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LOOK: Rare Dumbo Octopus Filmed Swimming In Deep Sea

Scientists captured the ghost-like dumbo octopus on film in Monterey Bay. It was a rare sight, as dumbo octopuses live in the deep sea where humans do not often venture.

Animals October 29, 2018

Dolphin 'Superpod' Spotted Racing Along Monterey Bay: Get To Know The Short-Beaked Common Dolphin

Hundreds of dolphins in a 'superpod' were spotted racing for bait fish along Monterey Bay. Short-beaked common dolphins commonly pack in pods, but what are other interesting things to know about the energetic creatures?

Animals September 9, 2018

Superpod With Hundreds Of Dolphins Spotted In Monterey Bay

A superpod made out of several hundred dolphins were spotted near the shore in Monterey Bay, California. The marine mammals have been hanging out in the area since Labor Day, Monday, to catch fish.

Animals September 8, 2018

Warmer Ocean Temperature Leads to Explosion of Hot Pink Sea Slug Population Off Northern California Coast

Sea slugs are populating waters near San Francisco in an unexpected boom of sea slugs. What triggered this growth?

Earth/Environment February 1, 2015

How Did a Peruvian Beach Become a Sea Lion Graveyard?

Hundred of dead sea lions have been found on a beach in Peru. What could this incident have to do with other similar mass deaths seen in recent years?

November 24, 2014

Scary-Looking Black Sea Devil of the Deep Caught on Video

Like something out of a nightmare, bizarre sea creature stars in video captured by deep-sea research vessel. Black sea devil with its fearsome fangs and lighted 'fishing pole' intrigues scientists.

Animals November 22, 2014

Shipwreck accidentally discovered off coast of Santa Cruz

The Umpqua II was scuttled in Monterey Bay 32 years ago, and was recently re-discovered by geologists studying an earthquake fault.

November 6, 2014

Patient octopus protects eggs for record-breaking 4.5 years

Devoted mother octopus shows longest egg-brooding time seen in the animal kingdom. Creature neither moved nor ate during 4.5-year vigil, researchers say.

Animals July 30, 2014

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