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ISIS Weaponizes Everyday Consumer Drones, Turns The UAVs Into Bombers

The militant group ISIS has recently been customizing commercial drones to drop grenade-sized explosives onto residents in Mosul, Iraq. Iraqi Security Forces plan to use a gun-shaped jamming device to render them ineffective.

Defense January 17, 2017

Britain's Royal Air Force Urged To Recruit Young Gamers To Fly Reaper Drones In Battle Against ISIS

Britain's Royal Air Force should consider recruiting 18- and 19-year-old gamers to fly combat Reaper drones to blast ISIS, a retired air marshal urged a parliamentary group. Just pull them out of their 'PlayStation bedrooms' into a Reaper cabin, he said.

Defense December 10, 2016

iRobot Sells Off Its Defense And Security Wing To Focus On Connected Home Products

iRobot announced that will sell its defense and security robot business to a private equity firm, and instead focus on developing connected home devices and other home robots.

FUTURE TECH February 4, 2016

Latest Snowden Leak Reveals NSA, GCHQ Hacked Israeli Drones

Latest leakage information by Edward Snowden shows footages of Israeli drones over Gaza strip. British and United States spy agencies surveyed drones for military purposes from Israel.

FUTURE TECH February 1, 2016

Russia Developing Sauron-Like ‘All-Seeing Eye’ Drone That Can See Through Camouflage And Detect Hidden Objects

An all-seeing eye drone is in the works in Russia, and it can detect camouflaged and hidden objects. The people behind the high-tech drone is United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, and they are taking warfare technology up a notch.

FUTURE TECH October 13, 2015

How military drones get their inspiration from Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are great fliers, as they are able to maneuver through the tightest of spaces. Military drone makers know this, and that is why several drones are designed with the Hummingbird in mind.

FUTURE TECH August 3, 2014

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