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Extraterrestrial Organic Matter Discovered In The Mountains Of South Africa

Ancient volcanic rock dated to 3.3 billion years ago contains organic matter originating from outer space, supporting theories that life on Earth sprung from material from elsewhere. What does this mean for our hunt for alien life?

Space May 27, 2019

Oldest Meteorite Collection On Earth Found In Chile's Atacama Desert

A collection of well-preserved meteorites was found in the driest place on Earth: the Atacama Desert in Chile. Some of the space rocks are older than 2 million years.

Space May 25, 2019

Rare ‘Extraterrestrial Mud Ball’ Falls To Earth For The First Time In 50 Years

Cosmic clay streaked across the Costa Rica sky last April 23, falling to Earth in many pieces that scientists raced to collect. These rare carbonaceous chondrite meteorites can reveal incredible insights about the early solar system.

Space May 22, 2019

Meteor Streaking Through Chicago Caught On Camera

A meteor streaked through Chicago skies just before midnight last friday. Security cameras in several homes were able to capture the moment that the meteor flew past the suburbs.

Space May 11, 2019

Comet Fragment Found Inside Meteorite May Offer Clues To Formation And Evolution Of Solar System

The ancient building blocks of a comet has been found sealed inside a pristine meteorite billions of years old. A peek into the early solar system, this fragment contains many clues about cosmic history.

Space April 16, 2019

Telescopes Spot Object Slamming Into The Moon During Lunar Eclipse

A space rock measuring 12 inches across and weighing about 22 pounds slammed into the moon during the total lunar eclipse. The strike generated a bright flash captured by telescopes on Earth.

Space January 25, 2019

Fireball 40 Times Brighter Than Full Moon Swooshed Pass The Alabama Sky

Numerous eyewitnesses saw an extremely bright fireball over SouthEast Alabama on Thursday night. NASA Meteor Watch said a small asteroid of about 6 feet in diameter caused the fireball.

Space August 18, 2018

Fragments Of Meteorites Possibly Recovered Off Washington Coast

The team scouring off the coast of Washington was positive that they recovered the fragments of the meteorite that crashed on March 7. A NASA scientist said it is the largest meteorite he has seen in 21 years.

Space July 4, 2018

Asteroids Came From Ancient Minor Planets That Shattered Into Smithereens

Ancient planets that formed during the early solar system gave birth to the asteroids in the main asteroid belt. This is what scientists at the University of Florida proposed to explain the existence of these bodies between Mars and Jupiter.

Space July 3, 2018

NASA Starts Searching For Meteorites In Pacific Ocean With Help Of The Nautilus

NASA will search the ocean floor for a meteorite that caused a bright flash of light and mysterious boom when it crashed into Earth in March. NASA will be aided by a group of marine researchers and the Nautilus.

Space July 2, 2018

Look Up: Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend

This year's Eta Aquarids are expected to be one of the finest showers of the year. The best way to see them is during early morning hours in locations far enough from city lights.

Space May 5, 2018

Mineral Found In Meteorite From The Moon Shows It Once Had Water

A mineral found in a lunar meteorite shows that the moon once had the presence of water on its surface. This mineral only forms in the presence of water, offering clues as to the moon's history with water.

Space May 3, 2018

Diamonds In Sudan Meteorite Are From A Protoplanet: How Are Space Diamonds Similar With Those From Earth’s Surface?

The diamonds in meteorites that crashed in Sudan were compelling evidence of a lost planet billion years ago, according to a new study. Analysis of its composition revealed that it is similar to how diamonds are formed on Earth.

Space April 19, 2018

Space Diamonds Found More Than A Decade Ago Were Formed Inside Of Long-Lost Planet

Tiny diamonds from a meteorite that crashed on Earth a decade ago originated from a long lost planet. A new study determined where the space diamonds came from.

Space April 18, 2018

NASA To Return Mars Meteorite To Red Planet In 2020 Rover Mission

NASA and JPL are going to return the SaU008 Martian meteorite back to its home planet via a rover that’ll fly to Mars in 2020. It’s also being used to calibrate a highly sophisticated tool called SHERLOC.

Space February 16, 2018

Christie's To Auction Meteorite That Produced Sonic Boom Over Michigan

Last month a fireball had broken apart over Michigan, pieces of which fell on Lake Zukey. Auction house Christie's is now going to auction the well-preserved Michigan meteorite, which was collected by a resident.

Space February 14, 2018

Planetary Field Researcher Finds 3 Space Rocks From Michigan Meteor

Dozens of space rock hunters flocked to Hamburg Township looking for meteorites worth thousands of dollars each. Unfortunately, not all of them know exactly where to look for extraterrestrial treasure.

Space January 19, 2018

Meteor Lights Up Night Sky Over Michigan, Visible From 5 US States And Canada

A meteor caused a loud explosion and a brilliant flash of light to occur in the night skies over Michigan on Jan. 16. The meteor was so intense that its brightness was seen from across five U.S. states including Canada.

Space January 18, 2018

Crystals From Extraterrestrial Rocks Contain Building Blocks Of Early Life

20 years after they landed on earth, meteorite fragments studied by scientists were known to contain organic elements considered as ingredients to life. Monahans and Zag meteorites could answer questions if life existed in the early solar system.

Space January 12, 2018

Bronze Age Iron Tools Used Metal From Space

Bronze Age artifacts revealed nickel levels and ratio of iron to cobalt that suggest these were made using metals from meteorites. The metal state of meteoric iron may also explain why it was used in the Bronze Age.

Ancient December 6, 2017

Life On Earth Began After Meteorites Crashed Into Darwin's Warm Little Ponds: Study

Charles Darwin's theory that life on Earth began in warm little ponds may have been plausible. A study suggests that the meteorites that brought ingredients needed for life contributed to the process.

Earth/Environment October 3, 2017

Scientists Identify Origin Of Stardust Responsible For Forming Solar System

Scientists have discovered the origin of stardust by which the solar system was made. The long-standing puzzle was solved by an international team of scientists who ran tests in Italy and traced it to AGB stars.

Space February 1, 2017

Space Collision From 460 Million Years Ago Still Sends Rocks To Earth

Over 460 million years ago, a single huge collision in the solar system produced many of the meteorites that still rain down on Earth. And for the first time, scientists investigated the meteors that came before the asteroid collision and discovered that rare meteorites today were much more common before.

Space January 24, 2017

Astronomers Propose Low-Mass Supernova May Have Triggered The Formation Of The Solar System

How did the solar system form? According to some astronomers, it all began when a dust and gas cloud was disturbed, a process possibly triggered by a low-mass supernova.

Space November 29, 2016

Fireball Lights Up Florida Night Sky: What’s Happening?

A fireball was seen over the skies of Florida. People who reported the event to the police and the meteorological association have had different reactions to the strange occurrence.

Earth/Environment November 25, 2016

Lasting Drought On Mars Revealed By Meteorites On The Red Planet

After examining a cluster of meteorites in Mars' Victoria crater, researchers have determined that the lasting drought on the red planet has persisted for millions of years.

Space November 13, 2016

How To Watch Taurid Meteor Shower 2016: Where And When To Look Up For Fireballs In The Sky

The 2016 meteor shower will be observable in November 2016. In order to look for the very bright, yet rare meteors, you will have to spot the Taurus constellation.

Space November 5, 2016

New Moon Craters Forming Faster Than Previously Thought

The moon has about 33 percent more craters than previously estimated, comparison of 14,000 photos taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter showed. What does this mean for future moon missions?

Space October 13, 2016

Bizarre Meteorite - First Of Its Kind - Unearthed In Sweden

A quarry in Sweden is the resting place of a meteorite unlike any ever seen on Earth. What is the history and geology of this bizarre extinct meteorite?

Ancient June 16, 2016

Want To Own A Space Rock? Christie's To Auction Meteorites

These 'pet rocks' you can take home are out of this world. Literally. They're meteorites. Christie's London is organizing an auction for the sale of valuable meteorites.

Space April 8, 2016

Giant Fireball Falls Over Atlantic But Almost No One Notices

A giant fireball crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, but it almost went unnoticed. The fireball was said to be the largest to hit Earth since the Chelyabinsk explosion.

Space February 23, 2016

Iron Meteorites Could Be Hidden Under Antarctic Ice

Scientists may have finally discovered why there are few iron meteorites in Antarctica. The truth is, the stones are not scarce, it is actually hidden under the Antarctic ice.

Animals February 19, 2016

Death From Space: Indian Man Believed To Have Been Struck By Meteorite

Indian officials confirmed a human death from a mysterious explosion Saturday, which is speculated to be a meteorite strike. Scientists are currently studying the retrieved specimen, which can verify if it is indeed the first official human fatality from a falling space rock.

February 8, 2016

Meteorite Older Than The Earth Could Solve Mystery Of How Universe Was Formed

Researchers from Curtin University found a meteorite that is older than the Earth. The rock is said to give significant clues on how the universe was formed.

Space January 7, 2016

Double Impact: Two Meteorites Hit Sweden More Than 400 Million Years Ago

Researchers from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found two enormous craters in the county of Jämtland that were likely formed by meteorites that hit the Earth around 458 million years ago.

September 14, 2015

Gems Found In Martian Meteorite Could Indicate Signs Of Life

Traces of opal have been found on a Martian meteorite. Could this indicate signs of life on the planet?

Space July 7, 2015

Methane In Mars Meteorites Suggests Life Is Possible On The Red Planet

Methane, which could support rudimentary forms of life, has been found in Martian meteorites, researchers report. While not necessarily hard evidence of life on the Red Planet, it suggests conditions there may have been friendly to life at some point in the planet's history, they say.

Space June 16, 2015

New Building Blocks Of Our Solar System Discovered

After studying rare meteorites on Earth, scientists discovered new building blocks of our solar system's birth, sulfide chondrules, that provide proof of a previously unknown region in the rotating gas disk known as the protoplanetary disk.

Space March 16, 2015

"Black Beauty" Meteorite Originated From Mars, Yields Clues to Planet's Surface

Meteorite found in Morocco is from the Red Planet -- but it's black, not red. Analysis suggests a darker crust under much of Mars' red dust cover.

Space February 1, 2015

Reading a Meteorite Like It's a Hard Drive from Space

Peering inside a meteorite yields clues to what goes on in the magnetic core of our own planet, researchers say. Findings suggest the ultimate fate of Earth's magnetic field, they suggest.

Space January 21, 2015

New Study Suggests That Meteorites Were Not Building Blocks Of Planets

A new study done by MIT and Purdue University suggests that meteorites, long thought as the building blocks of our solar system's planets, are, in fact, merely byproducts of planet formation.

Geek January 14, 2015

How old is Earth's water? You'll be surprised

The Earth could have been a wet water planet a hundred million years earlier than previously thought, researchers say. Findings could have implications for when life on our planet got started, they say.

Space November 2, 2014

Mars rover Curiosity finds 'Lebanon' on Red Planet aka huge iron meteorite

An iron meteorite nearly 7-feet long discovered on Martian surface by NASA rover. The iron-rich space rock has been dubbed "Lebanon" by scientists.

Space July 21, 2014

Curiosity discovers large metal asteroid on Mars

A nickle-iron meteorite has been discovered on Mars by the Curiosity rover.

Space July 18, 2014

Earth's abundant mineral, bridgmanite, named after Nobel Prize winning physicist

Mineral hidden deep within the Earth's interior reveals its secrets through a billion-year-old meteorite. Mineral given the official name bridgmanite after Nobel Prize winner.

Animals June 18, 2014

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