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Chili Grower Defends Carolina Reaper After World's Hottest Pepper Hospitalizes Man

A chili grower defended the Carolina Reaper, after the world's hottest chili pepper reportedly sent a man to the hospital. He said that there is a proper way to prepare the Carolina Reaper, to avoid any health issues.

Public Health April 15, 2018

Robots Ready To Take Over SoftBank Phone Store: Pepper Staff All The Way

SoftBank is deploying its Pepper robots to a phone store in Japan for an experimental run. The robots, which can imitate human body language, will be communicating directly with customers and even help them in signing up for a contract.

FUTURE TECH January 28, 2016

Pepper The Humanoid Robot Gets New Job At France Train Station

The humanoid robot Pepper will start working at French train station to welcome travelers.

FUTURE TECH December 11, 2015

Pepper Humanoid Robot Sells Out In One Minute

The humanoid robot that can understand human emotion and interact with people from SoftBank and Alderbaran sold out in just one minute on Saturday.

Life June 22, 2015

Alibaba And Foxconn Sprinkles $$$ To Bring SoftBank's Pepper Intelligent Robot To Global Markets

SoftBank has announced that Foxconn and Alibaba have invested on the company for the development of its robotics industry as well as to bring Pepper to global markets.

Business June 19, 2015

Konnichiwa! IBM Watson Will Learn Japanese In Partnership With SoftBank

Watson starts to learn Japanese and will begin to understand the intricacies of the language, thanks to IBM's partnership with SoftBank. IBM and SoftBank are working together to drive Watson deeper into Japan's enterprise, strengthening each others' presence in the country while doing so.

FUTURE TECH February 11, 2015

Pepper From 'American Horror Story' is Based on a Real Person: Schlitze Surtees

Viewers of the 'American Horror Story' TV show might not have realized that the character Pepper is based on a real person who went by the name Schlitze Surtees.

Movies/TV Shows November 25, 2014

SoftBank to sell humanoid robot 'Pepper' in U.S. next year

SoftBank will be selling Pepper robots in the United States next year. The CEO of SoftBank Robotics expects sales to be divided between businesses and consumers.

FUTURE TECH September 4, 2014

Hot and spicy story: Scientists trace origin of chili peppers to Central-East Mexico

A recent study sheds light on the chili peppers' origin. Evidence suggests the peppers were first cultivated in Central-East Mexico before spreading worldwide through trade. Curry, anyone?

Life April 26, 2014

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