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Novartis Drug Kisqali Boosts Survival Rate Of Young Breast Cancer Patients

Clinical trials featuring Novartis' Kisqali revealed the potential of the drug to extend the life of breast cancer patients. Results showed that when Kisqali was used along with hormone therapy, it could increase survival rates by 70.2 percent.

Medicine June 4, 2019

World's Most Expensive Gene Therapy Zolgensma Treats Rare Genetic Disease In Infants

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of Zolgensma in treating a rare genetic disease in infants. At a one-time treatment, Zolgensma costs at least $2.1 million.

Medicine May 25, 2019

FDA Gives Thumbs Up To Multiple Sclerosis Drug From Novartis

The Food and Drug Administration approved a Novartis drug that can help patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis. Mayzent (siponimod) showed benefits in delaying the progression of disability and cognitive decline.

Medicine March 29, 2019

First Migraine Drug In 2 Decades Can Cut Monthly Migraine Days In Half

Researchers tested a new drug called Erenumab on nearly 1,000 migraine sufferers and found that it was very effective at reducing migraines. They said the new drug managed to cut the number of migraine attacks in half.

Medicine November 30, 2017

Novartis CAR-T Cancer Therapy For Leukemia Gets Landmark Recommendation From FDA Panel

A new gene therapy developed by Novartis has received crucial recommendation from an FDA advisory panel on July 12. Experts believe the treatment’s approval will pave the way for new gene-based medicines.

Medicine July 13, 2017

FDA Approves Rydapt For Treatment Of Acute Myeloid Leukemia In Adult Patients

The FDA approved the Novartis AG's Rydapt on April 28. The drug is targeted toward AML patients and the FDA lists it for $22,500 for an average 42-day treatment.

Medicine May 1, 2017

Novartis Heart Drug Serelaxin Fails In Last Stage Clinical Trial

Novartis has announced that its acute heart failure drug serelaxin failed to clear the last stage clinical trials. Following this announcement, Novartis shares dropped by 2.2 percent.

Medicine March 23, 2017

FDA Approves Novartis Kisqali As Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment

The new cancer drug developed by Novartis called Kisqali was approved by the FDA as a first-line treatment for metastatic breast cancer. The pill is intended as a combination treatment, designed for postmenopausal women who battle the condition.

Medicine March 15, 2017

Gleevec Can Keep Leukemia Patients Alive For More Than 10 years, But How Much Does It Cost?

So-called wonder drug Gleevec is heaven-sent to blood cancer patients. The high costs, however, might keep poorer patients from getting their hands on it easily.

Medicine March 11, 2017

Google's Smart Autofocusing Contact Lens Delayed: Tests Pushed Back Beyond 2016

Novartis and Alphabet's smart contact lenses aren't set for human clinical trials in 2016, as previously promised. A spokesperson has explained that both companies are learning as the development progresses, promising to provide updates in the future.

Wearable Tech November 21, 2016

Midostaurin In AML Improves Survival In Newly Diagnosed AML Patients

Novartis' Midostaurin showed promising results in the survival rate of patients diagnosed with AML. Also known as PKC412, the drug will be set for regulatory submissions by 2016.

Life December 7, 2015

Novartis CART Lymphoma Therapy CTL019 Shows Positive Results In Clinical Study

Patients with specific types of lymphomas may be helped by a new treatment option from Novartis. Clinical study results of CART Lymphoma Therapy CTL019 showed positive results thus, giving hope to patients suffering from the disease.

Life December 7, 2015

Novartis Agrees To Pay $390 million In U.S. Settlement Over Illegal Pharmacy Kickbacks

Novartis is set to pay the U.S. government $390 million in settlement over charges that the Swiss drug maker engaged in improper business conduct with specialty pharmacies. The federal suit alleged that Novartis gave kickbacks to certain pharmacies to push its drugs to patients.

Life November 22, 2015

FDA Gives Approval To Novartis Drug Combo For Skin Cancer

Novartis announced last Friday that the FDA approved its combination drug for metastatic melanoma or advanced skin cancer. The regulatory nod for the combination therapy was based on two years of overall patient survival.

Life November 22, 2015

Novartis Cancer Drug Beneficial To Parkinson's Disease Patients, Reveals Early Stage Trial

Drug meant to treat leukemia shows promise of halting or even reversing the symptoms of Parkinson's, researchers find. Finding of small trial spurs scientists to plan larger trials to test drug with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's.

Life October 19, 2015

Swiss Drug Maker Novartis To Invest Additional $15 Million In Israel's Gamida Cell

Novartis is set to make another investment in Israel-based stem cell therapy developer Gamida Cell. The investment will be used for the development of Gamida's experimental treatment known as NiCord.

Life October 14, 2015

Opdivo And Cometriq Drugs Proven More Effective Than Novartis' Afinitor As Advanced Kidney Cancer Treatment

Cometriq and Opdivo could likely receive approval next year as treatment for advanced kidney cancer after studies showed positive result. One study was halted earlier than schedule because patients taking Opdivo lived longer than those receiving standard treatment.

Life September 26, 2015

Novartis Launches Portfolio For Low Cost Medicines For Low To Middle Income Countries

Low to middle income countries may soon have access to cheaper medicines as Novartis sets a portfolio of low-cost drugs. Through this program, the most commonly prescribed drugs for prevalent chronic diseases will reach those who cannot typically avail their health care needs.

Life September 26, 2015

Novartis Anticancer Drug Farydak Gets EU Thumbs Up

Farydak made history by being the first histone deacetylase inhibitor with epigenetic activity to be approved in the European Union, offering another treatment option for those with multiple myeloma.

Life September 5, 2015

Google Teams Up With Sanofi To Improve Diabetes Management And Treatment

Google is partnering up with French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, the maker of the world’s best-selling insulin, to improve the management and treatment of diabetes.

Deals August 31, 2015

Novartis Odomzo Skin Cancer Drug Given FDA Nod Of Approval

The FDA has approved a drug developed by Novartis for the treatment of the most common form of skin cancer. Odomzo was green-lighted for treatment of advanced basal cell carcinoma.

Life July 27, 2015

Novartis' Entresto For Heart Failure Might Cost $4,500 A Year: What You Should Know About Heart Failure

Heart failure is a cardiovascular condition affecting millions of people in the U.S. and around the world. The FDA has approved a new drug for the treatment of the disease, but it may cost roughly $4,500 a year.

Life July 9, 2015

US Wants Novartis To Pay $3.35 Billion Fine For Drug Kickbacks

Swiss drugmaker Novartis allegedly used kickbacks to boost sales of Exjade and Myfortic, and is now facing a $3.35 billion lawsuit in damages and fines.

Life July 2, 2015

Novartis Shows Long-Term Benefits Of Psoriasis Drug Cosentyx In New Set Of Clinical Data

Novartis' new injectable psoriasis drug Cosentyx was shown to act rapidly on psoriatic arthritis. Its efficacy was also sustained over a period of one year.

Life June 29, 2015

European Commission Approves Novartis Lung Cancer Drug Zykadia

Swiss drug manufacturer Novartis announced that the European Commission has approved Zykadia (ceritinib), a drug used to treat patients suffering from an advanced form of non-small cell lung cancer.

Life May 8, 2015

FDA Approves First 'Biosimilar' Drug Zarxio Paving Way For More Affordable Drugs

The FDA has approved Zarxio, the first biosimilar drug in the U.S. More than 40 countries already use Zarxio to prevent infections in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

Life March 8, 2015

Novartis Seeks FDA Approval for New COPD Drugs Following Successful Clinical Trials

The pharmaceutical company’s New Drug Applications are timely because there is an urgent need for new COPD treatments that will better address symptoms in patients.

Life January 8, 2015

Novartis Version of Neupogen Gets Favorable Review from FDA

Several months after accepting Novartis’ application, the FDA reviewed the drugmaker’s version of Amgen’s Neupogen, finding the two are not distinctly different.

Life January 6, 2015

Novartis Working on 'Fountain of Youth' Drug

New experimental drug shows promise for boosting the immune system in older people, researchers say. A stronger immune system can hold back many diseases linked to old age, they suggest.

Life December 26, 2014

Novartis Version of Amgen Cancer Drug Just as Good as Original

It’s always a good thing to have other options. Novartis’ version of Neupogen appears to be just as effective as the original, providing breast cancer patients with neutropenia other choices to consider.

Life December 8, 2014

Acromegaly Drug Signifor by Novartis Receives EU Approval

Acromegaly complications worsen over time leading to death. The approval of the Novartis drug Signifor should help lessen mortality rates in the EU, with the rest of the world following suit eventually.

Life November 25, 2014

Novartis drug LCZ696 for treating heart failure, promises to be a blockbuster

An experimental heart failure drug developed by Novartis shows potential to become a blockbuster drug. In a trial, LCZ696 has reduced cardiovascular-related deaths by 20 percent compared with an older drug.

Life September 2, 2014

Experimental Novartis drug may reduce heart failure deaths, study reveals

A new heart failure drug has the power to change how treatment is viewed. The drug has been shown in a recent clinical trial to cut risk of cardiovascular death and hospital admission by a fifth.

Life September 2, 2014

New Novartis drug cuts heart failure mortality, hospital admission

A new drug by Novartis can reduce deaths and hospital admissions due to heart failure by 20 percent. Novartis is hoping that the drug will rejuvenate the company as its Diovan blood pressure pill is facing stiff competition from generic medicines.

Life September 1, 2014

Smart contact lens closer to reality, Novartis' Alcon unit signs agreement with Google

The smart contact lens technology of Google entered a licensing agreement with Novartis. The technology will be used by the Swiss drugmaker’s Alcon unit for ocular medical purposes.

Wearable Tech July 18, 2014

Google, Novartis team up to develop ‘smart’ contact lenses for diabetics

Google has just announced a deal with pharmaceutical firm Novartis for developing "smart" contact lenses that may be able to monitor blood sugar levels.

Life July 17, 2014

Google, Novartis set their sights on smart contact lens health care innovation

Novartis is licensing Google's smart lens technology for medical use. The lens will track glucose levels for diabetes patients and could later replace reading glasses.

Wearable Tech July 15, 2014

Novartis reports efficacy of Signifor LAR for acromegaly after Phase III trial

Sufferers of acromegaly, a rare condition often linked with gigantism, may soon have a new option for treatment as Novartis announced positive results of the final-phase trial of its Signifor LAR therapy.

Life May 7, 2014

Is Novartis' LCZ696 the next gold standard of heart failure drugs?

Following the impressive results of the PARADIGM-HF study, some already speculate on the possibility of Novartis' LCZ696 becoming the next gold standard of treatment for heart failure.

Life April 2, 2014

Early trial results of heart drug suggests Novartis has a winner on its hands

Pharmaceutical company Novartis has stopped a trial early, with promising results suggesting that the drug LCZ696 could be a revolutionary heart failure treatment.

Life March 31, 2014

FDA gives thumbs up to Xolair for chronic idiopathic urticaria

When antihistamines do not work for hives or urticaria, what can a patient do? FDA has a good news.

Life March 22, 2014

Novartis drug sees positive results

Novartis drug Jakavi could become a highly popular treatment for a rare blood cancer.

Life March 7, 2014

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