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Mom Moved To Tears As She Watches Her 1-Year-Old Deaf Daughter Hear For The First Time

A clip that showed a deaf 1-year-old girl hearing for the first time has gone viral. The mom reads to her daughter as the baby responds.

Public Health July 3, 2018

Researchers Turn To ‘Superhemophobic’ Titanium To Address Blood Clotting, Infection In Medical Implants

Blood clots and infections have been plaguing medical implants for years. According to researchers, turning medical devices like stents and catheters to become blood-repellent may hold the solution to issues with implants.

Biotech January 22, 2017

Implantable Device Delivers Chemo Drugs To Shrink Pancreatic Tumors In Cancer Patients

MIT researchers announced the creation of a small, implantable device that can directly deliver chemotherapy drug for pancreatic cancer to the tumor location. The technique is deemed groundbreaking yet minimally invasive.

Life April 17, 2016

Brazilian Surgeons Implanted A Man's Limb Into His Abdomen: Here's Why

Surgeons in Brazil implanted a factory worker's hand into his abdomen after an industrial injury. The hand will stay in his abdomen for 42 days.

Life April 5, 2016

Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Limbs May Be Available Within A Decade

In the next decade, paralyzed patients can possibly control their prosthetics through their thoughts. The device, stentrode, is inserted through the blood vessel and anchored next to the brain's motor cortex.

Life February 25, 2016

Carpenter Invents Male Birth Control That Can Turn Off Flow Of Semen

A German carpenter invented a new male contraceptive method that acts like a switch for semen flow. Will this new device be an alternative to irreversible vasectomy?

Life January 8, 2016

Primordial Goo Could Hold Key To Implant Acceptance

A group of scientists in Australia developed a primordial goo which has the same component that led to the beginning of life on Earth. The goo can be used to enhance the body's acceptance of medical implants, researchers said.

Life November 17, 2015

Sponge-Like Implant Could Soak Up Cancer Cells To Stop Them From Spreading

In experiments with mice, the implantable sponge captured cancer cells and stopped them from spreading to other parts of the body where new tumors could grow.

Life September 11, 2015

Surgery Lets Little Girl Hear Parents For The First Time

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is alive with the sound of baby Laken’s parents’ voices. A toddler is on her way to development after a successful cochlear implant surgery.

Life June 17, 2015

iPhone Parody Ad Reminds Us How Humans Are Addicted To Technology [Video]

Filmmakers poke fun at the future of connectivity in a parody video. The clip shows where technological advances may one day lead us.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 8, 2015

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