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Stolen Sumerian Tablets Reveal Mysterious 4,000-Year-Old Lost City Of Irisagrig

Some 450 cuneiform tablets unearthed in modern-day Iraq reveal clues about day-to-day life in the ancient lost city of Irisagrig. The tablets were looted and smuggled into the United States and confiscated from an antiques collector.

Ancient May 31, 2018

DJI's No-Fly Zones For Its Drones Now Include Huge Parts Of Iraq And Syria

Drone maker DJI has added parts of war-torn Iraq and Syria in its list of no-fly zones. The move came in light of news of terrorist organizations using drones as improvised weapons in the said countries.

Safety & Regulations April 27, 2017

ISIS Weaponizes Everyday Consumer Drones, Turns The UAVs Into Bombers

The militant group ISIS has recently been customizing commercial drones to drop grenade-sized explosives onto residents in Mosul, Iraq. Iraqi Security Forces plan to use a gun-shaped jamming device to render them ineffective.

Defense January 17, 2017

Skeletons Of At Least 6 People Unearthed In 2,400-Year-Old Tomb In Iraq

A 2,400-year-old ancient tomb, discovered in northern Iraq by construction workers, has been further excavated by archaeologists to reveal at least six skeletons and a number of artifacts.

Ancient January 10, 2017

Obama Rallies World Leaders To Unite And Confront ISIS

President Obama addresses the importance of world leaders coming together as a united front to eradicate terrorism. The president defends the aggressive stance taken by the U.S., stating the action has already started to shake the Islamic State foundation.

Society April 3, 2016

Saudi Arabia, Persian Gulf Allies Willing To Reduce Oil Production If Other Producers Follow

Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf allies propose to cut back on oil production provided that other oil producers do the same, namely Iran and Iraq. Oil prices continue to plummet as the global supply overtakes global demand.

Society December 5, 2015

ISIS Militants Flatten Ancient Assyrian City Of Nimrud

ISIS militants have reportedly ‘bulldozed’ the ancient Iraqi city of Nimrud with heavy military vehicles. The group, which has attacked other archaeological and religious sites, claim what they've done is an act against the sites’ promotion of apostasy.

Society March 8, 2015

Shell Shock Gives Brain 'Honeycomb' Neuron Pattern

Shell shock has affected soldiers since at least the First World War. Has the cause of this condition finally been found?

Life January 20, 2015

Post 9/11: Americans feel less safe now than they did before 2001

According to a new poll, most registered voters feel less safe now than they did before the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. President Obama addressed his military plan regarding the extremists in Syria and Iraq on Wednesday night.

Internet Culture September 11, 2014

Islamic militant group releases beheading video of Steven Sotloff

Steven Sotloff’s beheading video was released by the Islamic State for all the world to see. How will the United States react as another American falls in the hands of the militant group?

Society September 3, 2014

Gas price drops big, time for that road trip

Gas prices across the United States continue to drop. This is good news for those wanting to get on the road for that family vacation.

FUTURE TECH July 28, 2014

Gas prices stabilizing, may even drop at some point

As the situation in Iraq calms, the price of petrol is stabilizing. This is keeping gas prices in the US stable, at least for now.

FUTURE TECH July 22, 2014

Gas prices may have hit peak point this summer

Gas prices in the U.S. may have hit their peak. Analysts believe prices will drop in the coming weeks, and could be at their lowest by Labor Day weekend.

Business July 8, 2014

Expect to spend more on gas for Fourth of July holiday travel

Heads up, Fourth of July travelers! Gas prices are on the rise and may reach up to a national average of $3.70 per gallon. Different states have different averages, but West Coast states will have the highest prices.

Business July 1, 2014

Gas prices are rising, market watchers blame Iraq conflict

The ongoing conflict in Iraq is putting heat on the global oil sector. Many believe the U.S. will see higher prices this summer.

FUTURE TECH June 18, 2014

Gas prices expected to rise due to fighting in Iraq

Gas prices will likely rise this June, discontinuing the trend of lower gas prices in June. Gas prices could reach an average of over $3.70 in the next few days.

Life June 18, 2014

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