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Breast Implant Safety Under Debate With New Cancer Risks

FDA reviews the safety risks of breast implants at a public hearing where multiple women spoke out against breast implant surgery. Breast implants have been linked to a number of health issues, including a rare type of cancer.

Medicine March 26, 2019

3-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Is Flower Girl At Donor's Wedding

A 3-year-old girl who was diagnosed with cancer attended the wedding of the woman who saved her life. The bride donated her bone marrow to the little girl and asked her to be in the wedding.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 30, 2018

A Woman Was Thought To Have Cancer, But It Was Just Her Tattoo

A 30-year-old Australian woman was thought to have lymphoma, a form of cancer. However, doctors discovered that her enlarged lymph nodes were actually caused by the black pigment of a tattoo that she got at her back 15 years ago.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 3, 2017

FDA Approves Genentech Drug Alecensa For ALK-Positive Lung Cancer

Genentech's lung cancer drug Alecensa received FDA's conditional approval for the treatment of ALK-positive lung cancer. Alecensa was found to reduce lung tumors of 44 percent of the 138 patients with benefits lasting an average of 11 months.

Life December 12, 2015

Novartis CART Lymphoma Therapy CTL019 Shows Positive Results In Clinical Study

Patients with specific types of lymphomas may be helped by a new treatment option from Novartis. Clinical study results of CART Lymphoma Therapy CTL019 showed positive results thus, giving hope to patients suffering from the disease.

Life December 7, 2015

Swiss Drug Maker Novartis To Invest Additional $15 Million In Israel's Gamida Cell

Novartis is set to make another investment in Israel-based stem cell therapy developer Gamida Cell. The investment will be used for the development of Gamida's experimental treatment known as NiCord.

Life October 14, 2015

Home Use Of Pesticides Linked To Increased Risk Of Childhood Cancer

An analysis of health studies suggests a link between home pesticides and childhood cancers, including leukemia and lymphoma. Scientific evidence of the dangers of pesticides are mounting, experts say.

Life September 15, 2015

Harvard Scientists Find New Way to Predict Risk of Blood Cancer Long Before It Strikes

Somatic mutations in the blood indicate a person's increased likelihood of developing a form of blood cancer within five years. In one study, people who have the mutation were 13 times more likely to develop myelodysplastic syndrome, leukemia or lymphoma compared with those who do not have mutated blood cells.

Life November 28, 2014

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