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‘Holy Grail’ Blood Test Could Detect Cancer Years Ahead Before Tumors Even Develop

American scientists presented their findings on liquid biopsy at the conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists in Chicago. Experts in the United Kingdom expressed their optimism about the method and hoped to make it a universal cancer-detecting tool.

Medicine June 1, 2018

This Blood Test Is A 'Liquid Biopsy' That Can Detect Early-Stage Cancers

Scientists have developed a non-invasive method of detecting cancer which can spot the disease even in its early stages. The method can also possibly reduce the number of 'false positive' cancer diagnoses.

Medicine August 18, 2017

Blood-Based Liquid Biopsy Offers Reliable Alternative To Conventional Tests To Diagnose Cancer: Study

For some patients, traditional biopsies that involve tissue samples are not feasible. Blood-based liquid biopsies show promise as a reliable alternative.

Medicine June 6, 2016

Liquid Biopsy For Lung Cancer: Simple Blood Test Can Detect Mutation In Key Genes

A prospective study showed that liquid biopsy is an effective and accurate clinical tool to identify presence of genetic mutations in patients with lung cancer. Researchers hope that the procedure would replace traditional invasive tests for NSCLC detection.

Life April 9, 2016

DNA Sequencing Firm Illumina Wants To Fight Cancer With Grail, A 'Liquid Biopsy' To Detect Cancer

San Diego-based DNA sequencing company Illumina plans to build startup Grail to offer liquid biopsy to the market. This cancer blood test is promoted by CEO Jay Flatley as the "turning point" in the war on cancer.

Life January 11, 2016

Pathways Genomics Claims Simple Blood Test Could Detect Wide Variety Of Cancers

Scientists at Pathway Genomics have developed an affordable and non-invasive liquid biopsy that is capable of identifying cancer-associated mutations in the blood of healthy individuals.

Life September 10, 2015

Liquid Biopsy Procedure May Be Next Big Thing In Fight Against Cancer

A easier way to screen for cancer? Liquid biopsies have the potential to simplify cancer screening, allowing doctors to fine-tune treatment to improve how the disease is addressed.

Life May 12, 2015

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