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Researchers Play Bach For Crocodiles During MRI To Study Their Brains

Researchers played classical music for 1-year-old Nile crocodiles during an MRI scan. As it turns out, crocodiles seem to like being inside the scanner as they remained rather calm and quiet.

Animals May 4, 2018

New Imaging Technique Shows If Cancer Treatment Works

A new rapid scanning technique currently being tested allows doctors to see and monitor whether cancer treatments work. Scientists highlighted that this new technique can help them tailor a patient's treatment faster.

Life April 11, 2016

Scientists Discover Molecular Lightbulbs For New Form Of MRI: Why This Gets Experts Excited?

A groundbreaking discovery by a team of researchers from Duke University has the potential to enhance the capabilities of MRI scans to reveal the biochemcial reactions that take place internally in our human body.

Life March 28, 2016

Cancer Breakthrough: New Oxygen Test Can Spot Most Dangerous Tumors Before They Spread

UK researchers developed oxygen-enhanced MRI to determine oxygen deprivation sites in tumors. Better imaging is estimated to help lead to more planned and effective cancer treatments such as radiotherapy.

Life December 10, 2015

'Forgotten' First Language Influences How Brain Processes Sounds

The first language learned will never be forgotten, says a new study. Researchers found that even a brief exposure to a first language influences how the brain processes sounds in later life.

Society December 6, 2015

Doctors Use 3D Printing To Save Newborn's Life

3D printing helped save the life of a newborn who was found to have a facial lump that could prevent him from breathing after birth. Doctors were able to have a model that presents the actual location and severity of the lump allowing them to make the best delivery decision.

Life October 19, 2015

The Way To A Woman's Heart? It's Also Through Her Stomach

Men are no longer the only ones swayed to romantic situations through their stomachs as new research conducted by Drexel University scientists suggests that the brains of women react more to romantic cues when they are full on food.

Life August 17, 2015

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