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UA Student Paralyzed During Trip To Spain Must Now Raise $50,000 For Flight Home

A student from Arizona was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease while traveling in Spain. She became stuck in the country and now has to take a special medical flight to get back home.

Medicine June 12, 2018

Paralyzed Man Picks Up A Mug Of Beer, Thanks To This Brain-Controlled Robotic Arm

A quadriplegic man was once again able to conduct basic movements, such as handshakes and picking up a bottle of beer, using a robotic arm controlled through sensors implanted in his brain.

Life May 22, 2015

Paralyzed Woman Gets Gift of Movement Back with Robotic Arm

Sensors implanted in brain of paralyzed woman gave her exquisite control of robotic arm. Paralyzed from the neck down, she was able to lift and manipulate a variety of everyday objects.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 17, 2014

Miracle! Breakthrough cell transplant helps paralyzed man get up and walk

In what doctors hailed as a recovery more impressive than man walking on the moon, a 40 year old man who was paralyzed from waist down was able to walk again using a frame after going through a breakthrough treatment.

Life October 21, 2014

Paralyzed porcupine back on the move thanks to a unique wheelchair

After being saved from a nightclub, a paralyzed porcupine gets a wheelchair to help it move around. Zoo officials think the injury was no accident.

Society July 8, 2014

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