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Malaysia Airlines: First Major Airline To Use Satellite Technology To Track Own Fleet

Malaysia Airlines will be the first airline to use space-based satellite technology to track its planes. Malaysia Airlines is still reeling from the 2014 disaster when its Flight 370 disappeared in the Indian Ocean.

Business Tech April 19, 2017

Plane Debris In Mozambique Channel May Be From Missing MH370: Here's What The Initial Investigation Has Revealed So Far

A plane debris got washed up on a sandbar off Mozambique. According to Malaysia's Transport Minister, there's a 'high possibility' that the piece is a part of a Boeing 777, but it's still too soon to determine whether it's from the Flight MH370.

Society March 3, 2016

Barnacles Could Help Find Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370: Here's How

Barnacles covering a piece of debris that washed up on a French island have the potential to aid in determining the location of the missing flight MH370, according to ecologists.

August 4, 2015

Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked by 'Cyber Caliphate'

The website of Malaysia Airlines has been attacked by hackers claiming to be from the Lizard Squad. The attack, however, may be connected to ISIS.

Business January 26, 2015

AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Still Missing with 162 People Onboard: 'My Worst Nightmare,' Says CEO

Search continues for airliner that vanished in region of heavy storms. Contact with AirAsia flight lost 42 minutes into flight from Indonesia to Singapore.

Society December 29, 2014

Missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501 and Malaysia Airlines MH370: Similarities and Differences of These Air Travel Tragedies

The AirAsia flight that went missing on Sunday eerily resembles the Malaysia Airlines flight that suffered a similar fate, but experts think the differences between the two could be key to the former’s discovery.

Society December 29, 2014

What People Googled for Most in 2014? It's Robin Williams (and Not Flappy Bird or Frozen)

A comedian, a sporting event and a virus. Those and more are the most important things to us in 2014 as compiled by Google search.

Internet December 19, 2014

MH370: Search continues for plane that disappeared seven months ago

The search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 continues seven months after the disappearance of the plane. Now, investigators are starting to look to the south of their current search area.

Life October 8, 2014

Phone call re-analyzed, raises hopes of finding Malaysia Airlines flight 370

New analysis of attempts by ground staff to contact missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 suggests possible modification of main search area. Satellite "handshake" suggests aircraft turned south earlier than thought, investigators say.

Animals August 28, 2014

Dutch deep-water vehicles to scour ocean for missing Malaysian jet

Dutch firm with underwater exploration experience will take on search for missing Malaysian Airline Flight MH370. Year-long effort to start in September.

Life August 7, 2014

Australia delegates search of missing MH370 to Dutch firm Fugro Survey

Almost eight months after MH370 went missing, Dutch firm Fugro Survey was given the green light to conduct a search operation starting September. Authorities hope to find the wreckage soon.

Society August 6, 2014

Russia edits Wikipedia entry, blames MH17 crash on Ukrainian military

Family and friends of victims from the MH17 crash are not the only ones enraged by the tragedy. The Russian government showed their reaction by editing an incorrect Wikipedia entry.

Society July 22, 2014

Top AIDS researchers, including Joep Lange, became 'martyrs' in Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash

Joep Lange, well-known AIDS researcher and activist, was among dozens of people killed on flight MH-17 as they headed to an AIDS conference in Melbourne.

Life July 19, 2014

Jason Biggs apologizes for Malaysia Airlines tweet

Jason Biggs apologized for his series of insensitive tweets about the Malaysia airlines crash. The actor has had his fair share of Twitter controversies in the past.

Movies/TV Shows July 18, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 watery grave may be found with help of new seafloor map

Experts produced a new map of the ocean floor could help investigators piece together the whereabouts of Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

May 29, 2014

MH370: How can unmanned submarines help in the search of the missing plane?

Search teams looking for the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft may soon be joined by Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. These AUVs may be the perfect tools needed to finally solve the mystery of the missing MH370.

Robotics April 3, 2014

Ocean of garbage makes search for Flight MH370 doubly difficult

While the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 continues, the search efforts are hampered by large amounts of ocean garbage. Some experts say that the search could take years.

Earth/Environment April 2, 2014

MH370 search continues: Is the missing Malaysian Airline on the Broken Ridge 19000 ft. underwater?

The current search area for the missing Malaysian airplane is now around 123,000 square miles. While the search teams may have to deal with depths up to 19,000 feet, the current area is relatively near land and may ease the efforts to find the plane.

Life March 31, 2014

Satellite images from Japan and Thailand find 300 new objects in the search for MH370

New satellite imagery from Japan and Thailand shows 300 objects in the Southern Indian Ocean, the presumed crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Society March 27, 2014

Malaysia Airlines officials defend MH370 text message announcement

It's more than two weeks since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, with still no trace of the aircraft or indication as to why it went missing. Malaysian officials have announced that it went down over the Indian Ocean though no wreckage or debris has been found. Officials were condemned for the use of text messages to inform families.

Society March 25, 2014

Cybercriminals steal data using fake video of missing MH370 on Facebook

Think before you click. Hackers and scammers have found the ongoing crisis on the missing Malaysia Airlines an opportunity to attack users and invade data.

Internet March 19, 2014

NASA helps in search of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Space agencies around the world, including NASA, are now on the lookout for missing Malaysian airliner MH370. How can they help?

Animals March 15, 2014

Malaysia Airlines MH370: What do we know so far?

It's been almost a week since Malaysia Airlines MH370 has disappeared, with few clues to what happened or where the aircraft may be. It's now thought the plane headed towards the Indian Ocean, with further suggestions of foul play also entering the realm of possibility.

Life March 14, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 remains subject of countless theories; communication breakdown could be key

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is yet to be found, with several countries now participating in the search. It's thought the shut down times of the data reporting system and the transponder hold clues to where the flight crashed.

March 13, 2014

Malaysia Airlines MH370: Could crowdsourcing reveal pieces of the puzzle?

One of the latest developments in the hunt for answers around the vanishing Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight is the dawn of crowdsourced data. Millions of participants across the world are joining DigitalGlobe's attempt to find clues in thousands of kilometers worth of images of possible crash sites.

Society March 12, 2014

Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappearance bizarre and getting more complicated

Figuring out what happened with the tragic case of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is proving extremely difficult to break, but the world is bringing its technological weight to bear to find the wreckage.

Business Tech March 11, 2014

Malaysia Airlines MH370 239 people still missing: More questions asked than answers found

Malaysia Airlines MH370 is still missing and is presumed to have crashed with 239 people on board. Has it become the victim of a terrorist attack?

Society March 9, 2014

Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines MH370 vanishes with 239 people onboard: Reports of stolen passports and oil slicks surface

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 bound for Beijing, China, has gone missing with 239 people on board. There are reports of discovery of oil slick and two passengers who used stolen passports to board the flight.

Society March 8, 2014

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