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Kwik Trip Removes Del Monte Vegetable Trays From Stores After 14 People Get Sick

Convenience store franchise Kwik Trip has removed Del Monte vegetable trays from their stores after 14 people have gotten sick. The CDC mentioned that the main cause of the sickness is Cyclospora.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 9, 2018

Woman Being Treated For Rabies After Touching Rabid Bat With Bare Hands

Minnesota authorities warn the public of potential encounters with rabid bats, saying bats should be avoided at all costs. Pets should also be vaccinated with anti-rabies as a precaution.

Public Health June 2, 2018

First Known Case Of Conjoined Twin Deer Found In Minnesota Forest

Scientists are studying the first known case of a two-headed deer in its species. The twin fawns were already dead when they were found in a forest in Minnesota two years ago.

Animals May 14, 2018

In Minnesota, 10 People Are Infected From The Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak

In Minnesota, there are now 10 confirmed cases of E. coli O157. The victims are mostly women, they live throughout the state, and three of them were hospitalized.

Public Health May 8, 2018

Analysis Ranks America's Alcohol Consumption By State: Which State Is The Booziest?

Which state in America has the most heavy drinkers? The CDC tracks Americans' drinking habits and data shows which states have a lot of excessive alcohol drinkers.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 10, 2018

Anti-Vaxx Drive Continues Amid Measles Outbreak In Minnesota: What’s Fueling Our Vaccine Fears?

The measles outbreak in Minnesota was fueled by anti-vaccination groups, health experts suggest. Anti-vaxx advocates, including Andrew Wakefield, are actively engaged in misinformation campaigns against the MMR vaccine, targeting the Somali community in Minneapolis.

Public Health May 9, 2017

Minnesota Health Officials Report 5 New Measles Cases

Minnesota health officials reported five new measles cases, taking the total to 29 since March end. While four of the cases were detected in Hennepin County, the fifth was reported in the neighboring Stearns County.

Public Health April 28, 2017

At 91 Overdose Deaths A Day, Opioid Epidemic May Still Be Underestimated: CDC Report

A new CDC report has warned that the total number of opioid-related deaths may still be underestimated and a few cases may be missed. Find out more from the example of Minnesota drug overdoses.

Public Health April 25, 2017

Mayo Clinic Preference For Patients With Private Insurance Spurs Probe From Health Officials

A leaked video of Mayo Clinic's CEO urging staffers to give higher preference to patients with private medical insurance has elicited a strong reaction from health officials. They said the matter will be investigated for violation of human rights.

Public Health March 17, 2017

HIV Cases Higher Among Young Adults, Minorities In Minnesota

Minnesota saw an increase of HIV cases from 2014 to 2015 in certain populations. Among the most affected groups include young adults and minorities.

Public Health April 28, 2016

Too Late For Genetic Rescue To Save Nearly Extinct Michigan Wolves: Researchers

Scientists who conducted the world's longest-running predator-prey study revealed that it could be too late to save the nearly extinct Isle Royale wolves. For them, genetic rescue did not work for the endangered wolves because of underlying genetic processes.

Earth/Environment April 20, 2016

Suspected Norovirus Sickens 28 University Of Minnesota Students

Suspected norovirus has sickened 28 students at the University of Minnesota. The people affected by the outbreak were residents of Frontier Hall dorm.

Life April 9, 2016

Say Hello To Quasimodo, One Of 13 Dogs With Short Spine Syndrome, And He’s Looking For A New Home

Quasimodo, the dog who suffers from a very rare condition Short Spine Syndrome, is looking for a new home. Secondhand Hounds saved Quasi from the streets.

Society January 31, 2016

Minnesota Expands Medical Marijuana Program To Include Pain Patients

The Minnesota Health Department announced that they are including intractable pain in the list of qualifying conditions catered by medical marijuana. Patients suffering from chronic pain can have access to medical cannabis starting Aug. 2016.

Life December 6, 2015

Invasive Emerald Ash Borer Threatens Forests In Duluth

The Department of Agriculture of Minnesota reports that specimens of emerald ash borers have been found in ash trees located in Duluth's Park Point. These highly destructive beetle species now threatens thousands of boulevard trees and millions of acres of ash trees in the area.

Earth/Environment October 26, 2015

DNR To Tap Duck Hunters To Track Avian Flu

The Minnesota DNR announced that field testing stations will be set up across the state, encouraging duck hunters to bring in captured waterfowl for testing for avian flu.

September 29, 2015

High Cost Drives Some Medical Marijuana Patients in Minnesota to Buy Pot Illegally

Some state-registered medical marijuana patients in Minnesota have reverted to buying pot on the black market due to high, prohibitive costs.

Life September 22, 2015

Local Wolf Populations In Minnesota Still Stable Says DNR

The population of Minnesota wolves remains stable and within standards, confirmed the state's Department of Natural Resources. Wolf packs have also become larger and have utilized wider territories.

Earth/Environment August 12, 2015

Minnesota Lawmaker Who Backed Medical Marijuana Law Hired By Leafline Labs

Minnesota Rep. Dan Schoen has taken a contract-basis job as security consultant of the cannabis company LeafLine Labs. He will be on unpaid leave until the end of the year, to aid in LeafLine’s clinic operations. He co-sponsored last year’s medical marijuana bill.

Society July 18, 2015

Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba Strikes Again: Third Case Reported In Minnesota

It's in the water! Naegleria fowleri has been confirmed in a boy who swam in Lake Minnewaska, marking the third case of the amoeba infection in Minnesota.

Life July 10, 2015

Boy Contracts Rare Amoeba Brain Infection After Swimming In Lake

The Minnesota Department of Health has reported that a child has been sickened by a rare form of meningitis called primary amebic meningoencephalitis after swimming in a lake that is believed to be infested by the Naegleria fowleri amoeba.

Life July 8, 2015

Authorities Confirm Aggressively Invasive Zebra Mussels In Minnesota Lake

Zebra mussels were found in a lake in Minnesota, authorities confirmed. The Department of Natural Resources will conduct further investigations but has advised the public of the correct steps to follow should they encounter the invasive species.

Earth/Environment July 7, 2015

Chemicals And Drugs Found In Minnesota Waterways, Study Says

Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams are in trouble as a study confirms the presence of chemicals and drugs in the state’s waterways.

Life June 5, 2015

Patients Asking For Medical Marijuana In Minnesota Have To Go Through Hesitant Doctors

Medical marijuana will be available in Minnesota in July but patients opting for the alternative treatment face hurdles when seeking certification from their doctors.

Life June 1, 2015

Minnesota Turkey Farms Report Bird Flu Cases

Avian flu is spreading through turkey farms in Minnesota. Should you be worried?

Life April 7, 2015

Shocking! Minnesota Family Discovers Nanny Cam Hacked And Strange Things Happening

A Minnesota family found out someone in another country had been posting a link to their nanny cam online. A series of odd events soon started to take place.

Internet April 6, 2015

DNR Use Potash to Solve Zebra Mussel Infestation in Christmas Lake in Shorewood

DNR used potash to eliminate the zebra mussels that thrive in Christmas Lake in Shorewood, Minnesota. The invasive species are known to cause damage to the ecosystem as well as to water ways and water treatment plants.

Animals December 23, 2014

Air Pollution Warnings issued in Southern Minnesota. Authorities Concerned Thick Fog Could Cause Health Problems

Air pollution is serious business. Minnesota geared up for its effects by releasing a health advisory warning residents in the southern portion of the state.

Life December 15, 2014

Want birth control delivered to your doorstep? There's now an app for that

Planned Parenthood has made the process of obtaining birth control as easy as ordering pizza. The group just launched a pilot program in Minnesota and Washington that allows people to receive birth control through the mail.

Life September 22, 2014

Minnesota launches fund raising, license plate for moose population research

Minnesota has launched a critical habitat license plate featuring moose art by artist Les Kouba. The additional money generated via the program will be used for conservation of wildlife habitat in the state.

Earth/Environment August 13, 2014

Audubon society tags new Minnesota Vikings home as bird death trap

The National Audubon society wants the Minnesota Vikings to add more safety features to the new Minnesota Vikings football stadium. The request is aimed to save birds from fatal collisions.

Sports July 24, 2014

E-cigarettes subject of new usage bans, legislation in Minnesota

Minnesota has now outlawed e-cig use in schools and also calls for child safety packaging. New York lawmaker is calling for similar controls.

Life July 1, 2014

Minnesota says no to germ killer chemical triclosan in antibacterial soap: Will other states follow?

Triclosan, a popular antibacterial agent found in soaps, detergents and more, has been banned in Minnesota. What are the questions about this controversial chemical?

Life May 21, 2014

15-month old baby survives fall from 11-story building in Minnesota

A 15 month old boy miraculously survived after falling from the balcony of his parents' apartment at Riverside Plaza Sunday night. Relatives of the boy believe be slipped through the railings.

Life May 16, 2014

Minnesota smartphone kill switch kicks in next July, state is first in nation to mandate handset feature

But not everyone thinks it's a valuable or viable solution to stopping smartphone theft. One expert goes as far as to call it moronic.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 15, 2014

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