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Scientists Need Help Naming The Largest Unnamed Minor Planet In The Solar System

Scientists announced a campaign to give 2007 OR10, a dwarf planet, a proper name. The public can vote between three preselected names associated with mythological figures from April 9 to May 10, 2019.

Space April 13, 2019

Astronomers Discover A Young Star Forming Like A Planet

Instead of a planet forming in the rotating disc of gas and dust around the young massive star MM 1a, astronomers discovered another star. Here's why a star, and not a planet, was born.

Space December 17, 2018

Very Large Telescope In Chile Captures Remarkably Sharp Images Of Neptune

ESO's ground-based Very Large Telescope in Chile captured a remarkably sharp and more detailed image of the planet Neptune. Scientists used laser tomography to correct distortions caused by the Earth's atmosphere.

Space July 19, 2018

Researchers Warn Of Possible Asteroid Impact That Could Devastate The Planet

The odds of the Earth getting hit by a large asteroid are relatively low, but what would happen if such an event did occur? Researchers have warned that, without protective measures in place, such an event could be devastating.

Space June 21, 2017

Alien Megastructure Star: Mysterious Signal May Be Due To Tabby's Star Eating A Planet

Astronomers propose a new theory to explain the mysterious dimming of the Tabby's star. The dips in brightness may be due to the star devouring a planet about 10,000 years ago.

Space January 13, 2017

Planet In The Making? Rings Around Young Distant Star Hint At Planetary Formation In Progress

Rice University astronomers have suggested the formation of a planet in a distant star, HD 163296, after spotting dust and gas around its dark rings. Two rings around the star have no dust left while the inner ring has more carbon monoxide than the other two.

Space December 14, 2016

1000 Years: Time Humans Have, Says Stephen Hawking, To Find Another Planet Or Face Mass Extinction

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has said mankind is running short of time and in 1000 years they must find another planet to colonize as life on Earth is turning risky and a mass extinction is not ruled out.

Space November 17, 2016

VLA Snaps Galactic Drama Of A Planet Being Born 450 Light-Years Away

VLA was able to capture the galactic birth of a planet 450 light-years away from the Earth. The images were able to provide better insight into what happens during the early stages of planet formation.

Space March 18, 2016

Planet 9 In Solar System Is Still A Theory: NASA

NASA said that there is no actual proof yet that Planet 9 exists - it remains a theory up to this day. Computer simulations, however, recently attributed the alignment of some bodies beyond Neptune to the effects of a planet about 30 billion kilometers from the sun.

Space February 1, 2016

Now We Know What Planet Luke Skywalker Appears On At The End Of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

At the end of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' Luke Skywalker finally makes an appearance on a mysterious planet. Now the name of that planet has been officially confirmed.

Movies/TV Shows January 4, 2016

UCLA Scientist Develops New Definition Of Planet But Pluto Still Flunked It

UCLA professor Jean-Luc Margot proposed a simple test to expand the current official planet definition from the International Astronomical Union, which demoted Pluto to dwarf-planet status in 2006. Unfortunately, Pluto still flunked it based on Margot's formula.

Space November 13, 2015

A Far Off Star Is Destroying A Neighboring Planet

Kepler 2 data reveals a rocky object being shredded to pieces by a white dwarf.

Space October 22, 2015

Mystery Of How Planets Form Around Young Stars May Have Been Solved

A study describes the gravitational tug-of-war between a young star and its surrounding disk of material out of which planets form. Planets can begin to form when they survive that confrontation, a scientist says.

Space June 26, 2015

You Can Fit 7,000 Saturns In Its Biggest Ring: Here Are Other Amazing Facts About This Ringed Planet

The Pheobe ring, the largest ring of Saturn, is more immense than previously thought. It spans an area nearly 7,000 times larger than the planet itself. Here are other amazing facts about the gas giant:

Space June 11, 2015

Stargazers, Here's How To Watch Planetary Date Of Jupiter And Venus In June

Jupiter and Venus will be moving closer to each other starting Sunday night and will eventually get into a celestial embrace at the end of June. Here's how to witness the phenomenon.

Space June 1, 2015

Why Is Pluto No Longer A Planet? We Explain

Although controversy still surrounds the demotion of Pluto from planet to dwarf planet, scientists had their reasons for changing Pluto's classification. Here's why Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

Geek April 22, 2015

Another Ringed Planet? Chiron May Possess Saturn-Like Rings

Chiron is a centaur body near the outskirts of our family of planets. Now, astronomers believe that object may possess a system of rings.

Space March 16, 2015

Researchers Say Billions Of Earth-Like Planets That Can Support Life May Be Out There

Scientists suggest that there may be billions of planets that can support life. Every star is believed to have two planets that can support the existence of water.

Space February 6, 2015

Kepler Probe Spots HIP 116454b, a Super Earth 180 Light-years Away

Kepler discovers a new planet called HIP 116454b, which is 180 light-years away from the Earth. Kepler One of the four reaction wheels of Kepler failed in 2012, which threatened the continuation of the mission.

Space December 19, 2014

Uranus Whips Up Mega Storms: Experts Wonder Why

Uranus is exhibiting intense weather activity. Astronomers have detected eight large storms on the normally placid planet, which should have occurred in 2007 when the sun shone directly on its equator.

Space November 15, 2014

Siding Spring Mars flyby lights up Martian sky (and we nearly missed the show)

We may not have seen it here on Earth but the flyby of comet Siding Spring near Mars last month has produced a spectacular meteor shower in the Martian sky. Thousands of shooting stars were appearing per hour.

Space November 8, 2014

NASA releases amazing images of Titan's specular point and Saturn

The Cassini orbiter is doing a great job of documenting Saturn’s system. It's capturing images of Titan, the planet’s largest moon, for everyone on Earth to learn from.

Space November 6, 2014

New Horizons sets sight on new destination after Pluto flyby

The team behind the New Horizons mission, which was launched to study Pluto in 2006, is eyeing to explore three Kuiper Belt objects located a billion miles beyond the dwarf planet.

Space October 22, 2014

NASA Mars orbiter Odyssey survives comet Siding Spring flyby, sends back photos as proof

Computer models projected NASA's Odyssey orbiter could possibly be in danger of the dust from comet Siding Spring's close brush with Mars. Data received from the spacecraft indicate it is in good health.

Space October 21, 2014

Mimas: Wobbly 'Death Star' moon of Saturn is hiding a secret. What could it be?

Mimas, one of the smallest moons of Saturn was observed to have a wobble twice as big for its size leading scientists to suspect that something odd may be lying beneath its icy surface.

Space October 18, 2014

Siding Spring comet set for Mars flyby at a hair's breadth distance on Sunday: Once-in-a-million years event

The comet Siding Spring flying by very close to Mars is a rare event that could happen once in a million years. Scientists said the comet could give hints on how planets have formed.

Space October 17, 2014

Exoplanet WASP-43b atmosphere has water vapor but hellish weather makes it impossible to host alien life

Water vapor exists in the atmosphere of Exoplanet WASP-43b but the planet is marked by extreme weather conditions. Its day side is hot enough it can melt iron and temperature in its night side can drop to comparatively cool.

Space October 12, 2014

Mountain-size comet to fly by Mars on Oct. 19: NASA is ready

Comet Siding Spring will fly by Mars at a proximity less than half the distance between the Earth and the moon. The comet is believed to carry with it remnants from the formation of the solar system.

Space October 12, 2014

Female activists join forces to battle climate change

Female activists rallied for the human rights of indigenous people in a forum presented by the Women’s Earth and Climate Change Action Network. The conversation celebrated the women’s leadership roles.

Feature September 23, 2014

Photos: Winning astronomy photographs of 2014 announced

The Royal Observatory reveals the winning photographs for its annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

September 19, 2014

Scientists witness what could be the birth of a new planet

After studying over a decade of research, scientists discover what could be a new planet forming about 335 light years away from Earth. The planet orbits around a star known as HD 100546.

Internet Culture September 9, 2014

NASA Cassini spacecraft spies Uranus hiding behind Saturn's rings

Uranus has been photographed by the Cassini spacecraft, as it orbits around Saturn. This is the story of the magnificent image.

Space May 6, 2014

First exomoon found orbiting distant star?

A moon orbiting a distant planet around an alien world may have been detected, marking the first known exomoon.

Space April 11, 2014

Dwarf planet 2012 VP113 discovered at edge of solar system

A frozen pink world has been found, orbiting far beyond the orbit of Pluto. Here's what we know about it so far.

Space March 27, 2014

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