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Disease-Free Population Of Tasmanian Devils In Australia May Save Marsupial Species From Extinction

A new population of Tasmanian devils was found untouched by the Devil Facial Tumour Disease that has brought the marsupial species to the brink of extinction. How did this newly found devils evade the disease?

Animals April 29, 2018

New Species Of Extinct Marsupial Lion Found In Australia

A team of Australian scientists discovered fossil remains of a new species of marsupial lion, which they named Wakaleo schouteni. The animal is believed to have possessed similar characteristics with another species that was unearthed in the 1960s.

Animals December 8, 2017

The Diprotodon, The Largest Marsupial Ever, Used To Migrate Across Australia: Here's Why That Matters

The Diprotodon, the largest marsupial that ever lived with a weight of 3 tons, was discovered to be a migratory species. The findings were based on a fossilized tooth, which showed that the ancient animal consumed plants in different locations.

Animals September 27, 2017

Tasmanian Tiger Sightings Prompt Scientists To Search For Extinct Marsupial In Australia

The Tasmanian tiger, or the thylacine, is believed to be extinct but recent plausible sightings of the carnivorous marsupial prompts scientists to conduct a survey. How do eyewitnesses describe the creature in potential sightings?

Animals March 29, 2017

Tasmanian Devils Evolve Genetic Resistance To Contagious Cancer

The devil facial tumor disease has wiped out about 80 percent of the Tasmanian devil's population since it was discovered. Australia's iconic marsupial, however, appears to have evolved genetic resistance to the contagious cancer.

Animals August 31, 2016

Newly Identified Species Of Extinct 'Micro Lion' Named After Sir David Attenborough

Scientists in Australia name a newly identified species of extinct marsupial lions in honor of famous British naturalist Sir David Attenborough. The species are particularly interesting due to their size and the structure of their teeth.

Ancient August 23, 2016

Endangered Australian Quolls Train To Keep Away From Toxic Cane Toads

Australian scientists are training endangered quolls to resist toxic cane toads. The program will release up to 30 quolls in the wild to repopulate the species in Kakadu.

Animals April 25, 2016

Extinct Marsupial Lion Was Fearsome Predator That Could Climb Rocks And Trees

The marsupial lion once roamed Australia. New information shows it might have been one of the top predators more than 40,000 years ago.

Earth/Environment February 17, 2016

Australian Marsupials Engage In 'Suicide-Sex' Orgies Fatal To Males

Tiny marsupials in Australia mate in extended sex 'binge sessions' that leave half the population - the males - dead. That isn't helping the survival of the already endangered creatures.

Animals June 2, 2015

Kangaroo uses tail as fifth leg for balance and locomotion

Kangaroos use their tail as a type of fifth leg, according to new research. This can provide surprising amounts of power.

Animals July 6, 2014

Fatal instinct: New marsupial species in Australia engage in intense sex that kills them

Scientists have discovered a new marsupial that engages in suicidal sex - males of the species have been discovered to die right after an intense sexual intercourse during the mating season. These extreme sexual encounters are said to last as long as 14 hours at a time. To put in perspective, sexual intercourse among human beings last anything between 3 minutes to 10 minutes.

Animals February 27, 2014

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