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Even Infants As Young As 6 Months Old Are Urged To Get Measles Vaccination In Wake Of Outbreak

The measles count in the United States is the highest its been in 25 years. With the surge of sick children and adults in the country, even babies in at-risk places are encouraged to get their vaccinations early.

Public Health May 2, 2019

New Bill May Soon Require Doctors To Treat Unvaccinated Children

A doctor examining a young patient. A new bill in Pennsylvania will prohibit doctors from scolding, harassing, coercing parents of patients to vaccinate their children. They also would not be allowed to deny care for sick unvaccinated patients.

Public Health May 1, 2019

Parents File Lawsuit Against Emergency Vaccination Orders In New York

An anonymous lawsuit filed against the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene claimed that the mandatory measles vaccination was unjustifiable and a violation of their legal rights. The petitioners appealed for a preliminary injunction and restraining order.

Public Health April 18, 2019

Son Of Anti-Vaxers Shares Message About Vaccination After Getting Sick From Measles

A man who almost died after contracting measles spoke about his experience with the disease amid the current outbreak. He was not vaccinated as a kid because his parents believe the misinformation being spread by anti-vaxer communities.

Public Health March 9, 2019

Amazon Takes Down Controversial Vaccine Documentary From Amazon Prime

On Friday, Amazon removed a controversial anti-vaccine documentary from its streaming platform. The move was a response to a letter from Rep. Adam Schiff about the growing anti-vaccine sentiment in the United States.

Public Health March 5, 2019

Another Study Confirms MMR Vaccine Does Not Raise Autism Risk

A study that involved 657,461 in Denmark showed MMR vaccine does not raise risk of autism. Researchers were also able to identify groups of children with the highest risk for the neurodevelopmental condition.

Public Health March 5, 2019

Anti-Vaxx Drive Continues Amid Measles Outbreak In Minnesota: What’s Fueling Our Vaccine Fears?

The measles outbreak in Minnesota was fueled by anti-vaccination groups, health experts suggest. Anti-vaxx advocates, including Andrew Wakefield, are actively engaged in misinformation campaigns against the MMR vaccine, targeting the Somali community in Minneapolis.

Public Health May 9, 2017

New Measles Case Confirmed In Minnesota: Health Officials Estimating Numbers To Increase

Minnesota recorded the ninth case of measles infecting young children, all of whom were not vaccinated. Most of the infected children belonged to the Somali-American region, having a history of low vaccination rates.

Public Health April 18, 2017

Reports Of Measles And Mumps Cases Continue To Rise; What Should You Know About MMR Vaccine?

Cases of measles and mumps continue to rise, and vaccinations are the best means of protection. Here are some things you need to know about the MMR vaccine.

Medicine April 16, 2017

Mumps Outbreak Hits Washington, Nearly 300 Cases Reported

The Washington state has reported 278 confirmed and likely cases of mumps in five counties since October. Health officials urge everyone to get protected through the MMR vaccine.

Public Health January 30, 2017

Measles Complication That Can Occur Years After Infection Kills More Than Previously Thought

SSPE, a deadly complication that occurs years after a child gets infected by the measles virus, is more common than previously believed. Experts recommend that children get two doses of MMR vaccine.

Public Health October 30, 2016

Person Infected With Measles Attends Northern Illinois University Graduation Ceremony

A relative of a graduating student might have exposed other people to measles during the Northern Illinois University graduation ceremony on May 14. The Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed it as northern Illinois's first measles case.

Public Health May 23, 2016

European Tourist May Be Responsible For Measles Outbreak In Eastern Massachusetts

A European tourist may have exposed residents in Eastern Massachusetts to measles. Officials warned that the foreign tourist, who traveled from May 1 to 8 in the Greater Boston area, was contagious.

Public Health May 13, 2016

Immunization Gap Leaves 9 Million US Children, Americans Traveling Overseas At Risk For Measles

Research found one in every four children in the U.S. below three would catch measles. Findings showed 4.6 percent of teenagers below 17 years old have not received their MRR shots.

Life October 10, 2015

Health Officials Declare Rubella Completely Eradicated In The Americas

A successful mass vaccination program has been given credit for eradication of rubella in the Americas. Also known as German measles, the disease can be disastrous for unborn children if the mother is infected.

Life April 29, 2015

New Study Is Latest To Refute Any Link Between Autism And Vaccines

The MMR vaccine has no link to autism, even for chidren with an older sibling diagnosed with the condition, researchers find. The study is latest of many to come to the same conclusion.

Life April 21, 2015

Study Confirms Low Vaccine Rates Responsible For Measles Outbreak

Measles outbreak in the U.S. got a foothold because vaccination rates among the exposed population are low, researchers say. Rate may be as low as 50 percent in some outbreak case clusters, they say.

Life March 16, 2015

Measles outbreak in Manhattan and Bronx make epidemiologists scratch their heads

Two of the children infected in the measles outbreak were not vaccinated because their parents did not want them to. Health officials urge everyone to get vaccinated because measles could lead to complications and even death.

Life March 11, 2014

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