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LightSail Mission Ends As Spacecraft Burns Up In Earth's Atmosphere

The LightSail-A mission is over, following a flight deemed a success by The Planetary Society. What could this mission mean for the future of spaceflight?

Space June 15, 2015

LightSail Snaps Selfie As Planetary Society Declares Troubled Mission A Success

The Planetary Society is declaring LightSail a success after the spacecraft unfurled its solar sail. Like any tourist to space, LightSail took a selfie.

Space June 9, 2015

LightSail Deploys Solar Sail But Fails To Return Useful Images To The Planetary Society

The LightSail spacecraft has unfurled its solar sail for the first time, and returned its first images. Unfortunately, they are not what the Planetary Society was hoping for.

Space June 8, 2015

LightSail Propels Itself In Space Following Major Glitch: How To Watch The Solar Sail

The organization behind the LightSail encourages the public to monitor its latest deployment attempt. After major glitch, the organization gives tips on how to watch the solar sail.

Space June 8, 2015

LightSail Spacecraft Has Come Back From The Dead To Unfurl Its Solar Sail

Controllers reestablish contact with experimental solar sail spacecraft and unfurl the sail the size of a basketball court. Bill Nye the Science Guy, head of the Planetary Society, tweets of the success.

Space June 7, 2015

LightSail Spacecraft Loses Contact With Earth - Now Planetary Society May Need To Turn It Off And Back On Again

The Planetary Society launched LightSail into space, and now communication with that craft has been lost. How are ground controllers dealing with the problem?

Space May 29, 2015

Lightsail Launches Successfully On Mission To Ride Sunlight For The Planetary Society

The world's first solar sail spacecraft is in orbit around the Earth, testing out futuristic technologies. What is next for the Lightsail program?

Space May 23, 2015

X-37B Space Plane Launches On Mystery Mission As LightSail Hitches A Ride

The U.S. Air Force has successfully launched an X-37B plane into orbit on a secret mission. Going along for a test ride was the new LightSail space vehicle, designed by the Planetary Society.

Space May 20, 2015

X-37B Spy Plane Set To Launch For Mystery Mission On May 20 - What Is It Doing?

The X-37B spacecraft is ready to start its latest mission to space. What will be happening aboard the highly classified mission?

Space May 18, 2015

5 Kickstarter Projects Science Lovers Will Love: LightSail, Weather Point, Dotlens, mBot, The Koben

Kickstarter currently has several projects that could interest science geeks. The projects include a mission to send a solar energy-powered spacecraft into orbit and a handy weather station.

Start Ups May 14, 2015

Bill Nye Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Launch LightSail Solar-Powered Spacecraft

The LightSail spacecraft, designed to ride on light, is being prepared for flight, Now, Bill Nye and The Planetary Society want your help to fund the program.

Space May 13, 2015

Bill Nye’s LightSail Kickstarter Hit Its Goal In Less Than Three Days (Video)

A new citizen-funded spacecraft called LightSail is slated for a test run next week. If successful, it will be the first ever light-propelled spacecraft.

Space May 13, 2015

Carl Sagan's Solar Sail Goes On Test Flight On May 20: Why You Should Care

LightSail, a spacecraft that uses solar sails powered solely by the sun's rays in its flight through space, was once just Carl Sagan's imagination. A test flight for this spacecraft is set this May.

Space May 10, 2015

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