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Heads Up, US Subscribers: Your Netflix Plan Is About To Get A Little More Pricey

Two of Netflix’s most popular plans just got more expensive. Beginning this month, all standard and premium subscribers are going to have to pay $1 to $2 more to enjoy the streaming service.

Internet October 6, 2017

Netflix Hacks: 8 More Tips And Tricks Every Binge-Watcher Should Know

Netflix just added exciting new series in its lineup so a marathon weekend is in order. Have a better binge-watching experience with these eight Netflix hacks.

Feature | Culture February 26, 2017

What does Netflix think about HBO's new stand-alone service?

After HBO announced it will launch a stand-alone online service separate from cable packages, Netflix responded to the competition when addressing its third quarter earnings.

Internet Culture October 15, 2014

Netflix stopped delivering DVDs on Saturdays. Did you even notice?

Netflix ended its Saturday DVD shipments last month. However, not many people seemed to even notice.

Internet July 18, 2014

Netflix accounts for 34.21 percent of downstream traffic in U.S.: Report

Netflix has become the second largest driver of Internet traffic in Ireland and the UK. Its increase to 35.67 million users accounts for its Super HD content.

Business Tech May 15, 2014

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