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New Cancer Treatment Turns Tumors Into ‘Vaccine’

Researchers come up with a novel type of immunotherapy that involves transforming tumors into 'cancer vaccine factories.' The treatment shows great potential in clinical trials on patients with lymphoma.

Medicine April 9, 2019

FDA Approves First Immunotherapy Treatment For Breast Cancer

The FDA approved the first immunotherapy drug to treat breast cancer. The medication was specifically prescribed for patients with triple-negative breast cancer, which is the metastatic and advanced-stage disease.

Medicine March 9, 2019

Study Yields Promising Results For Treating Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

A new study has proven that the combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy has enabled the immune system to attack triple-negative breast cancer in patients. Triple-negative breast cancer is an aggressive form of cancer that affects young women.

Public Health October 22, 2018

Doctors Cure Woman Of Late-Stage Breast Cancer By Injecting Her With Billions Of Immune Cells

Doctors successfully cured a woman of late-stage breast cancer using a new form of therapy. The groundbreaking new treatment harnesses the patient’s own immune cells to kill off cancerous ones.

Medicine June 6, 2018

Immunotherapy Drug Keytruda Halts 'Untreatable' Prostate Cancer In Some Men

In a new trial, about 38 percent of prostate cancer patients who used pembrolizumab (Keytruda) were still alive after a year on the treatment. The immunotherapy drug also stopped the tumor growth in 11 percent of patients.

Medicine June 3, 2018

Lung Cancer Patients Will Gain Extra Years Of Life Through Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy, a form of treatment that boosts the body's immune system, was proven to give lung cancer patients extra years of life. The immunotherapy drug Keytruda, when administered alongside chemotherapy, cut the risk of death in half.

Medicine April 17, 2018

Promising Treatment For Cancer Cured 97 Percent Of Tumors In Mice, Human Trials Set This Year

A vaccine-like cure for cancer has successfully treated 97 percent of mice in a study. Human clinical trials are set to start later this year, embarking on an 'exciting' phase in cancer history.

Medicine March 30, 2018

Immunotherapy Trial Shows Promise In Peanut Allergy Treatment

A combination immunotherapy treatment has proven effective against peanut allergies four years after being administered in children. The treatment shows promise in fighting the deadly allergy that has increased in years.

Medicine August 18, 2017

Immune Drugs Darkened Gray Hair Of Lung Cancer Patients

New immunotherapy drugs turned the gray hair of some lung cancer patients into black or dark brown. Do these drugs hold promise for a new gray hair treatment?

Medicine July 22, 2017

Meet The Bionic Thymus: The Artificial Organ For Pumping T Cells For Cancer Treatment

Scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles have developed an artificial thymus that can turn blood stem cells into disease-fighting T cells and help in the detection and cure of cancer.

Medicine April 12, 2017

New DNA Vaccine Designed To Boost Immunity And Fight Off Tumors

Wistar Institute and Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. developed a new DNA vaccine designed to improve anti-tumor immunity in cancer patients. How does it work and is it different from other cancer vaccines?

Medicine February 26, 2017

FDA To Speed Up Review Of Roche Tecentriq As Immunotherapy Treatment For Bladder Cancer

The FDA will have to review Roche's immunotherapy treatment Tecentriq within six months. The drug is a potential treatment for a particular group of patients with metastatic urothelial carcinoma, the ninth most common cancer worldwide.

Medicine January 9, 2017

Immunotherapy Drug Extends Survival Rate Of Head And Neck Cancer Patients With Fewer Side Effects

Head and neck cancer patients who had received the immunotherapy drug nivolumab survived longer than those who received chemotherapy. They also experienced fewer side effects.

Medicine October 9, 2016

Future Beyond Cancer: What Makes Biden's Cancer Moonshot A Massive Breakthrough?

Cancer Moonshot 2020, a national initiative led by VP Joe Biden, aims to double the rate of progress in cancer research and ultimately put an end to the disease. But what makes it a real game changer?

Medicine June 29, 2016

Federal Panel Approves First Human Clinical Trial For Controversial Gene-Editing Tool CRISPR

The first human clinical trial using CRISPR/Cas9 gets approval from the National Institutes of Health. The approved proposal will use the gene-editing tool to target three different types of cancer.

Biotech June 22, 2016

Bladder Cancer Drug Atezolizumab Proved To Be Effective As Initial Treatment

The recently approved atezolizumab (brand name Tecentriq) showed to be promising as a first-option treatment for patients with advanced bladder cancer, according to new data presented Sunday.

Medicine June 6, 2016

Up To 25 Percent Of Lung Cancer Patients Ineligible For Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a great advance in cancer treatment but up to a quarter of lung cancer patients are not eligible for this therapy. Autoimmune disorders have something to do with the risks.

Medicine June 4, 2016

FDA Approves New Immunotherapy Medication For Blood, Bladder Cancers

The FDA approved on May 18 two new immunotherapy drugs, including atezolizumab for advanced bladder cancer. These medications are designed to boost the immune system's own ability to find and kill cancer cells.

Medicine May 19, 2016

Jimmy Carter's Immune Drug Keytruda Helps Cancer Patients Live Three Years Longer

Merck's Keytruda drug was shown in a new study to help about 40 percent of advanced melanoma patients stay alive for three more years. Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter used the medication after he was diagnosed with cancer last year.

Medicine May 19, 2016

93 Percent Of Advanced Leukemia Patients In Remission After Receiving Immunotherapy

When standard chemotherapy failed to eliminate cancer in leukemia patients, researchers turned to immunotherapy, using genetically engineered T-cells to fight the disease and achieve remission for 93 percent of participants in their study.

Medicine April 29, 2016

Immunotherapy Drug Combo Eliminates 20 Percent Of Tumors

A powerful drug combo eliminates 20 percent of tumors among advanced melanoma patients and increases the two-year survival rates. The combination of ipilimumab and nivolumab can be beneficial but further study is needed to address the side effects.

Life April 20, 2016

Immunotherapy Drug Nivolumab Increases Survival Rate Of Melanoma Patients By Up To Five Years

Nivolumab was shown to increase the five-year survival rate of patients with melanoma. The immunotherapy drug showed this promising result during its phase I clinical trial.

Life April 19, 2016

Napster Founder Sean Parker Backs Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium With $250 Million Funding

Napster founder and Facebook co-founder Sean Parker makes a historic $250 million donation for cancer immunotherapy. The funding will bring together 300 experts and 40 laboratories from six different cancer research centers.

Life April 13, 2016

Immunotherapy Trial To Test New Vaccine For Terminal Cancer

Regardless of cancer type, patients with solid tumors could potentially benefit from a new vaccine for terminal cancer. In early February, experts reported 'extraordinary' results in previous trials involving terminally ill blood cancer patients.

Life March 2, 2016

Breakthrough Cancer Treatment Uses T-Cells To Remember And Attack Tumor Cells

T-cells protect the body from pathogens by remembering and killing them. Now, can this therapy be used in cancer treatment?

Life February 16, 2016

Jimmy Carter Battles Metastatic Melanoma: New Cancer Drugs And Treatment Give Hope To Ex-President

Former President Jimmy Carter, who was diagnosed of advanced melanoma, is set to benefit from new treatments which include infusion of the immunotherapy drug Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) and stereotactic radiation therapy.

Life August 21, 2015

Immunotherapy drug shows great promise in curing skin cancer

Pembrolizumab appeared to have cured a man with advanced-stage melanoma that has spread to his lungs only three months after starting immunotherapy.

Life June 3, 2014

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