Pepper seems to really be enjoying its time in France. The humanoid robot has been helping shoppers choose recipes and pick out the perfect wine to pair it with at a French major shop, and now, it has picked up a new a gig.

Pepper the robot will start working at three train stations in France, hired to welcome arriving and departing commuters, provide train and local tourist information and collect customer satisfaction surveys.

The humanoid robot (that sold out in just one minute when it was released to the public in June) is developed by Japan-based telecommunications company SoftBank and French Robotics company Alderbaran, and is designed to live among humans. It can understand human emotions, as well as read facial expressions and body language, and can express its own emotions via its tablet.

So, who better to help cheer commuters during rush hour than Pepper?

Three of the humanoid robots will help staff at the French train stations — so, don't worry about them taking employees' jobs — for a period of three months. When their new job concludes in March 2016, the French National Railway Company will then decide whether or not to feature the robots at other stations.

Source: Engadget

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