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Genes With Increased Activity In Monogamous Animals Linked To Learning And Memory

Monogamous species have sets of genes that were more likely to be turned up or turned down in the brain. Some of these genes were linked to neural development, learning, memory and signaling between cells.

Animals January 7, 2019

Why Do Men Lack The Penis Bone? The Baculum Plays A Role In Sexual Competition In The Animal Kingdom: Study

The penis bone or the baculum is quite common among mammals, but it is not present in humans, which has puzzled researchers for a long time. According to a new study, monogamy may be the reason.

Animals December 15, 2016

Monogamy In Humans May Be The Result Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Study Finds

Sexually-transmitted diseases may have driven early humans to adopt monogamy, according to a new study. Why would this adaption come about during the rise of agriculture?

Animals April 12, 2016

Study Finds Monogamy Is Genetic (At Least In Prairie Voles)

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin discovered that some male prairie voles engage in promiscuous behavior contrary to the species' long-standing reputation as monogamous. The team believes this is caused by a hormone found in the brain of the animals.

December 15, 2015

Great Tits Would Rather Go Hungry Than Leave Their Mates: Other Animals With Remarkable ‘Love’ Bonds

Only three percent of mammal species are monogamous. A private eye known as 'science' revealed that extra-coupling activities exist between these animal pairs.

Animals November 17, 2015

Female Flies Found To Be More Promiscuous In Cold Climates, But Monogamous Behavior Is Based On Genes

Researchers found that while female fruit flies tend to have more sex partners in cooler climates, the insect’s genetics play a major role in whether or not they practice monogamy.

Animals October 27, 2015

Penguin Mates Often Have Long Distance Relationships Scientists Say

Scientists followed southern rockhopper penguins and found that the species are a monogamous kind, going back to the same mate after a long period and distance away from each other to build a family.

Earth/Environment September 10, 2015

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