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Plastic Pollution Reaches Remote Areas Of Arctic Ocean Because Of Melting Sea Ice

The melting sea ice likely brought about by climate change now allows plastic pollution to reach remote areas of the Arctic Ocean. Here's what could possibly happen as a result.

Earth/Environment September 27, 2017

What If All Ice On Earth Melted? Here’s A Chilling Image Of That Future

This map of North America shows what the continent would look like if the entire world’s ice were to disappear because of global warming. Glaciers worldwide are melting at a fast pace, shaping a completely different landscape for future generations.

Earth/Environment May 12, 2017

Arctic Sea Ice Shows No Sign Of Recovery: NASA Study

The level of sea ice in the Arctic is showing no signs of significant recovery, a new study by NASA revealed. Scientists continue to monitor the melting in the region.

Earth/Environment August 20, 2016

Melting Ice Sheets, Changes In Water On Land Changing Earth's Rotation

Melting ice sheets and water changes on Earth is changing the Earth's rotation, a new study has found. The North and South Poles are also said to make shifts, raising concerns about the geophysical effects of climate change to the planet.

Earth/Environment April 10, 2016

New Study Points To Warm And Moist Air For Exceptional Melt Rates Of Greenland Ice Sheet

Predominantly, the sun's energy is responsible for the ice melts that occur in Greenland. However, a new study reveals that warm and moist air could also cause the melting of Greenland's ice sheet.

Animals April 5, 2016

Antarctic Ice Melting At Dramatic Rate: Stability Of Whole Continent May Be At Risk By 2100

Scientists say that the rapid rate of ice melting in Antarctica may put the stability of the continent at risk by 2100. They predict two possible scenarios in the future that may or may not save the continent from collapsing.

Earth/Environment October 14, 2015

History Of Melting Ice In Greenland May Hold Clues To Future

Researchers have been able to quantify the way the Greenland Ice Sheet reacted to warmer temperatures in the past. The melting of ice may hold clues for future sea-level rise.

Earth/Environment February 25, 2015

Two Lakes Under Greenland Ice Unexpectedly Disappear

Two lakes have disappeared from beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet. What makes this region so important to the global environment?

Earth/Environment January 21, 2015

Polar vortex linked to global warming: Study

Climate change could be driving the polar vortex, bringing frigid winter temperatures to North America and Europe.

Earth/Environment September 3, 2014

Antarctic winds linked to sharp increase in global sea level

Global sea levels could rise faster than predicted, due to an increase in the force of westerly winds around Antarctica.

Earth/Environment July 8, 2014

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