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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Will Not Join Oath After Verizon Acquisition, But She Will Be $186 Million Richer

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will make her departure in June, as she was not tapped to join the executive team of Oath. Mayer, however, will make $186 million upon the completion of Yahoo's sale to Verizon.

Business Tech April 25, 2017

Marissa Mayer Out, Thomas McInerney In As Yahoo CEO After Verizon Acquisition

Yahoo President and CEO Marissa Mayer is being replaced by Thomas McInerney, a member of the Yahoo board of directors since 2012, after Yahoo sold its digital services to Verizon. The latter acquired Yahoo in a mega-deal worth $4.8 billion.

Business Tech March 15, 2017

Yahoo Security Breach: CEO Marissa Mayer Takes Some Responsibility, But Who's Really Taking The Fall?

As the investigation into the massive Yahoo data breach wrapped up, CEO Marissa Mayer took some responsibility for the mishap and docked her pay. This has stirred further controversy, as it's seen as a thin gesture while someone else takes the real fall as the scapegoat.

Business Tech March 2, 2017

Marissa Mayer Wants To Redistribute Annual Bonus To Yahoo Employees Due To Breaches: A Look At The Hacks

After Yahoo's data breaches, CEO Marissa Mayer is forgoing her annual bonus and equity stock grant, saying that she wants them redistributed to the company's employees.

Business Tech March 2, 2017

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer To Resign From Board: Yahoo To Be Renamed Altaba After Verizon Deal

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s chief executive, is to exit from the company’s board once the Verizon sale pushes through, according to reports. Additionally, Yahoo’s RemainCo will also be called Altaba if and when that happens.

Internet January 10, 2017

Bid Prices For Yahoo Lower Than Expected

Is the estimated range of bids for Yahoo, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, too low for the actual market value of the ailing web pioneer? Industry insiders weigh the matter.

Business Tech May 22, 2016

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Made $36 Million Last Year Despite $6 Million Pay Cut

Yahoo paid Marissa Mayer $36 million in compensation last year, despite the company’s shrinking revenue and profits. The CEO is also expected to receive a huge payout of $55 million if she is terminated after Yahoo is sold.

Business Tech April 30, 2016

Yahoo Q1 Results Surpass Estimates: Good Sign For The Web Pioneer

Yahoo barely manages to stay above Wall Street estimates of its first-quarter results, even after the internet company's revenue dwindled by 11.3 percent.

Money April 21, 2016

UK's Daily Mail Eyes Bid To Acquire Yahoo

Daily Mail is said to explore bids to acquire Yahoo. The UK media company is looking at partnering with private equity firms to buy the Internet pioneer.

Deals April 11, 2016

Yahoo Will Live Stream A Major League Baseball Game Every Day And You Can Watch For Free

Baseball fans have every reason to rejoice with Yahoo’s announcement of MLB ‘Free Game of the Day.’ A complete schedule of the matches and their timings is available on Yahoo Sports page.

Internet April 5, 2016

Yahoo Reduces Valuation Of Tumblr By $230 Million, About 23 Percent Down From $1.1 Billion Deal In 2013

Yahoo has written down the valuation of blogging site Tumblr by $230 million, which is a 23 percent reduction considering the deal was valued at $1.1 billion in 2013. The company said Tumblr did not reach its goal of delivering $100 million.

Money February 3, 2016

Yahoo Revamps Homepage, News App And Email As Marissa Mayer Begins Massive Restructuring

Yahoo has given its homepage, news app and email a major makeover. In the meantime, a report claims that Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer is set for the firm's massive restructuring in the coming weeks.

Apps/Software January 29, 2016

Investor Groups Pressure Yahoo To Act Soon: Here Are Their Proposals

In the wake of Yahoo's decision to withdraw its Alibaba spin-off plans, the company is now facing pressure from its shareholders. Canyon Capital and SpringOwl have both sent out proposals to Yahoo's board to urge the Internet company to act soon.

Business December 14, 2015

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Gives Birth To Twin Girls

After Yahoo's big announcement on Wednesday, the company's CEO Marissa Mayer has huge news of her own: she has given birth to healthy twin girls on Thursday. Mayer is expected to take a 'limited maternal leave' before going back to work.

Business December 11, 2015

Yahoo Announces Plans To Keep Alibaba Stake, Will Spin Off Core Business

Yahoo announced on Wednesday that it is dropping its plans to spin off its Alibaba shares, and will instead do a reverse spin of its own core Internet business.

Business December 9, 2015

Yahoo May Consider Selling Its Core Business

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo will consider the sale of its core business, a spin-off of its Alibaba shares or both in a series of board meetings later this week.

Business December 1, 2015

Yahoo Addresses Concerns About Its Leadership: Departing Execs Are The Result Of 'Careful Planning'

Yahoo lost several of its key executives recently, sparking concerns about the company's leadership team. CEO Marissa Mayer addressed such concerns during the company's Q3 conference call and said the changes at the management level were the result of 'careful planning' as Yahoo seeks to build a stronger team.

Business October 22, 2015

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Announces Pregnancy With Identical Twin Girls

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has announced that she is pregnant with identical twin girls, due in December. When it comes to time off from work, the CEO plans a similar approach as with her first pregnancy.

Business September 2, 2015

Yahoo Acquires Shopping Startup Polyvore

Yahoo acquires social e-commerce platform Polyvore for a rumored $25 million in hopes to have another venue to sell ad space to advertisers.

Deals August 3, 2015

Yahoo Reports Revenue Increase For 2Q But Analysts Express Worry

Yahoo posts a 15 percent gain in revenue, but the aging Internet portal is not about to impress investors.

Money July 22, 2015

Aabaco: Yahoo's Alibaba Spin-offf To Hold 384 Million Shares

Yahoo hopes to spin off its Alibaba shares in a new company called Aabaco Holdings, but there is no guarantee the transaction will be tax-free as its shareholders want it.

Business July 18, 2015

Yahoo Shutters Maps, Pipes And More Products

Yahoo Maps, once one of the company’s biggest brands, is closing down. Yahoo is also closing Yahoo Pipes, GeoPlanet and PlaceSpotter APIs.

Apps/Software June 4, 2015

Flickr Gets Image Recognition And A New Intelligent Search Engine In Overhaul For Mobile And Desktop

Flickr has had a big upgrade on both Web and mobile. The new site can recognize what’s in your photos, has impressive new search functionality and has more user-friendly navigation tools.

Apps/Software May 7, 2015

Yahoo And Microsoft Add Termination Clause To 10-Year Search Deal

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer drove a hard bargain from Microsoft, and a 10-year agreement could be cut short.

Business April 21, 2015

Is Yahoo Buying Foursquare For $900M?

Rumor has it that Yahoo is on the verge of acquiring location-based app Foursquare for $900 million.

Deals April 15, 2015

Leaked FTC Antitrust Report Calls For Stronger Action Against Google

The report was accidentally sent to a media outlet seeking a completely unrelated public records request.

Legal March 21, 2015

Yahoo Bets Big On Mobile: Marissa Mayer Woos App Developers With New Tools

Yahoo seeks to fuel its mobile advertising businesses by opening up a dialog with developers during the company's first ever Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference. To woo mobile app developers, Yahoo packages five of its analytics and advertising tools into the new Yahoo Developer Suite.

Business February 20, 2015

Yahoo Alibaba Spin-off: Here's Why Investors Cheer Latest Marissa Mayer Decision

Despite yearly revenue falling flat, Yahoo's investors are pleased with CEO Marissa Mayer's latest decision to distribute the company's Alibaba stocks to shareholders tax-free.

Business January 29, 2015

Starboard to Marissa Mayer: Yahoo Must Reduce Costs, Consider Combination with AOL

Activist hedge fund Starboard pressures Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to return more cash to investors and merge with AOL.

Money January 9, 2015

This Is Why Gwyneth Paltrow Can't Get A Job At Yahoo

The New York Times Magazine released a fascinating piece on Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently. Now what Mayer reportedly said about actress Gwyneth Paltrow is getting some attention.

Movies/TV Shows December 22, 2014

First Ever Yahoo Mobile Developers Conference Announced for 2015: Too Little, Too Late?

Yahoo is about to hold its first developer conference next year, but is playing catch-up the right move for the 20-year-old company?

Business December 9, 2014

Yahoo! earnings get boost from mobile push, Alibaba stake. Mayer wards off critics

Yahoo! has reported strong financial performance in the third quarter. For the first time at the conference, CEO Marissa Mayer offered a peek at the company's mobile business.

Business October 23, 2014

Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer to reveal new company plan

Yahoo is unveiling its earnings results for the third quarter on Tuesday. CEO Marissa Mayer is expected to tackle issues that revolve around the key points of “acquisition,” and “cost-cutting.”

Internet October 20, 2014

Yahoo CEO is female but workforce mostly white males. What gives?

Yahoo's CEO is clearly a woman from what we can tell, though for some strange reason, the workforce of the company is mostly filled with white males and only a small number are females.

Business June 21, 2014

Users will need Yahoo accounts to sign-in to Flickr after June 30

Yahoo doesn’t want users to log in to Flickr using social logins from competitors. After this month, they’ll need to have a Yahoo account.

Internet June 6, 2014

De Castro's $54 million severance pay from Yahoo nothing new, execs used to big final payouts

Yahoo's former COO Henrique De Castro will get $54 million golden parachute for 15 months at the company. While this going away present is impressive, it is nothing out of the ordinary for high-level executives.

Business April 17, 2014

Battle of the YouTube Stars? Yahoo looks to launch own video service, to court popular YouTubers

Yahoo to challenge rival Google and may approach individual YouTube stars with better deals. Might offer more money to video stars to pull them away from other sites.

Internet March 31, 2014

No entry: Yahoo bans Google and Facebook log-ins

Yahoo has started the implementation of its new sign-in process. While it might be seen as a small change, it might have big implications to Yahoo's business.

Internet March 6, 2014

An unfriendly Yahoo to stop accepting Facebook and Google IDs

Anyone trying to use a Google or Facebook account to sign into Yahoo will be barred at the virtual door as Yahoo is moving to take more control over its users by requiring everyone to have a Yahoo ID if they wish to use one of its services. Something already required by Google.

Internet March 5, 2014

Yahoo teams up with Yelp to beef local search results

Yahoo has entered into a partnership with Yelp to improve its local search results.

Business Tech February 9, 2014

Yahoo plans return to search engine roots with a vengeance

Yahoo reportedly wants to regain control over its search engine business and catch up with Google and Bing through projects such as Fast Break and Curveball.

Internet February 1, 2014

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer fires COO Henrique de Castro, who leaves with $$$$ severance package

Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer has dismissed COO Henrique de Castro after the latter failed to deliver on promises to boost the company's revenues from advertising.

Business January 16, 2014

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer CES 2014 keynote address: All you need to know

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer made big announcements at her first CES keynote address. Here's a recap.

Business January 10, 2014

Yahoo one step closer to Google Now with Aviate acquisition

Aviate's adaptive home screen will pit Yahoo directly against Google Now.

Apps/Software January 10, 2014

Yahoo News Digest promises to solve problem of tl;dr

Yahoo News Digest is a reincarnation of Summly, offering news that are neither too long nor boring to read.

Apps/Software January 9, 2014

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