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Scientists Say Climate Change Led To Extreme Hurricane Maria Rainfall Levels

Scientists attributed the extreme precipitation of Hurricane Maria, which caused flooding and landslides in Puerto Rico, to climate change. The study adds to the evidence that human-induced warming is causing extreme weather events to become more common.

Earth/Environment April 19, 2019

Large-Scale Study Shows Global Warming Has Adverse Effects On Mental Health

A new study found that global warming might create new and worsened cases of mental illnesses in the United States. The changing climate and the frequency of natural disaster will further cause distress to Americans.

Earth/Environment October 10, 2018

NASA Releases ‘Night Lights’ Maps, Offers Glimpse Of Human Settlement Patterns On Earth

NASA has set a new focus on Earth’s human settlements with nightlight maps of 2016. The new priority for rapid updating of night maps by NASA will deliver precise and clear images using new tools and technologies.

Space April 14, 2017

F-18 Chase Plane Provides Live Coverage Of CYGNSS Hurricane Mission Launch

NASA has launched a cluster of cutting edge micro satellites under the CYGNSS Mission to track oceans from above and improve hurricane predictions by analyzing GPS signals reflected by water. This is being done after addressing all the limitations of previous satellites in the matter of measuring hurricane speeds correctly.

Space December 17, 2016

Wildfires In The Amazon May Affect Formation Of Hurricanes

A new discovery by scientists at UCI and NASA found a north-south influence that causes wildfires to lead to hurricanes. This new discovery will publish its findings in time for Hurricane Katrina’s 10th anniversary.

Earth/Environment August 25, 2015

2015 Hurricane Season May Be Missing A Few Hurricanes: NOAA

The NOAA predicted a below-normal hurricane season this year, but also emphasized that while storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes are forecasted to be less this year, people must still be prepared and vigilant.

Earth/Environment August 13, 2015

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