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Doctors May Soon Be Prescribing Veggies Instead Of Drugs

Researchers found that insurance-coverage of healthy food could improve the health of beneficiaries and reduce healthcare utilization. It also found that encouraging a healthy diet is more cost-effective than purchasing medicine for chronic illnesses.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 20, 2019

Happily Married Couple Considering Divorce To Afford Health Care For Their 6-Year-Old Disabled Daughter

An army vet and his wife are considering to get a divorce to pay for their daughter's health expenses. The couple's 6-year-old daughter is suffering from Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, which requires the child to need 24-hour care.

Public Health July 11, 2018

Alzheimer's Disease Will Cost Americans $277 Billion This Year

A report by the Alzheimer's Association revealed that Alzheimer's disease will cost Americans $277 billion in 2018. The figure is expected to increase to over $1 trillion by 2050, if a cure for the dreaded illness is not yet found.

Public Health March 21, 2018

President Trump's Budgets Calls For Steep Cuts To Health Care And The EPA

On Monday, the White House unveiled President Donald Trump's 2019 fiscal budget proposal that includes steep cuts to numerous domestic programs like Medicare and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Public Health February 13, 2018

Rookie Physicians Allowed To Work 28-Hour Shifts Under New Rules

Rookie physicians are allowed to work for as long as 28 hours under the new rules released by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. The revised rules have sparked renewed concern over the safety of physicians and patients.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 11, 2017

Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program On Track As Readmission Rates For Common Conditions Drop

Readmissions are not always avoidable but they should be kept to a minimum. Researchers have found that after being levied financial penalties through the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, hospitals moved to keep readmission rates down.

Public Health December 28, 2016

Hepatitis C, Diabetes Drugs Led Medicare Spending For 2015

CMS has decided to make information on the spending, usage and trends of the medication of its patients public. The decision is part of a strategy to keep citizens informed, in an attempt to be more transparent.

Public Health November 16, 2016

Millions Of Americans Do Not Take High Blood Pressure Drugs Properly

About 5 million Americans who have high blood pressure do not take their medicines properly. Improper use of these drugs may put older adults at risk for heart disease and other unwanted health outcomes.

Public Health September 13, 2016

Medicare Proposes Fixed Payments To Hospitals For Heart Attack Treatments

Medicare proposed to pay bundled or fixed payments to hospitals for heart attack treatments. The new payment scheme could help lower costs and improve health care services through the federal program.

Public Health July 26, 2016

Feds Ban Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes From Running Lab For Two Years

Federal regulators banned Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes from running a medical laboratory for two years. They also revoked the certification of the blood-testing start-up's California laboratory.

Biotech July 9, 2016

New CMS Primary Care Model To Give More Flexibility To Doctors

The CMS launched a new payment scheme to give doctors more flexibility and patients, better care. The Comprehensive Primary Care Plus aims to achieve improved health care delivery by paying doctors based on the value of their services.

Life April 17, 2016

Sleep Apnea Mask Maker Respironics To Pay $34.8 Million For Alleged Kickbacks

Respironics is set to pay $34.8 million for resolving issues on giving alleged kickbacks to medical equipment suppliers. The company, which makes sleep apnea masks, was said to provide free call center services to suppliers as long as they sell Respironics' products.

Life March 25, 2016

Medicare To Help Americans At High Risk For Diabetes

Medicare announced the expansion of its Diabetes Prevention Program that helped Medicare patients lower the risk of developing the disease through weight loss and good lifestyle practices. The health practices helped save the federal health program thousands of dollars per participant.

Life March 24, 2016

Obama Administration Proposes Changes To Lower Medicare Drug Prices

The Medicare program proposed changes that would apply to Medicare Part B, covering specialty medications like cancer drugs. The new models are aimed to promote incentives to medical providers that align with better patient care and outcomes.

Life March 9, 2016

US Is Wasting $3 Billion Annually On Cancer Drugs And You Can Blame Oversized Vials And Faulty Policy

Nearly $3 billion is wasted on cancer medicines each year. The wasted amount is blamed on the drugs being packaged in oversized single dose vials.

Life March 2, 2016

Gov. Snyder Seeks Expanded Medicaid Coverage In Flint Water Crisis

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder asked the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to include pregnant women and those up to 21 years old in the medical coverage for Flint residents. The requested expansion will cover all incomes, too.

Life February 15, 2016

Medicare Penalized More Than 700 Hospitals For Safety Incidents

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services penalized 758 hospitals in the U.S. who failed to meet the federal standard for hospital-acquired infections scores in the FY16 report. The rate of worst-performing hospitals increased based and were fined a one percent Medicare payment reduction for one year.

Life December 11, 2015

Physician Group Urges Doctors To Prescribe Generic Medicines

The American College of Physicians urged doctors to prescribe more generic drugs which are cheaper than brand name drugs. This will contribute in reducing the prescription drug costs and help patients adhere to their medications.

Life November 24, 2015

CMS Releases Final Bundled Payment Model For Hip, Knee Replacement Surgeries

Hospitals in 67 areas are required to take part in the final CMS' Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Payment Model. The final rule also moves toward telehealth services in hip and knee replacement procedures.

Life November 19, 2015

Medicare To Pay For End-Of-Life Counseling

Medicare is finalizing the rule that will pay doctors to provide end-of-life counseling to its beneficiaries. The approval of payment is said to be a turning point for the care of patients during the last days of their lives.

Life November 1, 2015

Care For Dementia Much Costlier Than For Other Diseases: Study

A new study found that dementia care is more costly than any other diseases. Families of patients with dementia are more at risk of financial burden because some services needed for care are not covered by insurance.

Life October 26, 2015

Medicare Billed $30 million for Mystery Ambulance Rides

A recent audit by the United States’ Department of Health and Human Services found a total of $30 million was paid for by Medicare for unconfirmed ambulance rides. The agents started calling them ‘mystery rides’ because they can’t confirm if the ‘patients’ received medical attention at all.

Life October 1, 2015

Weak Cybersecurity At Healthcare.Gov Could Place Sensitive Data at Risk

An official audit uncovered slipshod cybersecurity practices in MIDAS, the system that stores millions of customer data under Obamacare. System flaws include 135 database vulnerabilities, 22 of which are classified as high risk.

Life September 26, 2015

Medicare Proposal Could Make It Harder For Amputees To Get Prosthetics

A new proposal made by health care provider Medicare could potentially make it more difficult for its members to receive coverage for more advanced and more expensive prostheses for lower limbs.

Life August 26, 2015

Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders Wants To Support Single-Payer Health Care

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has expressed his support for a single payer health care system at an event culminating the 50th anniversary of Medicare.

Life July 31, 2015

Medicare And Medicaid Celebrates 50th Anniversary: What Has Changed?

Medicare, the national social insurance program that was designed to provide healthcare benefits to elderly Americans, celebrates its 50th anniversary this July, along with its sister program for disabled citizens, Medicaid.

Life July 29, 2015

Medicare Proposes Restructuring Of Payments For Hip And Knee Replacement Surgeries

Hospitals may be subjected to a new Medicare rule that aims to improve the quality of care for patients requiring hip and knee replacement surgeries at a low cost. Through the restructuring of payments, hospitals will pay a one-time fee from the operation to the recovery phase.

Life July 10, 2015

Medicare Plans To Cover Costs Of End-Of-Life Counseling

Medicare has revealed its plans to reimburse doctors who will provide consultations to beneficiaries of the insurance program regarding end-of-life care. The proposal is in response to calls from patients, families and healthcare providers about granting people with greater freedom to decide how they wish to die.

Life July 9, 2015

Close To 250 People Arrested By Feds For Medicare Fraud

Two hundred forty-three people were indicted for fraud by the Justice Department on Thursday after sending fake billings to Medicare worth $712 million.

Life June 19, 2015

Medicare Data Shows Significant Increase In Hospital Prices

The cost of common procedures in hospitals has increased by more than 10 percent. This could have unwanted impact on the uninsured and those who receive care in hospitals outside of their insurance network.

Life June 2, 2015

Westchester Medical Center Settles Lawsuit With $18.8 Million Payment

Westchester Medical Center will pay $18.8 million to settle a federal lawsuit involving allegations that the New York hospital directly violated the Anti-Kickback Statute and the Stark Law in its dealings with Cardiology Consultants of Westchester PC and for filing false claims to Medicare.

Life May 15, 2015

ACS Gets Behind New SGR Medicare Replacement Legislation

The American College of Surgeons supports H.R. 1407 and commends lawmakers behind the legislation the organization believes will provide stability to the Medicare program.

Life March 22, 2015

Hepatitis C Medication Drives Drug Spending Up To Decade High

According to a drug trend report, hepatitis C medications account for a spike in prescription drug spending not seen in over 10 years despite representing just a percent of purchases.

Life March 10, 2015

Medicare Implements Tougher Nursing Home Care Score System: What Are The Pros And Cons?

As the federal government revamps its national ranking system to include new categories for assessing nursing home care, most homes will see a dip in quality score. The Medicaid system, while improving, can do more, says an industry executive.

Life February 21, 2015

Finally Medicare Agrees To Pay For Smokers' Lung Cancer Screening

Medicare will pay for the lung cancer screening by low-dose CT of smokers on certain conditions. The move could save many lives, advocates say.

Life February 9, 2015

Medicare To Cover Expenses For Lung Cancer Screening

Medicare will cover lung cancer screening expenses from immediate effect. Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer related deaths in the U.S.

Life February 6, 2015

Obama Administration Outlines Plans to Reform How Medicare Pays Doctors, Hospitals

The Obama administration has announced reforms to Medicare's method of paying doctors and hospitals. The changes aim to reduce costs and improve the quality of care provided to patients.

Life January 27, 2015

Medicaid Payment Cuts May Hinder Access to Care

Medicare-like rates encouraged doctors to join Medicaid. But now that payment cuts will be implemented once the New Year starts, its effects may start reflecting on the kind of care that will be left available to members.

Life December 30, 2014

U.S. skin cancer costs up by 126 percent since 2002: CDC

Skin cancer treatment costs are on the rise, says a study. CDC reminds improved sun protection efforts will go a long way toward preventing the cancer.

Life November 11, 2014

Medicare may cover lung cancer scans for heavy smokers

Early detection is essential in the fight against cancer. With lung cancer scans covered, Medicare is giving thousands of people in the U.S. a fighting chance.

Life November 11, 2014

$37 million: Amount Dignity Health will settle for overbilling Medicare, military health program

Dignity Health will have to pay $37 million in settlement of charges against the hospital chain related to overcharging patients. The case was brought to light through a lawsuit filed by a former employee.

Life November 4, 2014

Policy imposing penalties on hospitals readmitting COPD patients may impact health care for poor

New Medicare policy penalizes hospitals with high re-admission rates for chronic conditions like COPD, doesn’t care if re-admission is beyond the hospital’s control.

Life November 3, 2014

Medicare costs rack up from abuse: People without HIV using HIV drugs

A new report from the OIG raises concerns about 1,600 possible cases of Medicare fraud relating to HIV drugs.

Life August 7, 2014

Medicare may soon pay for sex change surgery: Lifting of ban a boost to transgenders

Federal appeals board overturn ban on Medicare coverage for gender reassignment surgery. Ban had been in place since 1981.

Life June 2, 2014

Medicare now covers sex change surgery, federal board rules

Americans covered by Medicare may soon get coverage for sex-reassignment surgery provided they can show medical proof that such surgery is recommended.

Life May 31, 2014

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