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'Ghost' Lobster Caught By Fisherman From Ocean Off Maine

Maine lobsterman Alex Todd caught a translucent white lobster in a trap. Experts said that the weird-looking crustacean is not an albino. It has a genetic condition called Leucism.

Animals September 4, 2017

Are Baby Lobsters In Trouble? Warming Waters, Ocean Acidification Threaten Lobster Industry

A new study warned that lobster industry is awaiting the worst crisis as rising ocean warming and acidifications are threatening baby lobsters with a special reference to the Gulf of Maine.

Animals September 27, 2016

Protective Coating Lets Lobsters Avoid Stings When Eating Jellyfish

Before lobsters reach your table, they have some growing up to do. And a big part of that growing up is eating jellyfish stingers without getting hurt.

Animals August 26, 2016

New York Restaurant Spares Life Of 95-Year-Old Lobster

A Long Island restaurant received a 23-pound, 95-year-old lobster this week as part of a regular shipment of shellfish. The owner does not plan to cook or sell the lobster but will donate it to the Long Island Aquarium.

Society July 18, 2015

Yum And Wow: Fisherman Catches Very Rare Golden Lobster In Scotland

A rare golden lobster was caught by a Scottish fisherman about half a mile from Barns Ness Lighthouse in Dunbar. Experts say that the chances of finding such an oddly colored crustacean are one in 5 million.

Earth/Environment July 9, 2015

Red Lobster now has a whole lot more lobster on the menu

Red Lobster is getting an all-new menu, and it will feature more lobster than ever before.

Internet Culture November 4, 2014

Extremely rare albino lobsters caught by Maine fishermen

Only one albino lobster exists in every 100 million but two lobstermen managed to caught two of these off the coast of Maine. in just one week.

Earth/Environment September 7, 2014

Baby lobster population declining in Maine at alarming rate, may prompt menu price hike

The population of young lobsters is on the decline in 11 locations. This problem, which is caused by environmental changes, could have a negative effect on the market.

Animals April 23, 2014

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