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Opioid Prescriptions Drop After Doctors Get Notified Of Own Patients' Fatal Overdoses

Can sending letters help reduce the number of opioid overdose deaths? Hundreds of doctors were sent notifications of the overdose deaths of their patients, leading to a reduction in opioid prescriptions.

Public Health August 10, 2018

Oklahoma Doctor Charged With 5 Counts Of Murder After Prescribing High Amounts Of Opioids To Patients

The Oklahoma Attorney General has filed charges against a Midwest City doctor after several of her patients died because of opioid drug overdose. The victims had dangerously high toxicity levels as a result of taking multiple controlled substances.

Public Health June 24, 2017

Fewer Americans Are Dying Young From Preventable Causes: CDC

A new CDC report showed that fewer Americans died of preventable deaths between 2010 and 2014. According to data, the leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease.

Public Health November 19, 2016

Accidental Deaths Of Americans Reach Record High

Accidental deaths are now more common than ever before across the United States. What is driving this increase in fatalities?

Public Health June 12, 2016

Incorrect Dosage Turns Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Into A Killer

Drug dosing errors led to at least seven methotrexate overdose deaths in Australia – and the numbers are increasing, according to new research. Learn how this rheumatoid arthritis drug can turn into a killer.

Medicine June 6, 2016

Dodge County Sees Four Heroin Overdose Deaths In Just Two Weeks

Within just two weeks, Dodge County have witnessed four deaths, which authorities believe are due to heroin overdose. Officials are now calling out to the community to unite and help curb heroin use and potential overdose deaths.

Life March 13, 2016

Surprise! Surprise! Prescription painkiller abuser's drug sources are not drug dealers

A new study has revealed that most people addicted to opioid pain relievers acquire their pills from unsuspecting friends and relatives, and from physicians who prescribe them. In light of this new data, the federal government has taken steps to control the rising cases of nonmedical opioid use.

Life March 8, 2014

Why FDA-approved Zohydro painkiller may be a bad idea after all

Groups have risen in protest against the FDA's approval of a new opioid painkiller Zohydro, claiming that its hydrocodone levels are lethal. The Coalition to End the Opioid Epidemic has sent a letter to the FDA, and a protest is being organized for September by the group Physicians For Responsible Opioid Prescribing.

Life February 28, 2014

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