being developed by NASA to land large spacecraft on Mars. How does it work?

Space January 4, 2015

Alexander Gerst Stunning Time Lapse Video of Earth - 'A Fragile Spaceship for Humankind': A Review

European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst has recorded a new video, showing the Earth like never before. What makes this different from earlier views of our home planet?

Space December 27, 2014

Cloud Cities May Become Reality in Future... on Venus [Video]

The surface of Venus is a hellish environment. However, 50 kilometers above the surface, the planet's atmosphere provides possibilities for a habitable floating cloud city.

Space December 22, 2014

NASA Proposes a 'Cloud City' Above Venus. Dream Big or Dream On?

NASA researchers envision astronauts living in a "cloud city" floating over Venus. Airships would make exploration above the hellish surface of the planet possible, they say.

Space December 20, 2014

Orion Spacecraft Test Launch Successful with Pacific Splashdown: NASA Confident of 2030s Mars Trip

The Orion Spacecraft successfully launched, traveled more than 3,00 miles, and returned. What could this mean for the future of human exploration of the solar system?

Space December 5, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, from the International Space Station

Astronauts on the International Space Station will include turkey, cornbread stuffing, and more, stored in plastic pouches. Which Thanksgiving Day staple will the earliest settlers in space likely take first to alien worlds?

Space November 26, 2014

Be 'Friends in Space' with Astronaut Cristoforetti As She Explores ISS and Space Espresso

Samantha Cristoforetti arrived at the International space station, along with an espresso machine. A new application allows users to communicate directly with the astronaut.

Space November 24, 2014

Men's and Women's Bodies React Differently to Zero Gravity, NASA Finds

NASA researchers look at how men's and women's bodies react differently to long period spent in space. Information could be of great help to planners of future, long-term space mission, they say.

Space November 18, 2014

Synthetic biology is key to living on Mars

Biological production of engineered organisms could be utilized to create systems for interplanetary travel capable of manufacturing fuel, water, and air for future space travelers, potentially revolutionizing space travel.

Space November 7, 2014

Is capturing asteroids a good idea? MIT scientist gives emphatic 'no'

Capturing an asteroid will not assist NASA in the goal of a human mission to Mars, a researcher on the rocky bodies announced in a new statement that could have a national impact.

Space October 31, 2014

China launches first lunar circle and return mission

China has launched its first mission to fly to the Moon and back, preparing for a human mission in the coming decade.

Space October 25, 2014

Putting Endeavour back together

The Space Shuttle Endeavour is on display to the public at the California Science Center. What's next for the retired spacecraft?

Space October 10, 2014

NASA has a giant vibrating table to ensure Orion launch safety: How does it work?

The Orion spacecraft is one of a host of vehicles that will be tested on a new vibrating table recently delivered to Plum Brook Station.

Space October 6, 2014

Soyuz docks at ISS, delivers 3 astronauts

Space travelers from Russia and the United States have arrived at the International Space Station, becoming the latest residents on board the orbiting outpost.

Space September 27, 2014

Rats in Space? Rodents will head to International Space Station, says NASA

The International Space Station could see a mini-crew of rats arriving soon, but what does that mean for a trip to Mars?

Space August 22, 2014

Cygnus spacecraft packing 3500 lbs of trash onboard, will burn up Sunday during Earth re-entry

The International Space Station has released the Cygnus re-supply craft, on a doomed journey to Earth.

Space August 17, 2014

Sleeping in space a big challenge for astronauts

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station, like those riding the now retired Space Shuttle, are lacking sleep and turning to sleeping pills. A new report warns of the dangers.

Space August 11, 2014

Cannae microwave thruster system may revolutionize space travel

A new propulsion system for spacecraft has been successfully tested by NASA that could bring humans to the stars within decades. Strangely, laws of physics say the engine should not work.

Space August 3, 2014

ISS astronaut tweets 'saddest photo yet' - Capturing Gaza war zone from space

Fighting in the Gaza Strip has been seen by astronaut Alexander Gerst in what many people are calling the saddest photo ever taken from space.

Space July 27, 2014

Apollo 11 mission patch to fly with first astronauts to Mars

A mission patch from the first human mission to the Moon will fly on NASA's first crewed flight to Mars.

Space July 22, 2014

Cygnus spacecraft launches to International Space Station

Orbital Services has launched its second mission to resupply the International Space Station. Included in the mission were nearly three dozen satellites.

Space July 16, 2014

Private space tourism balloon passes flight test, may go commercial in 2016

Space tourists could head to the edge of space by 2016, at a price lower than a trip around the world.

Space June 30, 2014

This balloon can take tourists to the edge of space... for $75000

World View is one step closer to sending passengers up to the edge of space in a balloon after a successful June 18 testing of a prototype of the service.

Space June 27, 2014

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