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Over Half Of US Online Gamers Experience Some Form Of Harassment, Survey Reveals

A new report shows that most online players in the United states have experienced some form of harassment. Respondents said they were harassed on the basis of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

Video Games July 26, 2019

Why Google Just Canceled Its All-Hands Meeting About That Controversial Anti-Diversity Memo

Google has dropped a town hall meeting that was supposed to address the controversy surrounding former Google engineer James Damore’s memo explaining diversity and gender roles. The primary reason behind the move concerns fears of doxxing.

Google August 12, 2017

Twitter Has Updated Its Harassment Policies, But Are They Working?

Twitter says it is winning the war against harassment, but some are skeptical. What are Twitter's policies regarding online harassment and have they been effective?

Apps/Software July 21, 2017

Twitter Ramps Up Anti-Abuse Measures By Restricting Trolls: How Time-Out On Twitter Works

Twitter has come up with new guidelines to stamp out abuse and trolling on the platform. This includes a 'time-out,' which will restrict an abusive user for 12 hours.

Apps/Software February 19, 2017

Twitter Promises To Roll Out 'Long Overdue' Fixes That Fight Harassment This Week

Twitter promises to roll out changes in security to prevent online harassment of users. The promise made by Twitter is expected to take effect within the week.

Apps/Software February 2, 2017

Twitter Suspends Martin Shkreli For Harassment Of Freelance Journalist: Here's What Happened

The Twitter account of Martin Shkreli was suspended due to his targeted harassment of freelance journalist Lauren Duca. Here is what the "Pharma Bro" did to warrant the suspension.

Internet January 9, 2017

Reddit To Penalize 'Most Toxic Users' And Restrict Reach Of Pro-Trump Subreddit

Reddit has quarantined the r/the_donald subreddit due to the toxic behavior of several of its users. Its administrators also announced that more than a hundred users will get warnings, timeouts or even outright bans for trolling.

Internet November 30, 2016

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman Admits Editing Trump Supporters' Posts That Insulted And Criticized Him

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman confessed to editing pro-Trump users' posts that are filled with insults and criticisms. In a statement Huffman narrated how and why he did the editing for one hour.

Internet November 24, 2016

Twitter Looking To Release Keyword Filter To Shield Users From Online Abuse: Would It Be Effective?

Twitter is currently developing a keyword-based filter for its platform, according to a Bloomberg report. The tool will allow users to screen out tweets that contain keywords such as racial slurs and swear words.

Internet August 27, 2016

Twitter Quality Filter Rolls Out To All Users To Help Fight Online Harassment And Abuse

After years of complaints, Twitter took steps to make its platform harassment-free. The company deployed a quality filter to all its users, allowing them to curate their tweets, messages and notifications.

Apps/Software August 19, 2016

Instagram To Launch Features To Fight Back Against Online Harassment

Instagram will soon launch tools that will allow users to filter comments or turn them off completely. High-profile accounts will be the first ones to receive the new features.

Apps/Software July 30, 2016

Twitter Now Lets Users Report Multiple Abusive Tweets

Twitter steps up to considerably slash down the instances of abuse on the social media platform, rolling out yet another tool that'll make reporting trolls or offensive users easier.

Internet April 26, 2016

SXSW Admits Mistake, Schedules Day-Long Online Harassment Summit

South by Southwest announced that its annual festival will feature a new day-long summit that is focused on online harassment. The announcement came following an apology it made on Friday when it reportedly canceled two panels in the upcoming event.

Society November 1, 2015

John Oliver Calls Out Internet Trolls On 'Last Week Tonight'

The Internet can be a great tool, but it can also be a scary place, especially for women. John Oliver shows what can be done about it during Sunday night's episode of 'Last Week Tonight.'

Movies/TV Shows June 22, 2015

Twitter Now Lets You Share Your Blocked List: Buh-Bye Trolls

Twitter beefs up security measures for its users. The social network has admitted its struggles in combating trolls and bullies and is still trying to improve.

Internet June 11, 2015

Department Of Justice To Crack Down On Internet Trolls And Harassment

Here's some bad news for Internet trolls and harassers: your days are numbered, thanks to a new bill that increases the enforcement of laws against online harassment, threats and cyber-stalking.

Internet Culture June 1, 2015

'League Of Legends' Battles Harassment With Automated System That Could Ban Gamers

Riot Games will begin testing a new automated system that will provide instant feedback to those using abusive language in 'League of Legends.'

Geek May 26, 2015

Twitter Will Lock Trolls Out Of Accounts In New Threats To Prevent Abuse

Twitter announced updates to its abusive behavior policy that now will block trolls from accessing their accounts.

Internet Culture April 22, 2015

Twitter's New Anti-Harassment Tools Give Users More Control Against Abusive Tweeps

Twitter ups its anti-harassment game, rolls out a new feature that allows users to flag abusive Twitter users. Here is how to report online abuse on the microblogging site.

Internet December 3, 2014

Twitter Fortifies Anti-Harassment, Bullying Tools

Twitter has announced a number of new tools designed to help users report online harassment and abuse. The tools will make it easier for users to report abuse and block and unblock other users.

Internet December 2, 2014

Survey finds men are harassed more, but women endure harsher forms of trolling

A new survey from the Pew Research Center found that men are slightly more likely to suffer from Internet harassment, but women endure harsher forms of trolling.

Internet Culture October 22, 2014

The FBI teams up with game developers to battle online harassment

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is not only discussing online harassment with the FBI, but is also working with the agency and its members to deal with and prevent harassment.

Geek September 6, 2014

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