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This Week, White Rhino And One Of Africa’s Last Great Tusker Elephants Fall To The Poachers

Poachers have killed a white rhino at a French zoo, as well as African elephant Satao II in Kenya. Poaching caters to the illegal activity of ivory trade, which continues to happen in many parts of the world.

Animals March 8, 2017

Chad Zakouma National Park In Africa Offers Elephants Refuge From Poachers

The Zakouma National Park in Chad, Central Africa is now home to a growing number of African elephants, which were once on the verge of extinction because of rampant poaching.

Animals February 8, 2017

Hope For African Elephants: China To Ban Domestic Ivory Trade By 2017

China announced that it will ban domestic ivory trade starting next year. The move may help save the population of elephants in Africa that are threatened by possible extinction because of poaching.

Animals December 31, 2016

Illegal Ivory Trade: Carbon Dating Suggests Illegal Ivory Taken From Elephants Killed In Past 3 Years

Most of the seized ivory tusks in Africa are derived from recently killed elephants, not from antique tusks, comprehensive forensics analysis revealed. The finding indicates that the rising ivory trade is taking a toll on existing elephant populations.

Animals November 8, 2016

Population Of African Elephants Decline By 30 Percent As Demand For Ivory Drives Poaching

The population of elephants in Africa is shrinking by 8 percent per year, the Great Elephant Census revealed. The drastic decline is primarily attributed to poaching driven by demand for ivory particularly in China.

Animals September 1, 2016

Extinct Woolly Mammoth Could Become Protected Species In Crackdown On Ivory Smuggling

The woolly mammoth could become the first long-extinct animal to be given legal protection under conservation trade rules. How can this help in the illegal trade of ivories from endangered elephants?

Animals August 22, 2016

Hawaii May Soon Ban Sale Of Elephant Ivory, Rhinoceros Horn And Other Wildlife Parts

Two bills that aim to ban the trading of elephant ivory, rhinoceros horn and other wildlife parts in Hawaii are in the process of being signed into law. Hawaii has become the largest ivory-trading market in the United States after California and New York banned the sale of ivory.

Society March 28, 2016

Yahoo Accused Of Aiding Extinction Of Elephants With Ivory Sales Listings

Online activism network Avaaz is putting pressure on Yahoo to stop the sale of ivory products on its websites in Japan. The activist group blames the Internet company for aiding the near-extinction of elephants.

Business January 27, 2016

Elephant Daughters Step Up And Fill In For Matriarchs Poached For Ivory

Research found elephant daughters step up to fill their mothers' roles in the community following a poaching tragedy. The 16-year study followed the elephant community in Kenya's Samburu National Reserve.

Earth/Environment December 18, 2015

Schwarzenegger Stars In Video Campaign To End Ivory Poaching: Watch The Terminator Blow Up Elephant Tusk

He is back. 'Terminator' star Arnold Schwarzenegger is on a mission to save African elephants from illegal poachers.

Earth/Environment November 15, 2015

Experts Debate On Effects Of Woolly Mammoth Tusk Trade On Elephant Ivory

With the introduction of unearthed mammoth tusks into the ivory trade, wildlife experts argue whether this seemingly legal practice should also be banned in order to discourage the sale African elephant tusks.

Earth/Environment August 27, 2015

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