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Parasitic Deer Fly Now Spreading Across US Says Study

Researchers found in a new study that four deer fly species now occur in more states and counties across the United States. The blood-sucking parasites carry pathogens that can be transmitted through bites.

Animals June 2, 2019

Keeping Cats Indoors Beneficial To Feline And Human Health

First-of-its-kind research determined whether outdoor access is a significant risk factor for parasitic infection in domestic pet cats. It turned out that cats are more risk of contracting diseases when they are outdoors.

Animals April 20, 2019

Study Finds 4 Out Of 5 Rubber Ducks Are Very Dirty And Crawling With Bacteria

The quintessential bathtime toy comes with a very dirty secret, it is covered in bacteria, according to a new study. Scientists discovered that 4 out of 5 rubber ducks contained pathogenic bacteria.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 27, 2018

FedEx To Stop Transporting Samples Of Bioterror Pathogens

Citing safety concerns, FedEx will no longer be accepting potential bioterror pathogens in its shipments, drastically reducing shipping options for research labs.

July 31, 2015

HIV Becoming Less Potent to Cause AIDS but Still Deadly: Study

HIV is far from being eradicated but there is good news in knowing it has become less potent, leading to less new infections which make it a bit easier to manage the virus.

Life December 3, 2014

NYC rats are little carriers of novel diseases and bacteria

Survey of rats in New York City reveals wide range of bacteria and pathogens which could be risks to humans. Some pathogens discovered were unknown to science, researchers say.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 15, 2014

Tattoo inks recalled as FDA warns of infections

Some tattoo inks have been recalled as a result of bacterial infection. The FDA warns consumers to inspect their tattoo inks before doing an in-home tattoo or getting one done.

Life August 7, 2014

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