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Astronomers Discover A Young Star Forming Like A Planet

Instead of a planet forming in the rotating disc of gas and dust around the young massive star MM 1a, astronomers discovered another star. Here's why a star, and not a planet, was born.

Space December 17, 2018

Kepler Space Telescope Detects New Solar System Twins: 1 Hosts 3 Earth-Sized Exoplanets

One of the newly discovered Solar System twins hosts three rocky planets that are similar to Earth’s size. Scientists said the temperatures in these exoplanets could be dozens higher than Earth due to the strong radiation of their stars.

Space June 11, 2018

Puffy Exoplanet Contains Unusually High Amounts Of Lithium And Possible Signs Of Water

Scientists found strangely vast amounts of lithium, sodium, and potassium in a rare exoplanet just 332 light-years away. They also detected weak but distinctive possible signs of water.

Space June 4, 2018

Newly Discovered Planet System Trappist-1 Was Named After A Famous Beer Brand

TRAPPIST-1, with its seven Earth-like exoplanets, had been exciting all. Its name alone carries quite an appeal, as it is named after a popular beer brand in Belgium, the homeland of the scientists who discovered the planetary system.

Space March 16, 2017

Magnetic Field Trace in Ancient Meteorite May Answer How our Solar system Was Formed

Pristine relic from the earliest period of our solar system has clues to how planets formed, researchers say. Intense magnetic field may have had an effect on our sun's protoplanetary disk, examination of ancient meteorite suggests.

Space November 15, 2014

ALMA radio telescope captures birth of new alien solar system in stunning image

Astronomers have documented the birth of a new planetary system. In a stunning new image, the scientists offer us a glimpse into the way new planets form around a young star called HL Tau.

Space November 8, 2014

Crash! Boom! Bang! NASA Spitzer telescope spies asteroid smashup around young star

Alien worlds may be forming around a star called NGC 2547-ID8 and astronomers may have just seen evidence of the collision between two massive asteroids.

Space August 29, 2014

First exomoon found orbiting distant star?

A moon orbiting a distant planet around an alien world may have been detected, marking the first known exomoon.

Space April 11, 2014

Scientists stumped by whacky planetary system

A recent discovery of tilted orbits in multi-planetary system has stumped scientists.

Space October 20, 2013

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